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26.05.2009 | 無良奸商

八字輩以上嘅朋友, 如果你仲記得嘅話, 以前入戲院睇戲, 係可以肆無忌憚咁鐘意食乜就帶乜入場.. 爆谷汽水唔在講吖, 我哋有咩啊?? 有漢堡包, 魚旦, 燒魷魚片, 紅黑白瓜子, 炸雞蛋等等不能詳盡.. 一路睇一路遞嚟遞去同朋友分享, 係唔係鬼咁開心先??

for those who are born before the 90s, if you can remember well, we were allowed to bring into the cinema any kind of food we like.. not to mention fizzy drinks and popcorns, but we have burgers, fishball skewers, barbequed squid, red/black/white kuaci, fried chicken etc etc, an array so wide i can't even complete the list.. you were passing the food from left to right to share amongst friends, that was something really fun that i've missed a lot..
不過而家冇呢支歌仔唱啦, 大家都知咩事啦, 壟斷院線嘅兩大公司「T豬V」同埋「豬S屍」, 都自設食品部, 禁止一切外買食物入場.. 就咁年中賺唔少啦, 數數無良奸商罪狀:
  • 罪狀(一) 食硬: 售價高出市價兩成, 真係唔好去搶??
  • 罪狀(二) 悶蛋: 嚟嚟去去得汽水爆谷薯片熱狗, 喂, 好悶囉, 有冇炸雞同埋魷雨啫??
  • 罪狀(三) 明坤: 汽水得一個size冇大支裝, 想幾個人share慳錢就慢慢等啦..

but too bad this story is not happening anymore, we know what is the situation now don't we?? the two cinema tycoon "tea-g-vii" and "g-ass-see" has already setup their food & beverage counters, and prohibit anything not purchased from their own counters in the theatre.. i am sure they earn a great deal from here, perhaps let me list down their sins here:
  • sin(1) monopoly: selling things 20% more expensive than retail price, can i say they are trying to rob??
  • sin(2) boring: nothing other than fizzy drinks, popcorn, hotdogs and chips.. don't they have fried chicken and barbeque squid??
  • sin(3) con: only regular size for beverage, no large.. forget it if you wanna share with others to save money..
所以話, 各位親愛嘅朋友, 我建議大家入場前不如預返半個鐘, 去附近超市買齊晒你要嘅嘢, 然後放入自己個袋, 理直氣壯咁入場, 實行瞞天過海!! 哈哈哈~~ :p

and so i say dear friends, why not plan a good 30minutes before show time to go to the nearby supermarket, get all things you crave for, stuff them all into your bags, walk in boldly and proudly.. hide from the usher your delicacies, and enjoy them to your heavenly pleasure while watching the movie?? hahaha~~ :p


  1. 大佬,去戏院唔系乘黑抽水索油嘅咩?
    边度仲有时间食嘢啊? :p

  2. 去戲院看戲我很少吃東西的

  3. haha...i like chips~~~
    yeap.. tried to bring own potato chips go in..
    but usually i don't eat in cinema, unless frens bought pop corn..lolz..
    eating very noisy, cant concentrate on the show..lolz

  4. 依家去戏院仲边有人食瓜子?一边食,一边pui?哈哈。。


  5. eh....the popcorn got the large combo set one....cost around 12 i guess with 2 large drinks if not mistaken....
    but the variety is so less....
    sop boring with it liao....
    but usually i dont practice to eta anything during cinema lol...

  6. why don't the cinema tycoon sell condoms?

    we think it will be a best seller~ ;P

  7. huh? but sometime they will check ur bag de wo...

    btw, new link here

  8. 吃饱、喝饱才进戏院,戏不好看还可睡个小觉,多爽。 :p

  9. 怎么看戏一定要吃吃喝喝?

  10. I'm too young to know about those oldies cinema lo, keke. I remember those cinemas sometimes got mouse crawled around lo, very disgusting. Nowadays, they monopoly those food to get more profit ma, but I don't normally eat those lo. You know me la, on diet 365 days a year. But I'm kinda agreed with what Chris said la, no time to eat also. hehe.

  11. some popcorn is nice ... but not the TGV one ... blek! Anyway, I don't like people bring all kind of food ... the cinema so many different smell... sometime sting too...

  12. ooo.. i normally will get something else and bring in the cinema...as long as its not too OVER like nasi lemak or curry chicken la..;p

    but i hate ppl who make the noise from their plastic bags...the sss ss sss sound.. very annoying..:(

  13. yeap ... i used to do that with my friend in KL ... bought our chips and drinks and put inside their BAGS !!! XD ... if in hometown wont do that lor dunno why =s ... only in KL XD ...

