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06.04.2010 | 發生咩事

好嬲啊, 我好嬲啊!! 你知唔知發生咩事吖?? 我啲留言全部唔見晒啊!! 發生咩事啊?? 有冇人可以話畀我知究竟發生咩事啊??
i am mad, i am really mad!! do you know what happened?? many of my comments have gone missing!! what happened?? can somebody please tell me what has happened??

話說我今朝見到有65個留言, 於是就興致勃勃想話睇吓各位親愛嘅讀者們有咩要話我知咁啦..
i saw 65 comments this morning, and i happily intended to read in details what my readers have to tell me..

點知一click入去之後, 發現竟然只得39個留言, 而唔係剛才見到嘅65喎!! 我開始覺得莫明其妙..
and when i clicked into the details, i was shocked to find that there are only 39 comments instead of 65!! i'm so puzzled..

跟住我發現由四月五日下晝4:25至四月六日早上11:18之間, 竟然有26個留言係不知所蹤!! 天啊, 讀者畀我嘅留言, 同埋我含辛如苦逐一嘅回復, 全部唔見晒!! 唔見晒啊!!
i then found out that between 4:25pm 5th April and 11:18am 6th April, there are a total of 26 comments missing from my blog!! OMG, comments from my dear readers and my sincere replies to everyone of them are all gone!! all gone!!
發生咩事?? 有冇人話我知究竟發生咩事??
what happened?? tell me what has happened??

[最新消息] 四月七日中午, 我再次登入查看, 咦!! 個問題解決咗啦噃!! :)
[UPDATE] i checked again at noon 7th April, the issue is resolved!! :)


  1. happen to Tuti's blog too

  2. Danny's blog also like that lo. I guess blogger's error la. You check your email also don't have?

  3. wow.. freedom... u checked my blog oso ah?
    but luckily i'm not as popular as u.. so onli a few comments missing la ;p

  4. have you informed blogger already about this?

  5. why this happen! i wonder your blog kena hacked!!!

    i hope tmr all the comments will automatically restored back... pray to god...

  6. anyway, i hope blogger will soon figure out where the hell those comments go... you know what sometimes blogger makes me so frustrated .... especially every time i received error all of a sudden

  7. ^^ just visiting you here Sk, happy blogging/...

  8. 路人甲也不见了留言。 清明还没过晒!莫非那么邪?

  9. 真系撞鬼,我神早已经响FB讨论紧,就系冇人发觉到同埋唔相信,o(︶︿︶)o 唉blogger搞乜鬼!

  10. 少安无躁,嚟,跟住我做,先深呼吸,然后同自己讲,一定係幻觉,呢啲全部都係幻觉嚟嘅!:)

  11. mayb they r jealous with ur popularity? lolll...
    on an unrelated matter, im really amazed with ur cantonese lor, actually i dunno how to read this word 嬲 de, but with ur bilingual post, i think i can roughly guess lor kekekeeee

  12. Danny, jangan perasan lebih ya. :P I pun lihat like SK. Your comment got 11, but clicked, only got 6. Itu sangat obvious ok!

  13. my blog oso same lo..
    think some error at the server there gua~

  14. haha. no need to be mad lar. :D

    ask ur commenters to comment again. wakakakkakakaka

  15. 我都发觉啊,我留咗一次,然后以为自己记错,又留多一次,点知又唔见咗。你系咪得罪人多啊?哈哈

  16. 我的也是有出息這樣的問題

  17. What a shocker right? I was really frustrated with Blogger for one whole month when I could not edit my posts.

    Luckily, they have fixed the problem....after one frustrating month!!!

  18. And then the other day, I typed in my blog's URL and guess what appeared on the screen? An error message!! I almost fainted!!

    I tried many times and still got the error message! Really want to kill Blogger already!

  19. Luckily, it was resolved when I tried it again half an hour later. Imagine my whole blog disappeared just like that!

  20. So I think your missing comments should return, but if they are gone forever, what will you do? Sue Blogger? Haha!

    Have you ever thought of changing to Wordpress? : )

  21. my fren said blogger upgrading their site so maybe urs get affected. mine oso same thing happened as foongpc's. few hours later then recover. kind of pissed off but then its common thing when those site under maintenance or upgrading, sure will have this error too. not just blogger but other websites like facebook n twitter too. so cheer up k. :)

  22. 你在我部落的流言也是看不到呢 @@

  23. hmmmmmmmm........that calls for a royal investigation...hahaaha.......

  24. 我都有試過,有e-mail alert但blog度睇唔到。不過我都照樣回答。

  25. Blogger has gone crazy! Happened to my blog comments too. Don't know what happened.

  26. Bloggers' worst nightmare happening! Haha...

  27. MINE ARE LIKE THAT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i tot is my company IE lauya wtf..
    i got the email alert, and i saw your comment, but the post doesn't have your comment, I refresh 5 times already!! O.O

  28. oh my~ ghost in blogspot ?!?

