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22.01.2010 | 是但噏噏

曾經聽某位朋友講過「我哋嗰度冇麥當當架」, 我竟然好驚訝咁「嚇??」咗聲, 認真失禮人前!! 生長於大城市嘅我, 冇幾遠就有間麥當當, 實在好難想像一個冇麥記嘅地方.. 最尷尬嘅係顯得自己幾咁見識淺薄..

i've heard a friend saying "there's no McD back in my hometown", i was so astonished about this with a loud "huh??", and i instantly feel like i humiliated myself.. i was born in a big city, McD is just so accessible everywhere, i just couldn't imagine a place without any.. the most embarrassing would be to show that i was so ignorant and so not knowledgable..

公司廁所係成層樓公用嘅, 租客多咗後, 搞到個廁所烏煙瘴氣!! 啲煙產成日齊集暱埋廁所煲煙, 仲有人出口成章!! 我極之討厭之余, 同時都好睇唔起佢哋囉.. 做乜要踎喺咁不見天日嘅地方過時日呢?? 唔覺污蹧, 唔覺臭咩??

we share toilet with tenants on the same floor in office, the toilet has since then become very dirty and choky.. there's a gang of smokers frequently gathered, sneak out from working hours smoking and enjoying in the toilet, some even speak foul language!! i hate this really, but at the same time look down at them.. why do they like to spend time in such an obscure place?? not smelly?? not filthy??

我每日都搭輕鐵返工, 係每朝都逼爆人嗰個.. 最討厭遇到孭住大背囊, 又唔肯放低嘅乘客!! 第一, 個背囊佔位, 放低嘅話其他乘客可以鬆動好多.. 第二, 孭住個背囊郁動, 整親人係唔知架喎.. 最憎呢挺人逼喺我前面, 一啲都唔醒目..

going to work every morning is a trip in packed LRT to me.. i hate most passengers with bulky backpack on their back.. first, the backpack consumes space, if you can put it down, it gives more free space to other passengers.. second, with the backpack on back, you won't realise that you kena (what's the correct English word here??) other passengers.. i really hate this type of people stucked in front of me, so inconsiderate..

唔經唔覺都blog咗將近四年喇, 要keep住有update其實都唔容易, 所以要多謝大家一路支持.. 其實有時寫到冇嘢寫, 我會諗, 我好唔好就咁停寫呢?? 所以當有日你發覺我好耐冇新post, 好可能我已經唔再寫blog喇.. :p

been blogging for nearly 4 years without realising how long it's been.. it's never easy to keep updating, hence i would like to thank everyone for the support.. there are times i find no idea what to blog about, and i'll start to think maybe i should just stop like that?? so one day if you don't find me updating this blog for some time, probably i've already stopped blogging.. :p


  1. There is somethings u might hate now, but thinking back in the future u will find it memorable:)
    Cherish wat u got^^

  2. life has to continue.. so.. live it..

  3. 哎哟,我都係有meh背囊既喔。不過人多時我會放低。。。


  4. wow, 4 years already! keep it up!

  5. wwaaaa 4 yrs long time leh i am oredi running out of things to write oredi after not even 1 yr.....T_T

  6. I really dislike people "polluting" every nook and cranny with their smoking. Why can't these people scamper off elsewhere...

    Taking the LRT to work everyday is good. Saves $$ and no traffic jams to deal with. Only thing is crowded trains.

  7. dun stop writing ya!!
    i like ur blog very much!!

  8. 有嗰東馬朋友講過佢家鄉都喺冇麥記,當時我同你一樣好驚訝,嚇咗好大聲!



  9. 咁快就打算急流勇退,嚇?你舍得你班Fan屎咩?

  10. you blog, you share... share your opinions, ur interest, ur angry, ur happiness, and so on, that is why u blog...

    sometime, i know, u will feel tire when ur brain has no idea what to write.

    anyways, keep it up and up

  11. 你停写, 大家都会失望的.

  12. aiyor... don't stop lar... continue blogging. :P

  13. 原來麥儅儅不是每個地方都有的哦

  14. my hometown dont have McD ok, yeah lah what to do, my house build on the tree one mah :p
    so nice to take lrt, more convenient than driving lah.
    oh please continue to write, we all enjoy reading, thanks kekeeee...

  15. Blogging encourage us to think of every normal stuff we do everyday from different perspective. Maybe there are still different perspective you have not been sneaking in yet. Take it as a challenge. Cheers!

