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08.02.2010 | 一二三四

最近覺得個腦有啲塞, 完全冇靈感要喺個blog度寫咩, 再加上自己懶啦, 所以搞到最近隔好幾日先有一個post.. 另外, 覺得最近好似少咗好多朋友留言本支持, 我好嬲呀, 你哋去晒邊啫?? 整緊過年餅啊?? 好嗱嗱聲蒲頭喇噃!! :p

i felt recently that i have a blogged mind, totally have nothing to blog about, and furthermore due to getting lazier, hence i only update my blog once every few days.. also, i notice that the comments on my blog are getting lesser, i'm no happy, where has everyone gone?? baking cookies for CNY?? quick, show up yourselves!! :p

某日喺個商場度聽見身後一位男士同佢嘅囡囡講: 「嘩!! 甚麼東西那麼臭??!!」.. 其實我想話佢知, 唔好意思, 因為兩秒仲之前, 我咁啱喺度放咗篤陰濕屁, 臭到連我自己都頂唔順要行開.. 怪就怪你唔好彩, 係都要行埋過去囉, 哈哈!! :D

one day while in a mall, i heard the gentleman behind me curiously asking his daughter: "wow, what's that stinct smell??!!".. i actually wanted to tell him, sorry, two seconds ago i just farted there, so smelly that i myself have to walk away.. blame it on you for being so unlucky and insisted to walk over there, hahaha!! :D

農曆新年就快到喇, 大家梗係一揪二lung瘋狂買新衫喇.. 我呢幾個週末都嘗試要買新衫嘅, 但係買嚟買去都買唔到.. 最後得到個結論, 咪就係自己肥獅大隻, 著咩都唔好睇囉!! 件衫靚極著喺我身上都變醜樣啦, 唉~~ :(

CNY is coming very soon, i'm sure everyone is busy shopping for new clothes for the festive.. i have been trying to get myself some new clothes over the past weekends too, but unfortunately i got nothing.. the conclusion i realised is, because i'm fat and nothing looks good on me!! be it how nice, once worn on my body the clothes become ugly, haiz~~ :(

最近喺youtube睇咗一系列《當地球人遇上詹瑞文》短片, 對於詹生反串扮演嘅Gag姐, 我只能夠講句, 好掂啊!! 仲有Gag姐教導新詞彙, 卸膊tivity, 白痴lization, 騎呢ology, 厲啤rian, 是但lism, 真係好抵死囉!! 不妨去youtube呢個playlist睇睇喎..

watched a series of "when people on earth meet jim"clips on youtube, i am totally impressesd by Jim Chim acting as Sister Gag, thumbs up!! and the new terms she taught (you'll need to understand cantonese though), sebog-tivity, kele-ology, bakchi-lization, zedan-lism are just hilarious!! you can watch her here in this playlist on youtube if you are interested..


  1. I'm soooo not going to ever stand behind you! :P

  2. But at least I still visit you right bro? :p

  3. Why recently you are lazy to blog already? :p Because of Chinese New year?

    hahaha :D You farted? Goodness. You should have shown him a cheeky smile. :p

  4. Yeah! I am busy alright bro. CNY! Arrgghhh...so many things to do o. :p

  5. the popularity of blogging is going down the drain. boohoo. but then again, just crap anything la, ppl loves crap anyways. maybe CNY influences a bit as well. :P

    wei, pity the father and his kid leh, he didn't know got some ammonia there mah. ammonia is colorless one mar, only odor-ful lor. hahahahhaa

  6. Hey SK, you blog once every few days but you expect more visits? That must be a new concept. LOL!

    #2 is gross lah. :p

    So, less new clothes this year? You know, I have a friend who keeps changing new clothes to suit his expanding body size instead of changing his body to fit into existing clothes. Neat logic, eh? haha..

    Thanks for the playlist. Will have to check it out.

  7. ok ok .. i think u n me consider quite close kan? next time PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE inform me if u r going to fart, ok? :))
    jasamu dikenang ;p

  8. lazy mood because of holiday mood?

    aiyo... they are that unlucky! hahaha

    I agree! wish us can reduce weight this year so what clothes put on our body look nice!

    this one ar.... never watch before.

  9. i hope u didnt fart while trying on the new clothes and pants...thats totally uncool LOL

  10. Nah...I didn't ponteng to comment ur blog ya. Btw, I also tot I can't get any nice CNY baju this year.....mana tau yday went Pavilion and bought many nice t-shirts. Seems this year will be t-shirt CNY for me :P

  11. 一 : 你係咪講緊我?? :P

    二: 呢樣我周不時做架 由其做緊gym既時候 哈哈...

    三: 無mood shopping喔...

