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31.07.2008 | 是日午餐

最近嘅lunchie都係飲cereal drink同食餅乾渡過, 呢幾日好啲, 因為有友人JY送我嘅崑崙喇叭香餅轉轉口味(嘻嘻!!).. 今日覺得悶, 想食物啲咸味道嘅嘢, 不過考慮到唔想食得太肥膩, 第一時間就諗到Subway.. 所以今朝返工前就喺中環站買咗份breakfast bun, 放入公司個雪櫃稍後作lunch.. 點解要買breakfast bun當lunchie呢?? 咪就係因為breakfast bun平過普通包成一半(慳錢啊!!), 而且比較細個(唔駛漲爆肚啊!!)囉..

寫blog前啱啱嘆完lunch, 好豐富嘅turkey ham breakfast bun + 小春郵寄過嚟嘅masala tea + 大陸生產富士蘋果一個.. 覺得有12分飽, 好似食好多嘢, 不過OK啦都食得幾健康嘅.. 其實我都幾希望可以日日咁一餐lunch架, 因為聽友人飛びたい豚話食Subway啲包包有助減肥吖嘛!! 之不過呢, 如果要日日咁食, 真係食唔起囉, 因為都唔平架.. 唉, 都唔明, 咪就係包一個啫, 點解可以賣得咁貴?? 佢賣一個包, 可以出邊食兩碗魚旦粉啦, 食到趴喺度嗰隻添啦..
have been having cereal drink and biscuits for lunch lately, a little better these few days sort of "changing menu" since i have the heong peng from JY (hehe!!).. feel like eating something savoury today, and considering something less oily and more healthy, Subway just came into my mind.. so just popped in to get a breakfast bun before work this morning, and have the bun for lunch later.. why breakfast bun for lunch?? firstly, it's about half the price of a normal bun (thus save money).. secondly, it's smaller in size (thus just right for my appetite)..

just finished lunch before writing this entry, had quite a luxury one.. turkey ham breakfast bun + masala tea from csws + china fuji apple.. feel 120% full now, seemed to have eaten a lot, come to it they do look healthy to me though.. well, actually i think i should eat like this for lunch everyday, because heard from friend 飛びたい豚 you can loose weight with a Subway diet, sounds great yeah?? however, this won't work, because it's unaffordable since they are selling at quite expensive price.. really wonder why it's so expensive, one Subway bun is almost equivalent to two bowls of fishball noodles out there, yes two big bowls that will bloat your stomach to heaven..


  1. i love subway sandwich too!!

  2. Subway is really good. Especially in Singapore where the vegi are always freh due to the high rate of turnover. And it is very affordable too. I always eat Foot Long Cold Cut Trio or Ham at SD4.50+SD3.40 to make it Foot Long, then a 10% discount as a Sub Member. Comes to SD7.10. The foot long is enough for 2 meals, hence SD3.55 per meal.

    Reasonable huh... normal Chicken rice or Chap Farn is SD2.50-4.00, so subway is not that expensive.

    One major reason Subway is expensive in Malaysia is because of Halal Food, their meat cost more than other country, and due to high price, turn over is low, thus not so fresh vegi, less customer, vicious cycle.

    I eat at least 4 meals per week of Subway.

  3. hmm something to share with you since this is a hot topic now (at least in my workplace) .. there's a documentary show on sandwiches sold in the UK and Subway topped the chart for its salts content! A 6' meatball marinara sub contains salts equivalent to 18 packets of salted Walker crisps! Maybe UK Subway is worst among all but I don't believe in ready made food - the salt & sugar & fat contents are still much higher ... well if you go by 80/20 rule and keep them to 20 % of your general diet it's ok I guess but just watch out!
    A little synopsis of the documentary:

    Marks and Spencer's British Oakham Chicken and Pancetta Caesar sandwich contained almost 45 grams of fat, nearly a third more than is found in a McDonald's cheeseburger (14g) and fries (11g, small portion).

    Channel 4's Dispatches programme examined products from five of Britain's largest sandwich companies - Boots, Greggs, Subway, Pret a Manger and Marks and Spencer.

    Researchers measured the levels of fat, saturates and salt in 100 sandwiches using the Food Standards Agency's traffic light system.

    According to the FSA, a red light indicates that the food is "high in something we should be trying to cut down on" and should only be eaten occasionally.

    Greggs had the highest levels of fat, with 69 per cent of its sandwiches earning a red light. Pret a Manger was only slightly better with 68 per cent.