  14. I suggest we boycott the cinema, and turn to DVD, Blue Ray, LCD, Home Theatre System etc. and we can have loads of snacks while watching movie. BTW, since having kids 9 years ago have stepped into a cinema less than 5 times. haha.

  15. sometimes i will smuggle in the HL milk or chocolate milk, cold one somemore kekeee, and of coz i already prepare whole set of script if they were going to inspect my bag.

  16. Chris:
    我大把水大把油任人抽任人索囉.. 所以要食多啲嘢補充架嘛.. 哈哈!! :D

    Chris Chia:
    不愛零食?? 那不如打包一盒經濟雜飯進去吃好不好?? 呵呵, good ida喔.. :p

    哈哈, 你那麼過份懮慮的.. 爆米花里面的曱甴, 一早就已經被烘死啦, 而且還是很香脆很爽口的哦.. 哈哈!! xD

    hahaha, i love chips too.. actually i also seldom eat in the cinema also, normally watch movie after meals.. once a while perhaps will get some hotdog and corn-in-cup if feeling a little hungry.. :)

  17. Rebecca Kheng:
    阿姐, 我係話以前嘛.. 而家你試吓喺戲院入邊食瓜子睇吓, 睇吓全場觀眾會唔會啤住你吖嗱.. 下次要醒目啲喇, 出邊買任何食物飲品, 記得要收好先入場喇.. 呵呵 :p

    i don't really like popcorns actually, i only have some if friends bought them in.. i went to "g-ass-see" and trying to get a large iced lemon tea, and they told me they only have the regular size, that is so pissed off you know??

    Queen B:
    hahaha, and you've forgotten to mention lube?? kekeke~~ perhaps you want to write in and give them a suggest?? :p

    oh is it?? so far i have not caught though.. maybe must go in together with crowds.. :)

  18. yee:
    通常都是吃飽了才去看戲的喇, 不過有時候時間不對, 還會買熱狗進去吃囉.. 還是要給他們賺, 唉~~

    這是一種享受嘛, 你不知道咩?? 我大大聲回答你, 這可能是其中一個致命原因!! 哈哈哈哈~~ :D

    don't fool around, if you know cinemas with mouse crawling around, means you are a lot OLDER than me.. muaaahahahaha!! ok ok, i understand you are always BUSY, no time to eat and no time to workout also.. kekekeke~~ so have a FUN trip laa :)

    hahaha, i don't fancy popcorns actually.. yeah, you are right, if you are not the one eating, you will be pissed off by the smells.. eg: the one next to me who kena my fish crackers smell.. hahaha!!

  19. Danny:
    hmmm, you are also a clever guy huh?? haha, of course not KFC, nasi lemak and curry chicken laa.. maybe just some snacks, so that they don't smell that much.. well the plastic bags are just unavoidable lor, they need to open the packaging to eat maa.. :)

    haha, i've tried a few times doing that, and i think i really enjoyed the movie with the food i like.. maybe you should try to do that back in your hometown, you know, there's even more nice food in hometown right?? :p

    hmmm, can always go for DVD but sometimes it's actually nice to step into the cinema to get the real feeling of watching a movie.. yeah, i totally understand that, life with kids is gonna be different already.. hehe :p

    the happy go lucky one:
    oh?? mind sharing your script?? so that we can have a reference, slightly modify so that the usher don't always hear the same old reason and turn to not trust us.. :p

  20. Eh, next time use "mature" instead of "old" la...very sensitive lo, hehe. Sure I will enjoy the trip, thanks.

  21. 好耐冇入戲院睇戯了,一來冇大好片,二來又貴。不過你個招一早已經用過啦!

  22. True~ we can sneak in some stuffs to eat de~ i've smuggled in KFC, McD's Nuggets and burgers with french fries, Coffea bean/Starbuck's Grande drinks, 1.5litter of pepsi, fruits [don't bring in apple~ when the scene are quiet, ppl can hear the crunchy chew of the apple!]

  23. 哇! 大佬,你咁讲即系代表你好紧要有"油水"囉? 果然"水"源充足噃..