    四 : oh... i love gag姐

  12. Busy making cookies and shopping lor :p

  13. You sounded like a woman on period. Woman on period tend to feel they are fat.

  14. u wer got fat...i feel u ngam ngam hou wo ~

  15. hahahaha, after read ur second paragrah, i laugh until beh tahan liao....halo, SK, u r really too bad lar >,<

  16. 大哥, 我没失踪哦, 100%支持你.

  17. I still visit you what! Count your blessings OK? Actually, my blog's comments also decreased somewhat, but surprisingly my traffic had increased! Have you checked your traffic recently? : )

  18. Aiyo! You farted and it was so smelly? Haha! Next time if I meet up with you, please let me know when you are going to fart so that I can excuse myself! Haha

  19. Hey! What am I saying? Correction! I mean next time if we ever meet up and you are going to fart, please excuse yourself! : )

  20. Yeah, everyone and everybody is shopping nowadays - doesn't matter if you are non Chinese - and is sinfully responsible for the horrible traffic jams I experienced for the past few days! *frustrated*

  21. Haha! So fat till no point shopping for new clothes? Then slim down lo. Eat less and exercise more....after CNY. Now just ignore my advice. LOL!

  22. I am eating pineapple tarts and arrowhead at 2am in the morning! How to slim down? Dream on! : )

  23. But wait! After CNY, I will have my perfect figure back with a vengeance! Hahaha! (Like I have a perfect figure previously. LOL!)

  24. Eh, what show is this by the name of When People On Earth Meet Jim? OK, must watch the video and see what's it all about! Thanks for sharing! What time is it now?! That means no need to go to sleep!! : )

  25. OMG, you actually fart and let ppl smell it and you don't feel embarrassed!!! EEWWWW

  26. ewwwwwwwwwwww u farted in public....hahahhh.....happy cny, Gorgeous-ity is a state of mind, you will find your festive clothes....hhahah

  27. go go.. we still support u ^^

  28. It's okay if you only update your blog once a week. I am blog hopping less these days. Internet connection not good at night so sometimes I can't post on those days I want to post something.

    CNY is a few days away and yes, people are all out shopping like mad. Look at the traffic during weekends. Better shop earlier to avoid all the traffic congestion.

  29. 嘿嘿,不好意思哦,CNY较忙所以少留言~~


  30. Got a SUNSHINE AWARD with your name on it!
    Kindly accept it.



  31. 过年后是时候减肥了啦~~~

  32. Poooooot....luckily not loud...ha ha ha!

  33. 我有嚟留言架。篤屁一定好臭,你真係有心。

  34. hmm actually i was abt to rant abt this also, can u imagine certain brands' shirt and t-shirt dun have size s one ok! so sien, when i saw they r on sale, and ask the promoter, sorry we dont have s-size for this brand, discrimination!

  35. I'm also getting busier, more work, more exercise, more time with family hence less time to blog & to surf net. Anyway, must say Happy Lunar New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, and keep up your nice blog...

  36. I am wearing short pants this CNY lol, cos i am fat oso...hate the face of the tailor when i alter my jeans.

  37. no owrries bro....ur blog is still happening...and can see many comments still here...

    i think feb is a festive month...everyone take it easy and most ppl plan for travelling....

  38. Gratitude:
    hahaha, you should TRY IT one day, maybe you'd have the fetish on it!! :p

    Chin Weng 茶先生:
    幾時要浮出水面?? :p

    haha, i know that, and thanks for supporting me - like i always support you!! hehe.. hmmm, no idea why getting lazy, not because of CNY, but maybe running out of what to write.. hehe, don't fart and show people cheeky smile lah, that's double the sin ok?? what have you been up to?? so busy after your promotion??

  39. Medie007:
    hmmm, is it blogging or just my blog?? well, i think so, perhaps a little of craps will make people more happy to read on rather than serious stuffs huh?? hehe, luckily that little girl still can breath normally.. :D

    #1: haha, i don't really trace on my traffic, but i see the number of comments.. if i get more comments, means i have heavier traffic right?? that's what i'm looking for, gee :p
    #2: well, it's uncontrollable right??
    #3: oh no, that's very passive way of thinking.. you know what?? i always buy the same size, so that i'll force myself to get slimmer to fit in..
    #4: so how did you find Sister Gag?? hehe :p

    eih, why haven't you ever thought of TRYING it instead of avoiding it leh?? maybe you'll like it woh.. hahaha!! :D

