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22.12.2012 | 本週金榜

[Volume 7 Issue 12, #1636]
第51週留言排行榜 Comment Chart for Week 51
[15.12.2012 - 21.12.2012]
#(#)博客 Blogger留言 Count實得分
1(5)lina @ Life In My Own Backyard7915.2+0.3
2(1)MEcoy @ I am MEcoy8214.4-0.8
3(3)Yan @ Blog with Yan5312.7+0.4
4(2)yvonne @ From Taiping with L♥ve3010.6+0.6
5(4)Twilight Anay @ TWILIGHT ZONE299.90.0
6(12)HappySurfer @ From where I am228.8-0.4

wenn @ Experiences
Bananazஇ @ BananazஇPeople
8(8)Hayley @ Hayley and Herself367.9-2.7
9(10)海市蜃樓 @ 海市蜃樓77.0-0.7
10(6)Simple Person @ Simple Life296.9-1.0
十二月最新走勢 Latest standing for December
(得分累積截至 Score accumulated up to: 00:03AM 22.12.2012)
#1. MEcoy [40.7]...  #2. lina [39.4]...  #3. Yan [38.2]...  #4. yvonne [35.6]...  #5. Twilight Man [32.7]...  #6. wenn [25.1]...  #7. Hayley [23.4]...  #8. Bananazஇ [23.0]...  #9. 海市蜃樓 [21.0]...  #10. HappySurfer [20.1]...  
嗱嗱嗱.. 世界尚未末日喎, 我們大家依然存在, 所以又繼續在每個星期六為大家公佈呢個留言週榜喇!! 大家噚晚食過湯圓, 快高張大喇嘛?? 呵呵.. 睇嚟呢個月嘅週幫都下下新鮮, 每個星期都有一個新冠軍, 而且大家嘅位置都有調動.. 咁樣先叫做刺激, 有競爭有進步嘛, 哈哈!! 嚟到年尾喇, 希望大家多多努力, 卯足全力多多留言, 可能可以改寫結局㗎噃.. 多謝各位嘅支持, 恭喜晒各位榜上有名嘅朋友, 祝各位有個開心愉快嘅週末!! :)
well well well.. the world has not ended yet, so we shall continue to have this weekly chart on every saturday!! so everyone had their glutinous rice balls last night, and growing up healthily?? haha.. it seems the weekly chart for this month is rather interesting, we have a new champion every week and the rankings are also fluctuating for everyone.. i think this reflects real competition and hence more fun right?? hehe.. coming to the end of the year, hope everyone will work harder to put more comments, one final strive and you could change the ending.. thank you all for the support, congratulations to the chart toppers, and finally wishing everyone a happy and enjoyable weekend~~ :)


  1. Happy Saturday, good morning SK and everyone.

    1. Fuyoh! Mak Rempit number 1 and mecoy number 2, Yannie number 3.


      Last month of the year to be in the chart of SK0617.

      Can't wait for the prize giving ceremony.

    2. I was 3 minutes late to this post and yet I could get the first sip.

      Mana Meow and STP. Meow, don't stop spamming la!

      We are just kidding. Don't be angry la! Come back here. We miss you.

    3. My comment is so less compared to Mecoy and lina. I still have one last week to spam. How to be the champion? Sigh!

      My destiny is alway number 2 or 3.

    4. Morning Yan & Anay.

      I am waiting for breakfast now.

      Hubby is cooking breakfast while I smap SK first. Hahaha

      Life is good.

      Especially good to see my name up in the charts.

      You working today?

    5. Good morning and congratulations to Lina for making it to the top this week! Keep it up!

    6. It's because the rest are taking a year-end break from spamming so I got a chance.

      If not, sorry lah! Hahaha

    7. lina, I am working today.

      Yes, it is year end, I wish I am KL now. I can go shopping again. I heard from a friend who just got back from KL. She told me the sales are getting crazy.

      She tempted me with Uniqlo and Mark & Spencer store wide sales.

    8. You can come down during this weekend, Yan.

      Of course, the traffic jam would be crazy. ;p

    9. Congratulations Lina. You are the champ for this week. You sprang up like a roaring tigress!

    10. Lina, your score is just slightly lower than MEcoy! You grrrrr grrrrr harder and he will be swept away by the typhoon!

    11. Hooray! For once I scored 0.0 for my D-Score!!!!! Did you see that? I guess my weekly visits to dentists has tamed my CB mulut and made my speech more fragrant!

    12. LOL. Wenn and Hayley got the most deductions! It goes in cycles! New comers start writing craps now! Well done!

    13. well you are one tough copmpetetion too yan,well last week would be a death match i think hahaha
      lets make the most of our time now that the kitty spammer was missing

    14. Good evening, all! It's weekly chart again and new Queen Terminator Lina has arise! I was being unaware for the past days and I felt to 4th place! Everyone is working very hard to grab the last monthly title of year 2012.

      Congrats to everyone in the chart, especially to Lina, MEcoy and Yannie!

    15. Wait, where's meow? She's missing from blogsphere. Should we report to blog station? Will she be buried by her mountain of books from BBW? She's not even in the weekly chart!

    16. Meow has been missing here for dunno how many days already.

      If not for FB, thought she kena tangkap by DBKL and put into cage already. LOL

      She didn't even update her blog let alone come spamming here or elsewhere.

    17. missing since 12 /12 la...doing the goodreads challenge....200 books this yet
      wow....Mak rempit really show true color and vroom vroom up to the top leh! way to go !

      awwww...Mecoy less that 1 point will match with lina already

    18. Muhahaha...still alive la...was busy with goodreads challenge leh got deadline 31st december leh

      Muhahaha managed to break last year record.

      well...no back here spamming la...still have a few hours left...maybe i can still catch up at least get number 10 gua LOL

  2. Morning everyone!

    It's Saturday!

