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17.02.2009 | 小事兩則

早幾日喺公司匆匆忙忙執嘢嘅時候, 唔小心跌咗一毫子, 週圍搵極都搵唔返.. 頭先無意中見到佢就喺個檯腳邊, 清潔阿嬸咁多日嚟果然係冇吸塵啊吓.. 嗱嗱嗱, 我知你諗緊咩架, 一毫子都係錢啫, 嗰種失而復得嘅感覺係非常之好嘅噃~~

頭先返上樓嘅時候見到lift門正在閂緊, 於是即刻飛速去摁個上樓掣, lift門又再開返.. 我知咁樣做係好乞人憎, 明明上緊又有個人阻住晒(好似聽到有人「即即」聲咁囉).. 不過我今日衰犯賤啊, 入到去又摁錯樓, 結果自己出咗去之後, 要入邊其他人白白咁停多一層樓添.. 真係罪過罪過~~ [lost and found]
dropped my 10 cent coin while tidying my desk in a rush in the office few days ago, tried to look for it almost everywhere but still could not find it.. saw it accidentally by the leg of my desk just now, hmmm i supposed the cleaner must have skipped vacuuming the carpet for this many days.. well, i know what you are thinking, but 10 cent is still money ok, and that feeling to have lost and found is just superb, agree??

[i'm a sinner]
saw the lift doors closing while i was to go up to office after lunch, as quickly as i could, i pressed the up button so that the door would open again.. errr i know i know, this is rather irritating, while people are expecting to go up, i just come to disturb (i heard people tsskk at me behind actually).. but i was rather evil to give more trouble, i pressed the wrong number, and after i reached my floor, i kind of made the passengers inside wasting time to stop at another unnecessary floor.. oh my, i was such a sinner~~


  1. Lol...10cent...
    I lost the car key during wondering at MV...
    when I search my car key, I found out I lost it some where @_@...
    lucky, I went back the place that possible that I lost the key, and I found it back....
    the feeling like so grateful~~.... =D

    so clumsy oh me... XD

  2. if i was inside the lift then i'll cepat cepat tekan the close button...hehehe

  3. When I got off the elevator on the ground floor, a lady promptly went inside and SCREAMED!! I have pressed all the buttons till 22nd floor... Muahahahaha! Vanakam!

  4. What can you buy with 10sen? Last time a lot of things, now practically nothing. I won't even bother to take a 10sen coin if I find it on the floor. Now I know why you can find it back. haha! If it's RM10 note and not 10sen coin, I guarantee you won't ever recover it!

    Doing what you did at the lift is OK lah. Sometimes I do that also, depends whether the people inside the lift can be bullied or not lah. Haha! But what goes around come around, so don't do too much. And yes, you're such a sinner! : )

  5. 哈哈,之前我的thumbdrive的盖子也是在office不见。一个月后,反而在老板的座位下找到。真奇怪。


  6. Nkw@i:
    wow, you are just very lucky to have found your lost car key back!! normally it would have gone the minute your walk away, perhaps some good karma for you on that day huh?? hehe :)

    well, don't you know that the open button is always in a higher priority than the close button?? hahaha..

    Twilight Zone:
    OMG what have you done?? your fat body lean against the lift buttons and get all of them pressed?? Arumugam Twilight Borrenge, you are for sure the master of the sinners.. no wonder you had nightmares :p

    hey 10sen is also money ok, the coin belongs to me so i just gotta pick it up and put it back to my own pocket, haha.. you are rich people, of course you don't mind that 10sen or 10ringgit lor.. :p you are right, many of a times i am in the lift while people kept pressing the up button, the lift doors got closed and opened for few times before i can go up.. sigh!!

    Chin Weng:
    你不見了那thumbdrive蓋子之後, 是不是每天都偷窺老闆的桌底, 看足一個月才給你發現到呢?? 哈哈!! :p

  7. 10 cents. tsk tsk tsk.

    trouble maker in the elevator. tsk tsk tsk.

    LOL :P

  8. 大佬,你真系知悭识俭嘅啫。细佬要多多向你学习.

  9. You are really the most active blogger around and keep it up SK! You and Twilight studied in the same Tamil school? LOL.

  10. no idea but when i found out that i'm, lost it....I just a little scare but not freak out.....and feeling calm also....
    i had no idea why i felt that.....
    normally, ppl would freak out one...

  11. 见过有人在电梯下楼时按着close钮不放至到底层。别对号入座,哪人不是我~~

  12. When I saw those ppl who simply press whatever buttons inside the lift, I'll SPANK their ass.... So...beware!!!

  13. Oh please...
    We all need to take care of ourselves...
    If we don't look after ourselves, who will?

  14. hahhaha, dont be so childish to simply press the floor you are not going to... =) so next time pls press <-> when you see other ppl coming in the lift ok? so everyone would gradually become friendly =p

  15. Medie007:
    tsk tsk tsk, don't ever let me find out you are doing these also, hahaha :p

    細佬, 你大佬係窮光蛋一名, 梗係要識得知慳識儉啦, 邊似得你成日週游列國咁風光吖?? :p

    well, am i the most active blogger?? i don't think so?? hehe.. Twilight and I studied in Appar School, thot you were from there too?? hahaha :p

    wow, then you must be a very cool person, you didn't panic when you found out that you have lost your car key, hehe.. but lucky you to have found it back leh, must pray pray already~~ :p

  16. yee:
    我也有見過那些人, 不過這一招好像是行不通的吧?? 有人要搭lift, 那lift門一定會開的呀~~

    hmmm, i don't believe you will simply go and spank a stranger's ass, haha!! really want to see you doing that leh~~ :p

    haha, agree, of course you are right.. we are the only one who can take care of ourselves right?? :)

    but one thing, i always got confused between the <|> and >|< button, there was one time i wanted to keep the door open for a rushing couple, but i pressed >|< instead!! hahaha!! that's unintentional also la of course :p

  17. haha..no lah, I dont know why that time i'm very cool....but usually i not a cool person =P

  18. Nkw@i:
    haha, maybe you were too panic to be panic already at that moment?? just like you wanted to cry but no tears, haha :p