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10.06.2011 | 一波又起

最近超級喪爆忙碌, 兩份assignment一波未平一波又起, 做到我天昏地暗冇晒blogging嘅時間.. 做到頭重重唔知寫咩好, 就同大家玩下猜國家首都游戲啦.. 係咁先, 各位慢慢玩喇, 我要繼續努力做assignment, 再見~~ :)

have been super busy recently, two assignments one after another already made me dizzy and have no time for blogging.. feeling heavy-headed now and no idea what to write, so let's play this guess-the-capital game.. that's it, i'm gonna continue striving for my assignments, enjoy and bye folks~~ :)
 Vancouver Sydney
 Ottawa Melbourne
 Toronto Canberra
 Dublin New Delhi
 Budapest Kolkata
 Rome Mumbai
 Lima Ho Chi Minh City
 Buenos Aires Hanoi
 Santiago Beijing
 Cape Town Moscow
 Mombasa Amsterdam
 Nairobi Paris
 Baghdad Brasilia
 Cairo Sao Paulo
 Tehran Rio de Janeiro


  1. LOL! SO terrible! I got 60% only. @.@

  2. then second try of course, manage o get 100%.XD

  3. Made mistake for Vietnam & Brazil hehe.

  4. Seldom hear Brasilia at all & thought Saigon was the capital now renamed Ho Chi Minh City alamak! haha.

  5. 60% ..... =.="'

    i can't tell some of the flag belong to which country... >.<

  6. Eh Thambee, you set up this template and rigged my answers!!! Dei, you always pulled pranks on me..

  7. How come at first I got 90% and then got 70% second time dei...? Apa pulak?

  8. Aiyoyo! I forgot what I clicked first time and made more mistakes 2nd time! Cheh!

  9. So you veli beezy with exams until neglect Kamala? She wanna pull your ears!This morning Kamala screamed at your photo on the wall ~ சென்னை : ‌சட்டமன்ற தேர்தலில் தோல்வி ஏற்பட்டதற்கு ஸ்பெக்ட்ரம் வழக்கு காரணமல்ல என தி.மு.க., உயர்நிலை செயல்திட்ட கூட்டத்திற்கு பின்னர் கூறினார். 2ஜி ஸ்பெக்டரம் தொடர்பான !!!!!!

  10. Good luck SK Thambee! Work hard and get your Masters quickly. BTW are you studying for Masters In Tamil language?... செயல்திட்ட கூட்டத்திற்கு பின்னர் கூறினார். 2ஜி ஸ்பெக்டரம் !!!

  11. i manage to get 50 from guessing LOL
    dun have any idea about this flags... so as the capitals... sorry to my World History teacher...

  12. whoa another guessing game...i think i know some of them... lemme try

  13. yay! I managed to answer 8 correct answers without cheating this time LOL

  14. hey good luck to your assignments.. yap... you should do that first before anything else... yay!

  15. 60%! Never mind...at least, I can pass. Hehehehehe!!! SPM standard these days, can get A+ liao! Hehehehehe!!!!

  16. Interesting game!!
    Gambateh in your assignments ya!

  17. think i failed horribly in the flags thingy. Lol!

    Good luck in your assignments bro

  18. that is the life of a student

  19. I don't dare to play your games, scare that I will score my first time zero in life. Good luck in yoru study, boy.

  20. Damn! I failed. Only 50%. So stupid. Haha :D

  21. Been busy huh! I can see that. I am very busy too. :p

  22. After many trials and error finally 100%. Miahahahaha

    Hey man, all the best with your busyness.. take care and have a great weekend!

  23. T____T this is hard, first time failed my geography. No, wait... I think I failed previously too - the one match the flag to country

  24. 忙归忙,要好好照顾自己啦~~

  25. wow the world traveller fufu got 100% lol

  26. hehehe i spot all correct after i cheating kekeke

    first i get 50% correct only.
    end, i spot all correct.

  27. yay! PASH! LOL 70% on my first attempt.

  28. I got 90%... the nederland question i got wrong :(

  29. 我连是什么国家的国旗都不懂了还要猜首都.... :P

  30. 得空才玩。。。


  31. 甘都得?哈哈哈。。。你专心啦。

  32. wah ... first try is a fail!! i got 100% on the second try. definitely a cheat by me.

    RYC: i didn't really notice of namie amuro's changing image because i was just focus on listening to their songs. to me, these artists get more beautiful each year... and i became confused if they ever grow older.

  33. Just played the game.. gosh I didn't know Brasilia is the capital of Brazil! I always thought it was Rio :P Thanks for the lesson! LOL!

  34. quiz again? lemme try!!

  35. lol! i got 70% only!! :/

  36. i get confused with the flags dy! lol! but then good thing it refreshed my memory! lol

  37. I'm no good with flags, so a lot of guesswork here. Got 60%. Still... that was fun!

    So, how are the assignments coming along? All done or at least almost there?