  16. I've become your regular commenter lo...dun worry, will sure support you!!! Kita ialah jiran ma...hehe~

  17. Yalah, not every place got McD, you know. But every place got OldTown. Haha, juz kidding : )

  18. I think their addiction to smoking supersedes their dislike to filthy and smelly place like the toilet.

  19. You don't drive? Wow! I can't imagine taking LRT every morning, maybe I am too pampered! haha!

  20. Wow! 4 years already? you must be the blogging master! : )

    I hope you won't suddenly stop blogging. I'll be heartbroken! : )

  21. There were some bloggers whom I followed religiously and they suddenly stopped blogging without any notice. Just like that! I felt so hurt because they were like my friends on blogosphere and they didn't even care to inform me!

    I waited and waited for their updates until one day, I made the big decision to delete them from my bloglist. So heartbroken like a break up with a lover! Haha

  22. If you are scared to run out of things to blog, here's my advice. Don't put up a new post too frequently. Maybe reduce to 2-3 times a week? or is that what you are doing already? : )

  23. u really run out of things to blog huh? like foongpc suggested, reduce the turnover rate might be a good idea..

  24. Spot on! I get irritated by those inconsiderate smokers too.

  25. four years into blogging...dats long time....

    wah...got mcd restaurant...can eat hamburger already...

  26. Kelvin:
    hmmm, i don't think being suffocated by gang of smokers in the toilet while i'm doing my business is something i find memorable.. instead a memorable nightmare perhaps!! haha~~

    still not yet planning to stop.. less frequent perhaps??

    yeah, of course life moves on.. but can i have a better one?? hahaha :p

  27. khengsiong:
    我每次都會放低, 因為一路孭住, 自己又唔舒服, 又會整到人.. 你個hometown喺邊啊?? 係啊KFC應該比較多地方有呵?? 話晒家庭式餐廳比較受落嘛.. 開McD, 我有諗過啊, 通常都會賺錢架.. :p

    err, still two more months before it's really 4 years!! and yes, will at least last till then~~ :p

    yeah, i also think it's a long time!! but there were few months where i really almost abandoned, but luckily i picked it up again later, and still updating till now.. :)

  28. Mei Teng:
    yes, i really hate that!! each and everytime i go to toilet, there must be somebody there smoking like nobody business!! i just feel like taking the hose and spray water on them!! hehe, yeah, my office is very accessible by LRT, so it's wise to commute to work instead of driving..

    haha, no lah, no plan to stop yet, but perhaps will be less frequent lor..

    原來你都同我一樣咁見識淺薄.. 哈哈, 好啊!! 我舉高雙手贊成你咁做啊!! 有時同人逼, 我會頂住佢個背囊, 等佢郁唔到, 自己自動放低個背囊!! 哈哈哈哈.. 我應該暫時都會繼續啦, 可能唔會咁頻密囉..

  29. edward:
    哈哈, 我都仲未知而家係唔係去到最高峰喎, 點叫做急流勇退呢?? 唔會話完全停嘅又, 可能就係冇咁頻密囉..

    hmmm, but there are always times when you find it difficult to jot things down right?? i'm not your style mah, i don't have such good writing skills leh.. anyway, i won't stop yet, maybe just try to do it less frequently??

    哈哈, 是但噏噏啫, 我邊捨得大家吖?? 可能以後冇咁頻密囉..

  30. Medie007:
    hehe, just bullshitting only lah.. won't just stop like that, maybe less frequent and then gradually.. hehehe :p

    對啊, 現在知道麥當當只會選擇在比較大的地方開哦.. :)

    the happy go lucky one:
    where is your hometown ah?? don't have McD, then have KFC and Marybrown or not?? haha, my office is very accessible to all the train transport, so it's always wise to commute in train to work instead of driving.. err, ok ok, won't stop without reason, i think maybe will cut down the frequency?? hehe~~ :p

  31. Ghostly Nana:
    hmmm, perhaps you are right.. but i think what is nice about blogging is you are writing "history" of yourself.. it's a great experience when you read back what you have written, maybe few years back.. so i shall keep blogging huh?? :)

    haha, i also become your regular and compulsory commenter already mah!! i also support you de.. we add oil together lah, kami jiran-jiran baik.. hahaha!!

    haha, i guess you are right!! OldTown seems more penetrated into small towns right?? nope, i am taking the train to work, office is just so accessible by public transport, so it's a lot wiser to go by train.. haha, yeah, not to say master, but perhaps the blogsphere old man?? hahaha.. won't just stop blogging like that lah, i won't break your heart ok?? maybe i'll just do it less frequently.. and you are right, i'm doing it now like 2-3 times a week.. last time i did it everyday, so guess perhaps twice a week would be a good frequency huh??