  40. CH Voon:
    #1: hmmm, i don't think so.. it's running out of what to blog about maybe..
    #2: haha, yes!! they are just unlucky, not that i'm gross right??
    #3: thanks!! let's hope so that i can go back to fit again.. :)
    #4: hmmm, then you should watch it.. very hilarious!! :D

    oh of course i'm not such an uncool person ok?? i got image one.. i only fart on my own pants and when "I THINK" there's nobody around me.. :p

    hehe, i also never ponteng to comment on your blog mah.. we are jiran baik!! haha.. aiyoh, see you must be orang kaya lor, can get so many things from pavilion leh.. i've been to so many malls and yet can't get much lor.. :(

  41. tagnan:
    一: 唔係, 點敢啊我?? 唔好對號入座喎..
    二: 原來大家都係同道中人, 哈哈!!
    三: 點解啊?? 你應該多多向大口學習囉..
    四: haha, i love gag姐 too~

    wow, looks like you are all ready for CNY right?? cool~~

    Ghosty Nana:
    hmmm, if you say like that, then i'm "bleeding" every day instead of every month, hahaha!!

  42. Florence:
    oh no, i think you are deceived!! i am more than ngam ngam hou a lot lor.. sad sad..

    haha, no lah, we just cannot controll that right?? anyway, i tried to avoid doing in in the crowd, but too bad, they just walked over~~ @_@"

    #1: 哈哈, 多謝你鼎力支持!! 要頒獎給你了..
    #2: 呵呵!! 我好像已經不是第一次玩放屁了..
    #3: 哎唷, 一點靚仔也沒有囉, 拍甚麼照啦?? :p

  43. foongpc:
    haha of course i know, and i also visit you without failure right?? but i think i win you, i spam more comments on your blog than you did on mine, hahahaha!! farts are of course smelly right?? have you ever smell any that are fragrant?? then please let me know, i also want to try, hahahaha!! next time meet up, let me let you TRY mine, who knows you'd love it?? kekeke :D haiz, yalor, have been trying to slim down, but the more i tried to fatter i become!! how ah?? please help me!! hmmm, if you understand cantonese, i think it would be fun watching them, they are just simple hilarious!! hahahaha..

    C'est la vie:
    aiyoh, why need to embarrass?? cannot control one mah, and i didn't want to purposely did that ok?? just too bad and unlucky for them to have walked over lor.. :p

    well, this is something very natural and you cannot control mah.. i'm sure you've done that more than 1000 times before lor!! haha.. hmmm, gorgeousity in the mind, i think i'll have to learn this for another 5 years perhaps.. :p

  44. 追梦者:
    yeah yeah yeah!! thank you for your support ^_^

    Mei Teng:
    hmmm, yeah, i am actually thinking about doing it twice a week (or maybe only once a week).. just getting lesser and lesser to blog about recently.. hmmm, strange that i still haven't feel the festive coming albeit it's just few days away.. maybe shop during CNY, when everyone's back to their hometown, haha!!

    Shell (貝殼):
    呵呵, 你是忙著做新年糕餅嗎?? 還是到處去吃好的?? :) 也預先祝你新年快樂, 步步高昇啦..

  45. ShAKirA CHOONG:
    oooh, got award for me?? thanks very much!! is this some kind of CNY presents?? hehe~~ :p

    what do you mean "always".. WE ALL FART ok?? :p

    我覺得我是無時無刻都需要減肥的人囉.. 唉, 最近忙啊, 都沒有時間去KLCC了.. 你天天都去KLCC浦的嗎??

  46. Pete:
    haha, i always do it silently and stealthily, i am a smart guy ok?? :p

    我有眼見, 你係我100%忠實嘅支持者, 小弟感激不盡啊!! 我都投桃報李, 好似都好支持你喎.. 屁梗係臭架啦, 唔通有香嘅咩?? :)

    the happy go lucky one:
    hey!! what do you think you are trying to imply here huh?? i was already getting so despondent from being so fat and couldn't get any nice shirt.. and yet you are trying to say you can't find any Size S shirt for yourself??!! WTF~~

  47. Grass:
    hmm but i think the more's you are having now are all meaningful things to occupy your time.. so i think it's just ok to sacrifice your blogging time.. well, in case i didn't see you again during CNY, HAPPY CNY to you in advance.. :)

    haha, but still you will need a pair of long pants right?? why you hate your tailor so much?? he humiliate you?? beat him up then.. haha :)

    hmmm, but the number of comments is getting lesser leh.. anyway, must still be grateful to those who keep on supporting me!! those are really my motivations to keep on blogging :)

  48. 49 comments is a lot. i am lucky if i can get five or more

  49. One post a week is still OK bro..

    Sound fart no smell, stinko fart no sound reminds me of a cartoon where they sent the convict to a gas chambers of farts haha.

    High time to get your waist size down your body is talking.