  24. Kay Af See at Gee Ass See!!!!!
    That's where I wanna be!


  25. Agree, we the snack is quite expensive comparing to those selling in hypermarket!

  26. hahah...
    sometime i oso doing like tat..
    everytime oso eat porcon,boring~~~~~~

  27. 我有的時候是那樣子做的。。。不過最近比較少了,在戲院吃東西,會沒有那么專注看戲。。。享受不到。。。

  28. Just sharing here : I was in my early 20s and a sales exec. my supervisor kept pressing us for targets. I had no where to go or customers lined up. I saw this uncle eating tidbits watching a movie. Noisy irritating sounds. I looked closelt. It was him. I rushed out immediately before the movie ended. He was also playing truant too :)

  29. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    haiz, don't deceive yourself anymore laa, you just gotta accept the fact and most importantly the term "OLD" in your dictionary.. hahahaha :D

    我就經常都會去戲院睇戲打發一下時間囉.. 通常都係食咗啲嘢先去嘅.. 我呢招, 其實好耐以前我都已經用過.. :)

    Fable Frog:
    wow, i think you must be going for a picnic!! haha.. but people would be staring at you because they can smell your KFC, i don't think i'd do that lor.. i'll try to bring in food that doesn't have heavy smell, so i can eat peacefully and secretly :p

  30. Chris:
    細佬, 你見大老條[水]桶腰, 就知道我有幾多[油]啦.. 啱唔啱先?? :D

    Kay Af See at Gee Ass See!!!!!
    There's so much things to See~~~

    Towards healthy and leisure life~!:
    yeah, that is why i seldom want to buy from them.. if i really feel like eating, i'll consider a few more steps away and get from supermarket..

  31. 凯文@〉〉-------世界奇观:
    haha, i only sometimes do like that.. most of the time i don't get anything to eat inside the cinema though..

    哈哈, 我也是, 以前經常那麼做的.. 不過近來就通常是先吃了東西才入場, 有的話也只買杯水進去喝罷了.. :)

    haha, luckily he didn't noticed you, or perhaps he pretended he didn't see you?? well well well, how nice it's to be a sales person, you have all the flexibility in time during working hours.. not like me, always gotta sit in the office.. :(

  32. 有时下班后直接去看戏,很赶来不及吃东西,就会买老麦进去吃。但有时候里头不多人仲好,多人又惊诱惑到其他人。pai seh :$
    我刚好是8字辈,但是都记得小时候同爸妈去看戏,过年仲带柑进去吃。 :p

  33. 采茶女的bag够大,每次都塞食物去她的bag然后带进戏院。

  34. My friends used to buy foodstuff from supermarket and carried them inside their bag into the cinema :D

  35. 如果我看着电影时,
    我会立刻死给他看 ! XD

  36. 哈~哈~你好讨厌叻!我比较专心看戏啦!

  37. No Outside Food Allowed! Hate that sign. The cinema really make a lot of profits from the popcorn! Huge profit! Blood sucker.

  38. 我做仔既時候重帶茶果,kfc入去吃

  39. ky_sky:
    哈哈, 真的囉, 如果吃味道比較重的東西, 兩旁的人真的會盯住你囉.. 我那次就是買了包魚餅, 味道又腥, 然後吃的時候又krak krak聲, 旁邊那位老兄肯定很討厭我了.. 哈哈哈哈!!!

    Chin Weng 茶先生:
    很聰明哦.. 不過不怕上得山多終遇虎咩?? 他們有時候會check入場者的bag的喎..

    haha, yeah, i think many people don't mind the trouble doing that huh?? i mean, besides saving money, we got to choose from more variety right?? :p

  40. *~店长~*:
    如果我隔壁的老兄吃榴槤的話, 我會要他死, 而不是我自己死囉.. 哈哈哈哈!! :p

    Chris Chia:
    哈哈, 說得也對喇, 吃雜飯那麼大味道, 肯定有人投訴啦.. 而且也很難擔保你不會把sambal petai也帶進去嘛.. 呵呵~~

    yes, actually do they have the rights to disallow outside food?? i really wonder.. selling popcorn at like at least RM5, i agree with you, those are really bloody high profit margin..

    你都識話做仔嘅時候啦, 十幾年前啦, 而家邊度仲有呢支歌仔唱哩?? 都係乖乖地, 同返佢哋買popcorn算啦~~

  41. 旁邊那位老兄没有用眼神或暴力,意图制止你的krak krak声吗?呵呵。
    我钟意戏院的大荧幕,但也喜欢在家看戏的轻松吃东西。为什么无法两者兼得?(你千万不要说在家安装大荧幕这种白X话,除非你愿意赞助 :p )

  42. Umm! I dun like to go to cinema here in Kuching, the environment are so smelly and dirty loh! Even bring in titbit also no appetite to eat lah..

    But, i realised the cinema in KL are very clean ho..

  43. It the same here too. Their combo pop-corn package price is close to another movie ticket. Sometime some snacks can do without. Better for health too.

