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23.01.2009 | 同撈同發

繼噚日豐富嘅收工晏之後, 今日再下一城, 不過就係去食KFC啫, 果然係爭個天共地呀吓!! 不過都係取其意要個好意頭啫.. 講到好意頭, 又點少得「撈生」呢樣嘢吖?? 雖然唔知何年何時何人發明呢家玩意, 不過的確係受落喎, 已經演變成過新年嘅必定動作(梗係要有一次架喇!!)..

之前喺超市買咗DIY撈生禮盒返公司, 噚日收工晏之後全體同事就聚埋齊齊撈生喇.. 係啊, 而家要撈生可以DIY唔駛去酒樓架喇.. 不過話晒都係整便嘅, 係冇咁好食架喇.. 好彩大家都撈得非常之開心, 尤其係DK同學啊, 好似撈得過份肉緊喎, 呵呵!!

七彩鴻運發財撈生, 撈過之後大家齊齊發大財, 心想事成, 事業順利, 身體健康, 日日都咁開心!!
following the "closure lunch" yesterday, we did it again (ooops!!!) this afternoon, but it was just a simple lunch at KFC, quite a sudden drop of standard yeah?? haha.. anyway it was just meant for a get-together lunch before CNY to officially end the lunar calendar year, some kind of auspicious event.. anyway talking about auspiciousness, how could we ever miss out the lou sang?? no idea when and where and who invented this CNY gimmick, but seems like it is quite bought-in, till it is now a compulsory thing to do during the CNY period (well, at least once on the 7th day right??)..

bought a box of DIY lou sang condiments to office from supermarket, and had it after the lunch in office.. yes, you don't have to go to restaurants for lou sang anymore, if you think of doing it yourself.. still this is bought from ready-made packages, it won't taste that nice actually.. luckily seems like everyone is still enjoying the lou sang very much, especially DK who was suspiciously overjoyed?? hohohoho!!!

just like the bountiful auspicious lou sang symbolises, wishing everyone the best of luck and the most of wealth, being successful in life and career, and stay happy always~~


  1. Yeah, really have no idea since when this "yee sang" thingy has become a must-do thing during CNY. Not a big fan of it but who cares, since most of the portion will end up on the table rather than within the plate.

  2. ha, i am totally opposite of keenyee..
    i LOVE yeesang... u can eat the whatever sharksfin or abalone on the table, but dun touch the yeesang...cos it's MINE!!!!

    ( keenyee, next time tapao the leftover yeesang, m more than happy to clear it for u ;p )

  3. Dude, you must be very prosperous this year with so many "Yee Sang" ... sure got promoted and earn lots of money this year despite of bad economy... poor me, I don't have anyone to do the "Yee Sang" thingy with me as i'm a lone ranger now :p

    Anyway, have a prosperous Chinese New Year eh! :p

  4. Danny, good that we won't fight with each other then. I can sapu those abalone and shark fin for you wor. SK..eat vege and tauhu la. Hehe. Can I tapao those "yee sang" on the table for you, sure a lot 1.

  5. SK, wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year and 恭喜发财!

  6. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    well, i am not big fans of yee sang too, but will have maybe 1-2 portions of it lorr.. btw, of course not those on the table laaa..

    well come to think of it, i think you are actually smart!! you collect all those spilt out yee sang, means you are the one who will get prosperous the most!! you are TERKAYA already!! :p

    haha, hope what you say about me will come true lor, hohoho!! hey, just go to jusco and get yourself a box of yee sang, then you can do it yourself lor.. you do it alone, means you earn all the money and share with no one!! waaahhh, you are richer than me lor~~ :)

    how come only give me eat vege and taufu?? so bad laa you, i want to angry already :p so i eat whose taufu?? kekeke.. i don't care, i want that whole 3-head abalone double-boiled with shark fins!! hahaha :)

    wishing you a happy, healthy and wealthy CNY too!! have a really OXpicious one.. :p 恭喜發財~~

  7. *Looking at yee sang picture with chopsticks*

    Somehow that looks more like ABC than yee sang to me, =P

  8. yee sang,usally after we lao,at d end, all d yee sang were spread at the table,juz left some at d plate....
    happy cny

  9. abang, u think too much!!
    i just like to eat..thats all ;p

  10. Jonzz:
    err you gotta pardon our DIY in office, because that small container is all we have to put in all the condiments.. well, it didn't look impressive but it tasted good.. haha!! :p

    maybe next time when you toss the yee sang, you need to use the plate to collect those spilted out at the same time?? hooh, that is 武功高強 leh~~ LOK

    i always think beyond and outside the box, hahaha!! well, if you like it so much, you can have my 2nd portion lor.. :)

  11. 新年快乐,万事如意 :)

  12. Is this yee sang a Cantonese thingy? I havent actually seen any body doing it except thru other medium e.g pics, promotional tourism tv program etc?

    Gung Hei Fa Cai

  13. 先來拜個早年~
    在Jln Imbi,在很大間的"壹加壹"和"Imbi Palace"的對面~食物還OK~不過對我來說有點種口味...呵呵

  14. here's a news.
    i never had yeesang. :P

  15. yee:
    你忘了祝我心想事成, 想甚麼得甚麼哩~~ 哈哈:p

    errr, i have no idea about whether that is a cantonese thing.. but i'm sure this is a very malaysian thingy, hehe!! well, 恭喜發財 to you too, have a great one!! :)

    嘩~~還沒有新年你就撈了兩次生?? 厲害啦你, 所有財都給你發完去了啦?? 哈哈.. 不行!! 看來我也要撈多一點了~~

    no worries, i'm sure you will have a lot of chance to do that.. hahahahaha!! :)

  16. 昨天才跟家人橯生

  17. Abalone? Shark fin? So luxury la you. Then I makan vege la, on diet le.

  18. tagnan:
    也不過是要拿個好意頭, 意思意思撈兩撈, 說兩句吉利話, 再吃兩口, 不就搞定了嗎??

    aiyoh, you also on diet?? then i think i need to go on famine already.. haha :p