  38. I'll get Juan Juan to try this, lol!

  39. All the best to you and your study!

  40. Enjoy your assignments! OK not gonna spam today cos also no time.

  41. You're busy, I'm busy too... travelling! lolz

    All the best SK! ;)

  42. 这个游戏你有出过类似的问题,

  43. haha, that's a nice game to play with.. i didn't get perfect for the first try, but with the tips after submitting answer, i got a perfect 10.. :D

  44. i got confused with some of the flags.. eg: Netherlands and Russia, haha.. tricky questions, cool.. :)

  45. @ lina:
    hahaha, 60% is pass already so not so terrible right?? hahaha, good try, at least you bother to give it a second try huh.. :)

    @ Bananazஇ:
    wow, not bad at all huh, i guess 80% is quite a good score.. haha, i purposely put in big cities name that could confused people that they are the capital cities.. :D

  46. @ Jeremy O.:
    haha, of course can't be too easy that everyone can make a perfect score right?? :p

    @ Twilight:
    hahaha, that's so unprecedented i hear someone get a lesser score than the first attempt!! Arumugam you are really a legend, haha!! but i thot after you submitted the answer, the color code will guide you on which are right and which are wrong?? but at least i think you get New Delhi correct right?? err, Thambee never neglected Kamala at all, though Thambee is busy but will still think of Kamala.. unlike Arumugam just happy happy borenge go cycling and neglected Letchumi at home.. :p

  47. @ Mom's Corner:
    hahaha, guessing and already can score 50%?? that's not a bad attempt at all, haha.. :)

    @ bluedreamer27:
    hahaha, you did not cheat this time, meaning you were cheating for previous time?? haha.. anyway, trying to get this game easier by providing options for the answers, and i guess this is more fun to play with right??

  48. @ suituapui:
    haha, yeah!!! 60% is considered passing mark already, so no harsh feeling lah.. true also, that could already be A1 standard in today's SPM standard huh~~ :D

    @ Hayley:
    so did you try playing the game?? thanks, i've been coping well with the assignments.. :)

  49. @ Isaac Tan:
    haha, you think you failed?? meaning you didn't even attempt right?? should try with it, who knows you will get 100% perfect.. haha..

    @ Small Kucing:
    hmmm, but i guess still a lot better than the life of a working adult right??

  50. @ Sheoh Yan:
    haha, you shouldn't have that initial perception that scare you off.. just try and who knows, you can get 100%?? haha.. :)

    @ Tekkaus:
    haha, just one more correct answer and you can pass the game, so close.. oh, so you've been busy too?? :)

  51. @ Daniel Chiam:
    wow, congratulations!! that means you are actually somebody who goes for perfection huh?? thanks, and i've been coping well with the assignments i guess, just that they occupied too much of my time..

    @ yvonne:
    hahaha!! this is just a game so don't take it too seriously lah.. did you give it a second try?? i'm sure you'll pass for the second time woh~~ :)

  52. @ 小雪:
    哈哈, 這個當然喇, 我也不是小了, 當然會照顧好自己的身子哦.. 謝謝你關心!! 你也好好照顧自己呀.. :)

    @ fufu:
    haha, no surprise fufu will get 100%.. but big astonishment if he didn't get 100%~~ :D

  53. @ CH Voon:
    hmmm, how to cheat huh?? you mean you go and search for the answer in google?? haha.. anything lah, as long as you are happy mah.. :D

    @ Medie007:
    70% not bad at all woh.. congratulations and guess that make you day?? :)

  54. @ Bengbeng:
    haha, so many wrong means 1 wrong or 8 wrongs?? different people might have different standard woh~~ :)

    @ wenn:
    thanks, i will for sure, hahaha!! :)

  55. @ TZ:
    hehehe, so you mistaken the netherlands flag as russian flag?? wow, means i'm good in catching people huh?? :D

    @ kyh:
    wow!!! you got 100% at your first attempt?? you are cool man..

  56. @ 古克石の屋:
    哈哈!! 沒有理由你聯加拿大, 澳洲這些比較出名的國旗也不知道的~~ :D

    @ cindy:
    當然當然, blog當然是assignment之後才做的東西呀.. 不過有時也是用來調劑做assignment做到沒有頭緒的活動嘛..

  57. @ Casendra:
    哈哈, 梗係得啦, 呢個世界有咩係唔得架?? :D

    @ MH POON:
    hmmm, no surprise you can get 100%.. and you seems never miss all my games here yeah?? :D

  58. @ renaye:
    hahaha, i guess it's not about cheating or not, but the motivation to give it a second attempt.. haha, to me, i can never know how she actually looks like, because everytime she has a new single released, she has different image that makes her look so different.. haha!!

    @ iamthewitch:
    haha, that's really a trick, because many people tends to relate popular cities as the capital cities of the country.. :)

  59. @ Caroline Ng May Ling:
    haha, not bad at all with 70% huh.. i think that's good enough because i just cannot set questions that let everyone score 100% right?? :D

    @ 海市蜃樓:
    你連嘗試嘅膽量都冇啊?? 真係可悲囉~~ :D

  60. @ eugene:
    hehe, 60% already pass so no problem at all right?? :)

    @ HappySurfer:
    haha, you pass the game though purely guessing, so that's not bad at all right?? i mean you guessing and luck, hahahaha!! thanks, i think i'm coping well with the assignments, just occupied too much of my time.. i think i've completed but not done yet, will still need to review and touch up on the docs.. :)

  61. @ Alice Law:
    haha, so did you really let Juan Juan tried out and how did she score?? thanks for that, hope to get flying colors for the studies lah, haha~~ :)

    @ foongpc:
    thanks!! but i don't really enjoy my assignments lor, hahaha!! so you've been busy travelling or what??

  62. @ Gratitude:
    busy travelling for work or leisure?? if for work then i don't envy at all, haha.. thanks, and all the best to you too.. :)

    @ Ashley:
    哈哈, 其實就是把之前的那些國旗循環再用, 不過換了不同的方式, 我覺得有得選比較好玩吧?? 而且把答案弄得很接近, 反而增加難度哦.. :)

    @ victor:
    hahaha, thanks for giving them a try.. yeah, i purposely put some tricky ones so that not everyone can score a perfect, haha~~ :D

  63. ok, i certainly got many wrong there... and now learned some.. haha.. i thought canada's capital is toronto, coz it's like so famous.. lol :P

  64. @ ken:
    haha, i guess many are tricked as i try to put those countries in which popular cities are normally mistaken as the capital city, haha~~ :D