    Half of Subway's sandwiches got a red light, though this did not take account of the dressings which customers are offered.

    Boots sandwiches had the least fat, with a red light for 14 per cent. M&S ranked second, although 47 per cent of its sandwiches were given a red light.

    M&S said it had open and clear labels on its food and that it offered diet alternatives of its chicken sandwiches.

    Subway came bottom of the list in terms of salt content with 93 per cent of the sandwiches tested earning a red light.

    The retailer's foot-long 'Meatball Marinara' contained 9.4g of salt, equivalent to 18 packets of ready-salted crisps.

    Pret a Manger came third, followed by M&S and Greggs. Boots again faired best, with 7 per cent of its sandwiches earning a red light for salt.

    Subway said it was working to achieve the FSA's 2010 salt targets.

  4. I need to lose weight too. But Chinese food too tempting...

  5. jackson:
    yeah, they are nice aren't they?? hehe..

    hmmmm, really cannot afford it here.. SGD3.55 is rather cheap there huh?? can't even have a complete meal with RM3.55 nowadays in KL..

    yeeee, really that salty?? haha.. anyway, am not frequent patrons of subway though.. so did the research say what is healthy and safe to eat??

    well, enjoy the food in china while you're still hanging there.. you might miss them when you're back home for good.. hahaha!!

  6. Boots, M&S & Pret came to the top .. but if possible try to make your own sandwich or go for organic option without those heaving dressing .. there's where the salt, sugar concentrate - in smoked meat, dressing etc ... but it's ok geh .. 80/20 rule lorr ...

  7. aih, bai jao bai joi there is no Boots, Pret-a-Manger and M&S (i mean supermarket) here leh.. but if i make my own sandwich, most probably will use the same ingredients geh boh, mai yao hai the same?? hahaha..

  8. I love your lunch - the only thing is it is not a "hot meal" ....

  9. well, if you like it hot, you can always ding ding it in microwave boh, hahahaha~~

  10. well if you make your own lunch you can make sure the ingredients you buy are fresh and clean right (at least i would lorr haha), these sandwiches that are ready made, dont take for granted they are clean, great hygiene and fresh all the time you know -- a friend of mine works a Pret's kitchen and she told me certain foods are not that clean gah. the documentary actually showed the condition of a sandwich kitchen - they sent a spy in to secretly film the process and it's pretty appaling.. but having said that there are always a few black sheep in the industy geh ... just think twice lorr when it comes to food ~~~

  11. aiyaa, but cannot care too much also, else life would be too stressed and miserable.. we big bacteria eat small bacteria maa, only then we have more immunity towards sickness.. right?? hahaha..

  12. haha where got such 'crooked theory' de ~~~~ as i said from the start 80/20 lorr but always think twice lorr ... ke yi de ~~~~

  13. wah see wah, what is 80/20 rule jek?? i remember one in Project Management boh.. you refering to Pareto's Law, 80% of the problems come from 20% of the issues??

  14. Well ahha this is 'pseudo Pareto' .. Pareto Principle basically states that for many (tested events), 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes but you can use it on any problems/ causes - like 20% of products account for 80% of sales for eg. (we use this alot to build business cases). But here really this is another theory which states that for optimum health, 80% of one's diet should be nutrients balanced, whole foods (ie non processed), preservatives free blah blah blah, you can get away with 20% of other foods (this only applies to people with no chronic disease la of course and cant be generalised really) ... so strictly it's not the ''real'' Pareto 80-20 rule lai de .... having said that I am not sure if there's any scientic research to prove if 20% of good n nutritious diet accounts for 80% of health condition or otherwise ... could be an interesting reseach geh ... anyway the idea is eat healthily most of the time la ... to put it bluntly!

  15. waahahaha, you so dai sei.. then can call that your Pareto-Choon's Law laa?? actually this 80/20 rule is still very abstract for me lor, having known that i wah sai still from a very technical background maa.. those straight forward if-then-else rules are more for me lor, kekekeke..

  16. aiyor ...
    this 80/20 optimum health theory is very common ga .. not mine la .. haha dont give me big hat worr hahahah .. but i buy this rule ga -- pareto 20/80 is used in many aspects .. it started from economics theory lorr i learnt in Uni long long time ago but now i dont remember much loo .. sad horr ..
    how was your d--- with j-- ler?

  17. haha, forgive me for being so ignorant lorr, kekeke.. but nowadays there are too many laws and theories to apply, really cannot remember much..

    d*** with j** was always good what, i got a tidy and nice h*** c** lorr.. hahahaha!!