  32. blue:
    not really run out of things, but sometimes i have nothing to write and sometimes i have too much to write.. haha!! well, i guess 2-3 times a week is a good frequency??

    i can tolerate under open air, but not in closed environment especially when i'm doing my business in toilet!!

    yeah, that is something i feel proud of myself.. let's see if i can make it to 5 years??

  33. No McD in my hometown in Jupiter. If you have time to breath you will have time to blog. Four years is not that very long 'tambah minyak' bro. The day I stop blogging is the day I stop breathing:p

  34. 你绝对不可以stop~

  35. 快铁里人多地话就要把背囊放下?那不是更麻烦?已经是没什么位子站了列。

  36. wah.. dont stop la.. must continue!!
    if nothing to blog, just take a break lor.. kekeke..
    i learn my cantonese here ok!

  37. Don't have McD at my hometown too but truthfully, I don't think they are missing anything. Ramly burger much nicer than a Big Mac for me. :D

    Because the are causing bad smell and filth also. So sit in toilet also can lar... Others toilet users there have no peace to do their business lah like that.

    I hate people with backpacks or huge handbags esp the really hard and pointy ones. Wonder how come they never realize their bags poke other people. :(

    4years of blogging joy. Keep up the good work (or writing)

  38. 第一次来就看到你要stop??@@

  39. You should continue blogging. but mind block do happen from time to time. Or perhaps you need some spice in your life, try something different. 2 cent from a screwed mind. :)

  40. eh.. tobby's home town also dont have "mak dong dong" one.. =.=

  41. why those "yin chan" can smoke in the toilet one.. report them to the security la.. can or not one?

  42. hmmm.. hehehehe... i rarely squeeze in 輕鐵 one.. XD..
    but i heard is quite sardin one.. until cannot move, and your back is lean on someone chest and your chest is touching someone else back.. AHAHAHAHHA, turn around, you might kiss some one too.. =.="

  43. 照你咁讲,迷要收番你之前讲嘅说话啰!俾心机继续撑落去啦,朋友!我会继续做你嘅首席Fan屎架喇!哈哈!!

  44. i also dont have good writing skill too... :p

  45. That's the true world. Can't help but to live with it.
    Don't stop writing. It is actually good to write and share with everyone your experiences.

  46. Don't stop bro once you are in it continue blogging we gonna miss you. Nice header wah changing it every month?

  47. don't stop, never give up ;)

  48. 我在大学这里也没有mcd~only have kfc ==

    有时候没有什么想写,就暂时不写:)but pls,don't leave the blogspot world~really enjoy reading your articles:p

  49. Bananazക:
    i've got McD in my hometown in Pluto, why not yours?? haha.. well, i didn't say i have no time to blog.. it's that there are times when i have no idea what to write.. hmmm, wait till you blog for 4 years then let me know whether this is a long time or not?? kekeke..

    哈哈, 沒有喇, 現在還有能力繼續寫喇, 放心, uncle不會拋棄你們的~~ :p

    Chin Weng 茶先生:
    那麼你改次試一下, 一個背著背囊的, 和一個把背囊拿在手上的, 看哪一個和你逼的時候比較討厭??

  50. Donna:
    ok ok, maybe the word stop is a little too heavy hor?? maybe i should use "pause", take a break and then come back later?? haha, sure you learn cantonese from me meh?? :p

    oh yes, i gotta agree with you that Ramly burger is so much nicer!! but to those village kids, it's different situation, they would want to eat McD instead!! that's exactly what happened, the toilet is so choky with the second hand smoke, i really hate that everytime i go in and i see somebody smoking there, F**K!! oh that's why, you can never realise that you are poking people if your bag is on your back or shoulder.. that is why, i always carry mine with my hand, with this i am more conscious.. thanks, i will try to reach 5 years, hehe!!

    第一次嗎?? 我有印象你好像有來過喎.. 是你忘了吧?? :p

  51. Ghostly Nana:
    hmmm, that's just a thought but i think i won't stop just like that.. often have mind block problem, but thank god i always overcome that.. well, i tend not to tell everything in this blog, it's not private anymore.. hehe :p

    aiyoh where is his hometown?? haiz, i always wanted to report to the building management, but i think no use because they have ash tray in the toilet and the windows can be opened, i guess they allow smoking in there!! haha, aiyah, the situation is not as bad as you think lah, still have space one.. i am taking the LRT, maybe for your case is KTM then i can believe it lor.. hahaha!! so you have accidentally kissed somebody before?? that one is handsome guy or not?? :D

    Chris Chia:
    加油加油!! 我們要長寫長有!!

