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20.01.2009 | 心思細密

當你全神貫注做緊嘢嘅時候, 突然間收到份郵包, 嗰種感覺係叫做驚喜.. 再拆開包裹, 裡頭係你好鐘意嘅物品, 嗰種感覺係叫做窩心.. 再醒起你原來有一個咁心思細密嘅朋友, 嗰種感覺係叫做福份..

多謝25年老友小春由倫敦遠道寄嚟嘅郵包, 裡頭有"Paul Merton in China" DVD同埋三種唔同口味嘅朱古力.. 最近愛上朱古力, 聽講話食朱古力可以令人開心啲喎, 哈哈!! 我鐘意呢個Kshocolât牌子嘅朱古力, 因為包裝精簡大方, 而且口味創新獨特.. 好彩我都唔輸蝕, 上個星期已經寄咗啲嘢畀小春, 當係同佢賀新年啦, 不過唯獨留咗一張飄飄姐(賀歲歌皇后)嘅CD, 出年我會記得架喇, 呵呵..

郵包上個declaration標籤, 價值欄填咗20英鎊, 我話應該係(心意)無價.. :)
you are fully concentrating on work while suddenly you received a package, that is something you call surprise.. you unwrap the package and found things you really fancy inside, that is something you call warm-hearted.. you realised it's from a friend who has been so sweet to you, that is something you call friendship love..

many thanks to my 25-year old friend CSWS for this package all the way from london, she has got me the "Paul Merton in China" DVDs, and also three blocks of chocolates in different flavours.. i heard that eating chocolates can make you feel happier, is that true?? haha.. i like chocolates from Kshocolât, for their nice packaging and uniquely innovative flavours.. fortunately i didn't embarrass myself, as i have already sent her a package last week, for CNY perhaps, but i have just missed out a CD from Ms Loong Piao Piao (the CNY songs diva), i promised i will remember that next time, haha..

it was written on the declaration sticker that the contents of the package are worth 20 pounds, but i would say (the thought is) priceless.. :)


  1. 你能夠識到個咁嘅朋友真係一種福氣。。

  2. i chin chai wrote the value ga ... hey what about all the little postit notes lerr cute or not? they came all the way from washington dc you know ... man man deap the goodies la ... but these two flavours ma ma dei jek ..

  3. SK Thamby! Yeh pure chocolate makes the heart healthy, so it becomes naturally happy. Why listen to Loong Piau Piau? I thought you & I listen to Hindi songs!

  4. mynicole:
    係啊, 25年喇都仲係keep得咁好.. 她是我的一個驕傲嚟架~~

    oh hai meh?? those notes so bah pao one ah?? really saat ging saat ging!! i haven't touch them yet wor, just now only ate one piece of the peanut butter cup nia.. nice nice!! :)

    Twilight Zone:
    oh, what did you mean by pure chocolate?? those we bought from market are not pure, because of all those additives?? hmmm, no wonder they make us fat!! of course listen to Long Piao Piao maa, CNY leh.. if Deepavali then only i will listen to Hindi songs maa.. you got it bulana?? :p

  5. Wow, can I share the chocolate a bit? Make me happier....

  6. try dark chocolate, it is not fattening. i understand how warm it is to get a package from so far away, even if it is just a card. :)

  7. Such nice friends you have, send u stuff all the way from overseas.

    Gifts aside as you say, it's the thought that truly counts,

  8. That's very nice of your friend.
    Yeah, it's the thought that counts :)

  9. Dude, you must be very very happy to receive this surprise... Anyway, i saw some choclate there... yummy! :p

  10. Wayne has said it , dark chocolates like those 80% and above. Good for circulation to make hearts healthy. Yengga poreng Ngeh? CNY you go back to hometown Tamilnadu kan....?

  11. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    no problem, i can even feed you the chocolate to make you even happier!! muahahahaha~~

    yeah, i like dark choc or milk choc, but certainly not white choc.. yeah, always feel warm to receive something heart-felt from friends.. :)

    yeah, it's always the thought that counts.. always proud of having such a nice friend of mine.. hehe :)

    totally agree, it's the thought that counts.. and i also sent her things though, haha :p

    well, who would not be happy to receive a package from friends?? hehe.. yeah, chocolates and chocolates, i love chocolates~~

    Twilight Zone:
    not easy to find chocolates that is 80% and above woh, anyway, as long as it's chocolate i'd be happy lorr.. well, my hometown is GUARA RUMPUR all the while, bulana?? :p

  12. 你真係夠份量

  13. I prefer dark chocolate too. Free feeding? Not a bad offer at all wo. Thanks 1st ya. Hehe

  14. 默:
    朋友, 你似乎話中有話喎~~

    hehehe.. you sure you want me to feed you with the lusciously delicious dark chocolates?? with my mouth ah?? waaahahahaha~~

  15. Eh...let me think twice then. SK offering mouth-to-mouth, any taker here? Hehe.

  16. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    hehehe, so you back off already?? good, then i can save my chocolates looo.. :p

  17. 小春大小超!

  18. MH POON:
    呢啲嘢係有來有往嘅, 你如過要得到, 當然就要付出囉.. 明唔明?? 哈哈哈哈!!

  19. If I remember correctly, I did send a cassette to some student in Brighton back in the late 90s. Still haven't seen any returns, though never have expected any.

    Perhaps that someone has developed dementia or selective memory loss. haha!

    P/s: I know ..I know...it was only a cassette. That was all that I could afford that time.

  20. MH POON:
    well, the cassette sender has somehow gone MIA after some actions, and not until recently that he was lost and found~~ haha :p hmmm, you put long pair eyes and see laa..

  21. As I said, I never expect any form of repayment of gratitude, apart from friendship.

    NVM. Good heart treated as dog's lung.

  22. MH POON:
    wah, so petty.. i always appreciate things i can say.. but if you can say "good heart treated as dog's lung" that mean you are not sincere at all lor~~ :p

  23. WA WA WA.... I didnt know my '大小超' stirred up an online blog battle worr -- ha ha SK you have hurt PMH's 玻璃心 lor, you know la when someone was in Brighton wor, N years ago, still 赤子之心, so pure de, you can not say PMH petty de, PMH, 話是話, 送禮都要睇人喜好囖,that cassette - was it 憶蓮? 達明?if not i also wont blame SK for not remembering lorr ... ha ha
    話是話, PMH, you are the 大小超 one, how come I didnt get anything ge?

  24. csws:
    waaa, you don't 煽風點火+挑撥離間 here woh, i still remember PMH recorded me 2 cassette de, all compilation of the by then recent and latest pop hits leh.. don't put your words in my mouth and 傷我哋感情 wor.. so conclusion here is, everyone of us also 大細超 laa.. hehehe!! there is no right or wrong maa, friendship is all about sincere and trust right?? if not what can bond us for more than 20 years leh?? 係唔係??