  29. @ALL, clear ur cache and cookies. I got the problem some days ago too. They say google is doing something about it already~

  30. These things do happen, I mean glitches, and it's happening to Blogger. I'm sure other users are also experiencing it and Blogger would already be in the know and in the process of fixing it. Perhaps, as someone in this line of work, you are less forgiving? Oops!

    Foong, I don't know for sure it won't happen to Wordpress, afterall it's a system problem - unpredictable as well. Besides, if you use the free Wordpress, I believe they don't allow widgets and all. I may be wrong.

    Ever imagined how you would feel if (big IF) the entire blog went missing as in non-retrieval? Food for thought, eh? hehe..

  31. maybe faulty system.

  32. Ghost? Hacker? Server error?
    So sad to hear my sincere comment was being removed!!
    Anyhow, it happens. Technology isnt't bullet proof. :)

  33. Sure is blogger error.

  34. Me too ar....I thought is it problem after I changed the template??? Scare me...but after a while, yao OK jor wor...sot sot dei le~ >.<

  35. This happened to my blog too this morning. I kept on reload and reload the page but still did not update. Then, after lunch...now ok already. :) Glad that yours are fine too!

  36. something wrong with Blogspot server.
    I encounter this problem too..

  37. Blogger siau siau already, some of my comments went missing also today!

  38. talking about this, I just lost your comment in my blog just now....it might come back when the next person comment...

  39. oh here we go again... the comments are increasing... you gonna have to watch for it.SK...

  40. wow, so happy to see my name as tjhe top 1 commenter.. gheeeh i guess was able to bring back the courtesy you gave to my blog... thnkas SK

  41. have a great day SK just visiting you here again
    happy blogging!!

  42. oh like tat oso can happen..terrible if ppl think we delete their comments

  43. haha...such drama..very cute little pics there..u draw them urself?

  44. 四月五日清明,好邪呀~~~~

  45. Wois:
    hmm, i don't think so, cos the count is still there, just that they won't show up..

    phew, then it's most probably the blogspot problem then since many bloggers faced this issue with their comments..

  46. C'est la vie:
    i read those missing comments and replied each of them the night before.. no leh, i never set the email notification, don't want to get spammed with emails lor.. so your blog got kena or not??

    hehe, beware, he is stalking on you!! :D but now ok lah, all the comments come back intact already..

  47. bluedreamer27:
    nope, i don't think informing them will do any good.. many have complained about this and i guess they are working something out of it already.. and yes, yesterday while i checked again, all the comments come back to me already, thank god!! or else i will really feel very very down with all the lost comments~~ :)

    CH Voon:
    wow bro, you mouth very good, the comments really came back the very next day lor.. you are magic!! :)

  48. 单身汉:
    哈哈, 你不要想那些不好的東西喇.. 清明本應是孝恩的季節, 不要說那些古裡古怪的.. 不過謝天謝地, 現在全部留言都回來了!! :)

    我都有留意blogger嘅forum, 可能你去FB嗰邊冇咁多blogger呢, 又可能唔係全部都用blogspot嘛.. 不過算啦, 冇事喇喎而家, 我啲留言返晒嚟喇, 你呢??

  49. edward:
    無端白事唔見晒啲留言喎, 梗係大件事啦!! 我都有懷疑自己睇錯啊, 不過我都screen capture大家睇, 證明我冇眼花架.. 好彩, 噚日再去check, 返晒嚟喇啲留言..

    the happy go lucky one:
    no lah, i am not popular at all.. if they want to prank the popular bloggers, then it's not my turn yet.. haha!! oh, the word 嬲 is quite common woh, pronounced as "nao" in cantonese, means angry lor.. hehe, now you learn another word here.. :)

  50. kc:
    hmmm, then have you checked again yesterday afternoon?? i think they have solved it and the comments came back intact..

    missing comments of course get me mad lah.. how to ask everyone to comment again?? if it was me, i won't do this also lor..

  51. Rebecca Kheng:
    我咁人見人愛, 點會得罪人呢?? 哈哈.. 就係囉, 任何人都歡迎留言架嘛, 搞到咁樣人哋誤會我delete咗佢嘅留言, 你話幾唔好睇呢係咪??

    不過你是還沒有看到別人的留言吧?? 我是看了, 回應了, 結果第二天發現通通都不見了!! 你說氣不氣??

  52. foongpc:
    yes, a total shocker to find so many comments missing - not in one post but in the recent few posts!! all the comments published within that night were gone!! haha, but comparing to the problem you have been facing, guess i'm a lot more lucky huh?? cos the next day after i found the problem, the issue is already resolved!! and now i have all my comments back to me again, hurray!! wow, your experiences are so scary lor, error message when browsing to your own blog is scary, what if it's deleted or removed!! all the hardship and effort of writing are gone.. gosh, *touch wood* this never happen to me, never will!! but don't think you can sue them right?? because this is a FREE service, and you must have agreed to their T&C when signed up.. :p

    Caroline Ng May Ling:
    maybe they are migrating their servers, and left some comments over in the old one not transferred?? haha.. anyway, i'm also in IT line, so i know roughly what happened.. as long as they can fix it, i don't care what has happened before this.. no worries, i'm the happy SK again, because my comments all come back to me~~ it's all coming back to me now :p

  53. 安东尼:
    哦, 是嗎?? 現在呢?? 問題好像解決了, 應該可以看得到了吧??

    hmmm, save the effort for investigation as this will go nowhere!! anyway, problem resolved and i'm happy again.. :)

  54. khengsiong:
    就係囉, 奇怪!! 不過我冇set email notification囉, 所以唔見咗我都唔會知道喎又..