  52. edward:
    都話係有諗過, 不過實際上未有咁嘅打算.. 每次冇嘢可以寫, 我都會儘量嘔啲嘢出嚟寫嘅, 冇事嘅.. 嗱, 講過就係架喇, 你要永遠都支持我架, 多謝多謝!! :)

    oh don't be humble, you definitely have very good writing skills.. look at those poems you have written, those are so bombastic man!!

    well if i can do something to make it better, wouldn't it be good?? ok ok, just a thought but don't think i'll stop in near future.. let's see if i can make it to 5 years then??

  53. CheaHS@n:
    errr, i also hope to keep it on forever.. well, let's see, maybe will just write when i have anything to write and not like regularly as per now.. errr, not every month lah, just as and when i feel tired of the same banner.. :p

    haha, i'll try my best to keep this blog till my last breath, hehe :)

    大學裡面有KFC?? 嘩, 很好了啦, 還要嫌沒有McD?? 哈哈, 只是有那麼一霎那的想法啦, 我是應該不會停的, 最多是久久寫一下囉~~ :p

  54. Ahhh, don't stop. blogging is fun!

  55. 在大马,KFC比Mc普遍,可是在西方国家就很少看到KFC!

  56. Wow! You have been blogging for 4 years already bro? I salute you lar. :)You are our big brother-->"Taiko" Ha ;D

  57. I hate this type of smoker too bro. Well..they shouldn't have smoke in the 1st place right? And especially not in the public toilet. :(

  58. 对啊..我在kl sentral那里工作的...哈哈我又看到你第二次...但你认不到我吧...毕竟我的blog也没你的那么famous~哈哈..所以你不懂我也不出奇XD

  59. i hate smokers, and how can they be so inconsiderate to smoke in the toilet, it's very unfair to other people!!

    hey, don't stop blogging.. if you think there's nothing to write, maybe just let yourself take a break.. :)

  60. i wll feel the loss if u stop blogging

  61. Pete:
    yeah, of course blogging is fun.. but how to make your blog to be fun is not that easy right?? hehe~~

    KFC應該有超過100家了吧?? 可能就是說KFC是比較家庭式的, 在小地方比較受歡迎吧?? 畢竟雞肉才是每個種族都吃的肉類..

    haha, now only you know i've been blogging for so long?? haha, don't think i am the big brother in blogsphere lah, there are still a lot seniors out there bro.. well, i have no idea why they all gathered in the same toilet, i guess it's because of spreading of news!! before this there is nobody smoking in there.. anyway there is an ashtray in the toilet, i guess the building management allows smoking in there!! haiz~~~

  62. Florence:
    哦, 原來你也在KL Sentral工作, 我在Block 3B, 你呢?? 別那麼說, 我不是不認得你, 其實我走路都不會去週圍看人的, 只知道一支箭那樣向前走.. 你下次再看到我的話, 記得叫我哦, 大家鄰居嘛, 呵呵~~ :p

    yes, they are really morons!! very selfish morons!! sometimes i just wanted so badly to take the water hose and spray water on them!! hahahaha!! ok ok, thanks for your support, i'll keep on blogging and likewise you say, take a break if there's nothing much to blog about :)

    that's just a thought, but i think i'll at least blog for another year, let this blog at least have a 5th anniversary~~ :p

  63. I hate dirty and filthy restrooms!

    you've been blogging so long! you should be proud of it =)

  64. post with random info.. haha.
    you dont have to stop blogging, im sure you'll have something to write =)


  65. Haha, the bag I carry to work can be bulky too, sometimes I find myself a nuisance. Will consider putting it down.

    Keep up the great blogging. It is a happy read in the middle of a busy workweek.

  66. Ayie:
    but no choice, there is an ashtray fixed on the wall in the toilet, and the windows can be opened.. guess maybe the building management allows smoking in there?? haha, i think let's put this aside, let me blog at least have a 5th anniversary?? :)

    yah, most probably cut down the frequency and write only when i have things to blog about..

    Shingo T:
    oh, you take train to work also?? hmmm, if you have a bulky one then please do not leave it on your back, it's quite a nuisance like you say, hahaha!! ok ok, for your good sake, then i shall keep on blogging, so that you'd have some happy time.. hehe :p