    No watching video series, time not enough lah..need 25 hours a day. TQ

  50. 看到第一段,我就趕緊留言支持一下啦

  51. i was just MERELY stating the facts ok, u can go and check with whatever valentine rugi kah, durbine kah... they really dun have s size ok, only got M and above :P
    sorry lor, dun be angry lah *gives sk some chocolates*

  52. [SK] think you are doing very well so far with 53 cheers. 比上不足比下有餘 {bǐ shàng bù zú bǐ xià yǒu yú} ~ fall short of the best but better than the worst. Keep going bro..:)

  53. 我一直喺度默默百分百精神上支持紧你吖!




  54. camparing to ur readers and my readers number, that is long distance, i should sad, thou. but i dont...........

  55. Yes yes, I'm still here to read your blog.
    You better let me know if you fart when we meet up next time.
    Shopping, I dont like to buy shirt during CNY coz all wlll be wearing the same shirts.

  56. SK 我我都系那种無時無刻都需要減肥的人...

  57. Bengbeng:
    haha, ok lor, not too much and not too little i guess :)

    呵呵, 我也常到你的家哦.. :)

    #1: hmmm, i still somehow think once a week is a too little, maybe i'll try to do it twice a week..
    #2: hahaha, what cartoon is that?? sounds interesting (though quite disgusting), so what happen to the convict?? fainted?? :D
    #3: not only waist, but the whole body!!
    #4: hmmm, time not enough and yet you are asking for only an hour more?? should ask for at least 36 hours a day.. additional 12 hours just for sleeping :D
    #5: wow, teaching Chinese over here huh?? i know what 比上不足比下有餘 means..

  58. venus:
    哈哈!! 謝謝囉, 那我以後都要"提醒"大家來留言吧?? 也預祝你新年快樂哦~~ ^_^

    the happy go lucky one:
    haha, no worries, i'm not angry lah.. so you always go for the brands valentine rugi and durbine?? i guess their sizes are larger.. if you want smaller sizes then go to "bottom-man bottom-shop" lor.. kekeke :p

    #1: 多謝你鼎力支持先!! 我都有禮尚往來架..
    #2: 哈哈, 梗係啦, SK放屁喎, 都矜貴啲架~~ :D
    #3: 咁我自問品味唔會差到去邊嘅, 我有自知之明, 唔會盲目追求潮流嘅.. 最緊要係衣著要適合自己..
    #4: 簡直就係七情六欲上晒塊面度啦!! 好掂呀佢..

  59. Wois:
    hehe, maybe you want to write something more "crap" instead of too emotional and serious?? maybe a more crazy post then people would be more interested to read on.. :)

    #1: thanks lor, and i've never missed reading your every single post too mah..
    #2: don't you think you want to TRY that first before you say no?? hahaha
    #3: well, actually i just 意思意思 want to get something for CNY.. cos normally also go shopping since the sales is ALL YEAR ROUND!!!

    哈哈, 沒有看過你本尊所以no comments.. 不過你是整餅大師, 可能就是要這種身形才夠convincing吧?? :p

  60. nah.. support.. holiday d ma... sooooooo lazy to online loh.. wahahah..

  61. haha.. I like the 2nd one

  62. When you farted you've got 64 cheers so fart more and spread the smell to the entire blogosphere haha.:p

  63. sk,为咗个blog留言率,你连响商场放咗个臭P都讲比大家听,哎,我好替个uncle同小妹妹唔好彩,。哈哈。。詹瑞文又有新搞作咩?睇过佢系《我要做model》演既贱男lawren屎,好得啊!我等下又要睇!

  64. 1) i think you have more than 60 comments for this post, already very good!!
    2) haha, you are so gross!! but i like you for so honest.. ^_^
    3) well, i have no time to go CNY shopping either.. *sigh*
    4) hey, thanks for the recommendation!! i just had a good laugh, and will continue to watch the remaining.. :D

  65. Donna:
    wah, so fast already holiday mood meh?? you are just giving yourself excuses~~ :D

    ooopss?? you love to fart?? hahaha :D

    haha, i am not so cruel.. what if i spread too much and everybody fainted and can't even come back to comment?? hehehe :p

  66. Rebecca Kheng:
    哈哈, 我唔係為咗更多comment就犧牲形像講呢個放屁古仔架.. 我之前都有試過幾次話自己放屁架啦, 哈哈!! 我個肚多風嘛.. 係喎, 我睇完Gag姐再去youtube搵返佢其他啲clips, 的確好掂囉佢, very talented!!

    #1: hehe, but not 100 comments!! anyway, i think that's not possible.. i'm already very happy with more than 50.. :)
    #2: haha, i mean this is something very natural right?? everyone does that right?? :D
    #3: oh?? too busy with work??
    #4: yeah, he is a very talented performer.. you should have a good laugh right?? :)

    hehe, well, it's very natural thing that everyone does fart right?? :p