  44. ky_sky:
    其實我有感覺到他的殺氣, 不過沒有理他喇, 反正每個人都有權利在戲院裡面吃東西啊, 他覺得臭又可以耐我甚麼何?? 呵呵.. 你要兩全其美, 現實上辦不到, 那就唯有靠自己的想象力囉.. 在戲院現象你在家裡舒舒服服, 在家裡想象你在戲院的氣氛.. :p

    Joanna Tang:
    hmmm, i have no idea how's cinema in Kuching are.. do you still have those old style cinemas?? we have none here anymore, all are cineplexes in shopping malls and are carpeted, i supposed this is why they have to keep them clean.. :)

    oh yeah, you reminded me their popcorn combo is almost the price of a ticket, see how much profit they have!! well, nowadays i seldom eat in the cinema already.. save some money, for my health, and also concentrate watching the movie :)

  45. 我们也是这样,有本事不是来搜我们的bag咯,量他也不敢。大包大包地偷渡进去,不要给他们赚钱 ~ :P

  46. hahahha... the stuff around tourist spots also expensive...the land in kl also expensive...so what?? still got people buy...so what? if you dont like ...just dont go...simple =p watch dvd at home

  47. Kai and Baobei:
    哈哈, 其實so far我也沒有看過他們檢查bag囉.. 既然放了進去, 就表示是我們的私人財產啊, 他們是沒有權利管制的喎, 對不??

    no woh, watching movie in the cinema is actually something enjoyable that you don't find the ambience at home.. anyway, i'm not complaining about the movie, just the food they sell, so i never get from them at all.. :)

  48. 我裤子里也收着条香肠,不见得他们阻止我进场?因为那是我的私人财物,哈哈哈哈哈!

  49. Kai and Baobei:
    很簡單, 就是因為你褲子裡的香腸實在是小到無法察覺, 所以他們沒有懷疑你啊.. 呵呵呵呵~~~ :p

  50. 没有啦,我把它收到后面去了,kekekeke

  51. Kai and Baobei:
    嘩嘩嘩, 竟然可以那麼能屈能伸.. 厲害厲害!! 小弟對你的[欽敬]就如滔滔江水聯綿不絕~~ :p

  52. SK Thamby, what happened before 90s? I wasn't born yet.

  53. heheee just make sure u bring the orignal plastic bag, for instance jusco plastic bag, with the receipt, then glare at them, telling them in calm voice, i bought the milk for bringing back home later, and wat do u expect me to do? u want to help me jaga ah? (coz they dont provide locker service mah).

  54. I don't eat when watching movie, prefer to just concentrate. So no give tee-gi-vee or keh-thei sain-plex extra money :)

  55. Twilight Zone:
    Granny too old already till cannot remember what's happening.. anyway, sometimes it's good that you don't remember.. eg: you are born in the 60s!!! hahahahaha :D

    the happy go lucky one:
    hahaha, if really wanted to argue with them sure got lots of reasons and tricks lorr.. if they really prohibit, like you say, provide lockers lor, then make sure everyone don't even bring any bags into the cinema.. hmmm, i think if they are going to do so, sure will bankrupt soon~~ :D

    wow, you are a smart consumer huh?? hahaha.. anyway, you still pay them extra money, because the movie tickets are getting more and more expensive~~ :p

  56. If go on weekend or new movie sure pay extra. So I try go on weekday and wait two weeks after the movie release. Usually can get RM7 for movie ticket. :)

  57. 哗~教坏小孩~

  58. JL:
    hohoho, you are really a smart consumer.. so i would say wednesdays are always your movie day?? hmmm, too bad, i only have time to go for movies during weekend :(

    教壞小孩?? 嗯, 小孩應該不會來看我的blog吧?? 哈哈.. 魷魚當然不可以啦, 你以為以前那些戲院咩?? 哈哈..

  59. I tried that once, and believe it or not, they actually check your bag! Bummer!! : (

  60. Popcorn or chips will do for me. Sometimes pizza or burger! hahaha!

  61. foongpc:
    oh really?? so did you kena or not?? hmmm, i think must act like nothing happened and choose to go in together with the crowd next time.. hahaha!!

    sometimes popcorn or chips are getting boring, that's why if we can have pizza or burger, that would be great!! hahahaha.. :p

  62. 你竟然在里面吃过鱼饼??!!你隔壁的一定恨死你了...哈哈哈哈..好可怜哦!
    我表妹比较厉害,带McD进去吃。然后一直被人家ZEK ZEK ZEK~~咔咔

  63. bluesky:
    哈哈, 那魚餅是零食那種, 我是感覺到隔壁那個的火氣囉其實.. 你表妹也很厲害一下, 竟然斗膽帶McD進去?? 其實那個味道是很重的, 難怪別人zek zek zek聲啦.. 不過我看她也還是照吃不誤吧?? :p

  64. haha i love popcorn!
    everytime watch movie sure i'll buy.. haha..

  65. kenwooi.com:
    hmmm, then you sure are very happy with them for selling nice popcorns huh?? you must be a fans of "tea-g-vii" and "g-ass-see", hehehe :p