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09.02.2009 | 巴殺馬欖

我哋嘅露天夜市場叫做巴殺馬欖(Pasar Malam), 喺呢度可以買到各式各樣嘅嘢, 不過最吸引我去嘅當然係小食啦.. 上一次去夜市好似係五年以上嘅歷史, 呢個週末就一連兩日去咗兩次, 好似報仇咁, 哈哈!! 噚日去嗰個規模較細, 所以未能盡興.. 頭先嗰個就大規模喇, 見到好多懷舊小食, 真係十分之興奮, 不過見就快落雨, 所以嗱嗱聲買啲嘢就滾水淥腳走人喇..

呢兩日收獲甚豐嘅巴殺馬欖之旅, 食咗炒蘿蔔糕, 亞三叻沙, 冬陰米粉, 酥炸雞扒, 粟米, 茶葉蛋, 魚旦, 大舊麵, 香蕉片, 魚片, 等等等等.. 係, 我知, 我知我係成日嗌減肥, 不過美食當前, 我其實已經忍手控制自己架喇, 至少我唔係暴飲暴食囉.. :pour local open air night market is more commonly known as Pasar Malam, you can just get almost everything you wanted to get here, but i would say the only reason that attracts me to the night market is FOOD.. the last time i visited Pasar Malam was a history more than five years ago, went for two consecutive days this weekend, as if i have nowhere else better to go, haha!! the one i went yesterday was rather small scale, hence did not enjoy it that much.. the one i went just now was indeed bigger scale, and saw a lot of food that could bring back lots of childhood memories.. was very excited about that, but since it was about to rain, i just quickly bought something and left the place in a rush..

a rather fruitful two-day Pasar Malam trip, i had fried carrot cake, assam laksa, tomyam beehoon, fried chicken chop, corn, herbal tea boiled egg, fish balls, apong, banana chips, fish crackers, and many more.. well i know, i know i've been yelling about going on diet, but looking at delicious food surrounding every corner, i have actually controlled myself to a certain degree, at least i did not have excessive and terribly stuffed myself with food.. :p


  1. Your obsession with dieting is making you think of food more than usual.

  2. SK Thamby! Cheh! You beat me to blog about Pasar Malam coz I kept the photos in my computer till grew fungus! I am a pasar malam King and knows where to find Pasar Malams from Monday to Sunday! The most scary long one is Taman Connaught's!

  3. Yierrrrrrrrrr ... you are so evil! We are supposed to have vege meals tonight coz it's 15th, aiyorr I so nyan to have some Assam Laksa now

  4. i seldom go Pasar Malam... everytime i go Pasar Malam ended up feeding the mosquitoes... sigh!

  5. hi,
    where is the pasar malam a?

    i want to eat alot , but its on diet now.


  6. 印象中最后一次到夜市也是几年前的事了。最爱光顾售卖马来糕点的摊子。

  7. 很喜欢去夜市逛。

  8. miss pasar malam -- the heat, the noise, the crowd, the food, the price, the....

  9. Jonzz:
    or maybe i will say, my fat body is making me think of dieting as more than usual.. hahaha!!

    Twilight Zone:
    i went to the ones in Bangsar and SS2, have not been to the one in Tmn Connaught yet leh, heard that it's the biggest.. i didn't see you around in the pasar malam?? hahaha :p

    oh you are having vegetarian every 1st and 15th meh?? aiyoh, too bad lor, you vege mouth not vege heart laa, still thinking about assam laksa?? hahaha :)

    err, mosquitoes?? hmmm, perhaps you should wear long sleeves and long pants, haha!! your flesh is too fragrant to attracts mosquitoes.. :)

  10. wd:
    yeah, i went to the ones in Bangsar and SS2, i think i'm gonna plan another trip to Tmn Connaught on a wednesday, heard that it's the biggest one.. you on diet?? eat more so that you have more energy to go diet!! haha :p

    我也蠻愛娘惹糕的, 其實甚麼小吃蛋糕麵包糕點之類的東西, 我都很喜歡, 所以Pasar Malam是一個天堂.. :)

    你去夜市只是逛嗎?? 沒有買東西沒有吃東西嗎??

    didn't go any pasar malam when you were back home?? haha, am sure you'll be very excited if you ever go there.. i would say the most attractive is the food, hahaha :p

  11. 尽量吃饱才去,不然会从档头买到档尾。这看来好吃,哪也不错,结果买到一大堆食物... ;p

  12. i hate to go to pasar malam. because i ended up eat and eat and eat only. phuh

  13. wow, the pasar malam that you went have so much nice food. Not like the one in my hometown, just Bao, kueh and so on only..

  14. dont really visit night market nowadays...

  15. Fried carrot cake, asam laksa...wow, making me hungry now. Er..your diet plan? You have locked it inside your drawer de?

  16. yee:
    果然是聰明人, 吃飽飽才去pasar malam, 一來可以讓自己的食慾降到最低, 二來還可以散散步.. :)

    hey, but whoever going to pasar malam is not thinking about eat?? there's just too many attractive food in there!!

    oh?? where is your hometown?? or perhaps there is another one larger scale that you didn't know?? :)

    haha, once in a while lor.. the previous time i went before last weekend was like more than 5 years ago..

    hehehe, i have locked the dieting plan in the bottom most drawer, forgotten about it already!! but to eat is just a very basic and essential human need right?? hehe :p

  17. haha, pasar malam really got a lot of food to eat...
    yeah, tmn Connaught one really biggest and longest...it operate on every wed...try to visit there lah...more food to eat! hahaha....
    me not really like to been pasar malam cause lazy to walk XD

  18. my goodness........ did you weigh urself? extra 2 kilos? well.... i cant be goin to our msian pasar malam anymore le cos i'm joining the spore kiasu ppl liao. so sad... i'll surely miss lots of good food here... eat more for me la when u go...

  19. Nkw@i:
    yeah, there is just too much food to try in pasar malam.. but luckily there are few stalls selling the same type of food, so that is really not that much lor.. i will plan for that, really wanted to see how grand that pasar malam is.. hehe :p

    i don't even dare to weigh myself now, hehe!! oh, you are now in singapore ah?? hmmm, then would really miss malaysian food a lot.. anyway, JB is just so near, you can always come back during weekend maa.. :)

  20. 下次我地"卜卜友"gathering就去巴殺馬欖啦 good末?

  21. tagnan:
    你都幾另類喎, 去pasar malam搞gathering?? 一陣唔見咗阿Chris, 都唔知佢係遲到定係走失咗添~~ :p

  22. 嘩﹐你講真架?? 真係食咗咁多嘢??

  23. mynicole:
    auntie, 連續兩日同埋朋友一共食咗咁多啫, 唔係過份吖嘛??