    Mei Teng:
    i think this is the first time i am having problem with blogspot.. anyway, didn't make me too mad since the problem is resolved immediately the next day.. :)

  55. Donna:
    wah, looks like a lot of people also kena woh.. i also keep refreshing my blog, and try to see if there's any wrong settings.. but then still the same.. but luckily now everything fixed and got back all the missing comments liao..

    i don't know what happened to them, maybe because of the upgrading exercise..

  56. Kelvin:
    nope, clearing cache and cookies didn't help.. it's the problem with the server.. see, yesterday the problem is fixed and all comments came back already..

    well, i mean this is quite a huge glitch because data is missing!! i'm tolerable with little flaws, but when you see your comments or your post missing, you get panic right?? anyway, think they have resolved the problem as i see all my missing comments coming back to me already.. i'm also in IT line, so i understand this.. hahahaha!! but if my entire blog is missing *touch wood* i will get very MAD!! :D

  57. wenn:
    yeah, should be problem at the blogspot server.. :)

    no lah, ghost definitely no.. hacker, what's the point hacking my blog?? no worries, your comments are already coming back to me, hehehe!! yeah, nothing can be bullet proof, everything still have their glitches.. :)

  58. Ghostly Nana:
    yeah, proven it's blogspot problem, because the problem is resolved quietly the next afternoon :)

    yalor, very scary hor, suddenly so many comments gone missing!! i think sot already when they do the upgrading lor..

  59. mNhL:
    yeah, exactly what i have been doing the other day.. but i think the problem is fixed around noon time, so you're lucky as you just got shocked for a morning.. hehehe!! :p

    hmmmm, definitely it's blogger problem this round.. but i guess every domain still have their own problems.. so far, i'm still very happy with blogger wor.. :)

  60. PeckWm:
    yeah, at least i am not the only one who hit this problem.. i think it's fixed now, did you check your comments??

    yes, i think those comments published on the night of 6th will gone missing.. anyway, they got it fixed during noon time on the 7th.. thank god, at least this is consider quick.. :)

  61. bluedreamer27:
    hehe, yeah you sure are huge in my top list!! see, you beat foongpc again!! haha.. so shall i say well done and do keep this up?? hahaha.. wait till you have another new post, then i'll spam again.. :p

    yes you are right!! people sure think why their comments are missing, must be deleted by the author!! but help, i'll never do that, it's the blogspot problem ok??

  62. blue:
    haha, for sure you get shocked to find that your comments are missing mah.. hehe, nope, just paste some image that comes together with the editing software only lah.. :)

    咦?? 又好似係喎, 唔見晒啲留言都係四月五日架喎.. 哈哈!! 咁啱啫, 百無禁忌~~ :p

  63. haha you're damn fast SK thanks for being my FC in my newest post and should i say, thanks for spamming me hehehe

  64. oh it's nice to know that all the comments went back again

  65. oh in regards with Kito, i don't where i got that name...

  66. have a great day SK happy blogging

  67. 有这样的事~~~~ 我不在两天而已哦!那么我也要注意看看会不会也这样!

  68. Don't worry, you still our favourite IT [SK]..

    and ..

    Just leave it lo.. Friends will understand..

  69. I doubt you can sue them since everything you post is owned by Blogger and not you!

    Maybe it's a good idea to always back up all your posts frequently. I'm doing it weekly. At least anything happens, you only lose 2 or 3 posts. Not that bad.

  70. maybe blogger problem...dun worry, one day i believe u can hit 100 comments....hehehe

  71. bluedreamer27:
    haha, i guess this is by luck, i seldom can get to the FC, so surprised i got it this time, and i saw my face there, hahaha!! yeah, all comments came back, i had a sigh of relief.. you too, have a great weekend.. :)

    Chris Chia:
    對囉, 就是你不在的那兩天, 我有很多的留言都不見了, 嚇了我一跳!! 不過第二天中午他們就把東西弄好了, 所以沒有損失啦, 哈哈!! :)

  72. Emo-Happiness:
    hmmm, luckily blogger fixed the problem already.. i'm only worried that the readers will think that i deleted their comments lor, that's uncool right??

    yeah, that's why i have never intended to sue them, because we are using the free service that they offered.. hmmm, backup my posts?? well, that is a good idea, perhaps i will start doing this soon.. but comments wise, there's really nothing we can do right?? once lost, they're lost forever~~

  73. Ayie:
    yeah, i supposed it was.. :)

    not maybe, it was really blogger's problem.. they got it fixed the afternoon next day already.. haha!! more than 100 comments ah, hmmm, i also looking forward to it.. let's wait and see, haha :D