    Tomorrow still the weekend and I am bored at home already! Bwahahah!!!!

    Rise and shine!

    The sun is still up on the correct side. We are still alive. REJOICE!

    1. This weekend is busy for me until Christmas. So many dinners and shopping to do. Not shopping for gifts but furniture! I still have time to read blogs and spam here! I am not a hypocrite like SP.

    2. It past 2PM and I'm still alive and the world is moving in its orbit, yay!

      I'll be busy until next year too :( will try my best to bloghop and hope my readers won't give up on me because I can't update my blog frequently.

    3. Anay's life so nice.

      Shopping and many dinners to attend to.

      I only sit quietly at home and maybe go out for dinner at Mamak. hehehe

      The start of the year will be another busy time. Kids starting school again. Aiyoh! Need to wake up earlier again, after enjoying waking up a bit late for one and a half month. Sad. :(

  3. Congrats to us all, hardcore spammers of SK!

    Let's make SK happy and spam him more.

    Ensure an avalanche of spam and comments coming to this blog by the year-end! Weehooo!!!!!

    Congrats to MEcoy for the top spot. :)

    1. yea, congratulations to MECoy for making it to the top for this month.

    2. I also wish to congratulate all the hardcore spammers except me. I am always stucked in the middle. Tak naik tak turun!

    3. congrats to you Lina,it been a pleasure to be on the list with you,
      lets try the hardest this time

    4. Gambarimasu!


    5. MEcoy, you will emerge as the monthly King, I'm sure of that! Do keep it up!

      As for me, I'll try my best to retain my position :)

    6. Yvonne,
      YOU CAN DO IT!

      Yes! :)

    7. wow thanks yvonne that inspire me even more,
      i never felt this close to that

    8. Congratulation Mecoy

      wei...where is Yan. faster step up spaming leh Yan.

  4. Happy New Year! According to the Mayan calendar, I suppose. The sun is up amid white clouds and blue sky. What a day to savor the day, savor life!

  5. Meow really so quiet. Mata must be cross-eyed already, finishing to read all the books she borong from BBW sale.

    I wonder whether she's going again for the last round of book shopping there this weekend. Last call already! ;)

    1. Meow is busy reading books now. She has forgot about everything. I miss her la!

      Is STP still in NZ or back to Sibu already?

    2. Yalah, Meow is really engrossed and immersed into her books. I hope the small kucing gets fed regularly! Hahaha

      How long is that Arthur Oppa staying in NZ by the way?

    3. Hello!!! I'm back! Just reached home today...still have not finished unpacking. Hey! What has happened to mamma pussy? Blog no update, don't see her here, not on Facebook...is she all right? You people bullied her while I was away, is it?

    4. STP,
      Welcome back!

      We missed you!

      See, Meow also went into hibernation when you were gone.

      Nobody bullied her lah, she's busy finishing up reading like 20 boxes of books at home! LOL

    5. Meow is missing. Shall we report to police? Trust me, she will appear in the middle of the night to spam here.

    6. yeah i think so haha well perhaps she has a mountain of books to read now haha

    7. Anay,
      She appeared in FB. Receiving gifts from NZ. ;)

      So can confirm she is still alive and not kena caught and put into stray cat cage. ;p

    8. still alive la...refer above comments for reason of absence LOL....ish ish...like ponteng school have to give reason pulak hahaha

      see...first thing finish reading challenge come here and spam liao.

      own blog have not even update leh.

  6. Good morning, SK, everyone!

    Woot, I made the chart this week. Nice. Congrats to everyone on the chart!

  7. Good morning to you SK and others!

    1. Yea, it's not the doomsday! Everybody is still alive!

    2. Yep, already had tang yuan on Monday.. Super huge ones =)

    3. Anyway, I realise my ranking is always at 7-9, hehe...

    4. Ok, time to take a nap, very tired..

      Have a safe and fun weekend!!

    5. Hayley is realy tai tai life everyday, she can take a nap at 10.30am. How nice Hayley?

    6. How nice Hayley. :)

      I can't take naps... I'll end up feeling more pening later. ;p

  8. waaah i never managed to up hold that title more than once hahaha
    well competition was really really tough haha

  9. congrats to lina for being the top most commentator of this week! you did a pretty good job
    i mean from 5th to first thats a hard thing to do

    1. Thanks MEcoy.

      I got the placing because everyone is taking a step back and slowing down commenting this week, I think. ^^

      Congrats to you too!

    2. haha well perhaps they were just busy,
      it christmas season after all

  10. well the good thing is ive been consistent on the top three this past three weeks so there's a 3/4 posibility i may have made it to the last chart of the year

  11. i guess my highest score so far? haha
    well it just proves that effort(spaming)
    do paid off haha

  12. Last week i guess will be the toughest
    my goal is to stay on the top three haha
    but i must say im trying my heart out to get back on the first place hahaha

  13. i still cant believe how i manage to do this,
    i mean from a guy from far behind,
    that has no hope of winning making it big this month haha

  14. Honestly no matter how busy i had been today i was thinking of this the whole time
    i wish i should have check on it forst thing in the morning before i went out haha

  15. well tommorrow would be fing-fing's day,
    no king of queen can replace that haha

  16. thats all for now sk
    happy bloggin and have a great day
    god bless you and take the best of care,
    and lastly happy holidays

  17. Yes..my son told me today at 2.15pm wor...anyway, lets usher the 2013 with blessings from God.. pray for good health and happiness and peace on earth.. especially in Malaysia... elections coming ma!! :)

    1. 2013?

      ya...hope this coming year a good year.

      maybe you will be queen of the chart in 2013?

  18. 之前嗰幾位冠軍人馬發生咩事?