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02.05.2011 | 手下留言

有讀者問我點解有幾位讀者係特別鐘意一次留好多個comments, 其實冇咩特別意思嘅, 都唔記得係邊位發起喇, 純粹係我哋之間交流嘅小玩意啫.. 講到留言, 我要衷心感謝各位讀者嘅鼎力支持, 有你哋嘅留言係我繼續努力嘅推動力!! 喺度總括四月份留言數據, 多謝大家賞面, 請繼續加油~~ :)

some readers asked why there are specific bloggers who like to leave multiple comments in a row on my blog.. well, there is actually nothing special, and i can't even remember who started this but this is purely the unique way we interact.. talking on comments, i sincerely thank everyone for the support, your comments are really motivation for me to keep going!! i've just summarise the statistics for the month of April, thanks for those who have made things happened, keep it up~~ :)
最多產留言讀者五強 Top 5 Productive Commenters **
#博客 Blogger留言 Count
1.  foongpc @ My Very First Blog44
2.  Caroline Ng May Ling @ My Stories39
3.  Tekkaus @ Tekkaus25
4.  lina @ Life In My Own Backyard19
5.  bluedreamer27 @ Top Five19
最經常留言讀者十強 Top 10 Frequent Commenters **
#博客 Blogger頻率 Freq
1.lina @ Life In My Own Backyard10/10
2.CH Voon @ Life 201110/10
3.HappySurfer @ From Where I Am... Kuala Lumpur10/10
4.Alice Law @ My Little Sprouts10/10
5.Yvonne @ From Taiping With Love10/10
5.wenn @ Experiences10/10
5.suituapui @ Still Crazy After All These Years10/10
5.mNhL @ An Online Diary To Share10/10
5.海市蜃樓 @ 海市蜃樓10/10
10.foongpc @ My Very First Blog9/10
** 以上統計基於2011年四月份十篇貼, 五月二日晚上11:59截止
** statistics based on the 10 posts in April 2011 till 11:59pm on 2nd May


  1. 哈哈哈~~~睇嚟我要加“满”油下个月上榜囉!嘻嘻嘻~~~畀心机继续喇,朋友!我永远都做你嘅首席fan屎支持你架!:)

  2. wakakaka... my name is on the board. hahahaha

  3. first at all, i would like to say thank you kekeke

  4. Maybe I should start to comment more too! and hopefully get myself an award from all this, haha!

  5. Hehehehehe!!! I'm number 5 even though I do not post 10 one-word comments to make up one comment. Tsk! Tsk!

  6. 还好..我没有上榜..^^

  7. 哈哈~~~红鸟~红鸟~我也来留一下!:P

  8. Shame! Shame! I am on this spamming list. :p

  9. Actually I think I only spam a few comments. And you are one of them who are on my list. :p

  10. Hopefully you other blog readers will not get offended by the way I spam your blog. LOL :D

  11. This is the blog which have most many comments so far I read!

    Ganbatte! SK. :D

  12. i don't do that but i love to read yr postings!

  13. Sorry bro, i am not that type, i am one box finish all that i want to write,,,,hope you don't mind, even sometimes i drop by without commenting, sorry for that too, cos i only comment if i really feel that i should ,,,

    take care now bro

  14. Wah, I saw my name on the list!! Ahem.... I'm indeed very hardworking one, muahahahaha * masuk bakul angkat sendiri*

  15. Hardworking commentors? Fuiyo... ada increase in gaji or not? :D

  16. 我沒有進入前十

  17. I made it! I made it! Finally.. on some list, Top Hardworking Commenter somemore! *doing the happy dance* haha...

    Yeah, readers who have just started visiting your blog (and some of ours too) would be wondering at the 'style' of how we leave comments. SK, I think your blog is still excluding me from the Top Commenter algo wor, so I'll just have to settle for Top Hardworking lor. But not to worry. Even if I'm not in any list, it doesn't bother me.

    Good of you to share the stats. Thanks!

  18. Wheee!!!!I'm both productive and hardworking commenter.

    Now, if only I'm as rajin at work. LOL

  19. Have to work harder at being productive since I'm just at 4th place. XD

  20. Does being a hardworking commenters mean I spam you a lot? LOL

  21. I think I will get the award for the least productive commenters.

  22. lol... i'm not hardworking enough.

  23. Me too.. i one shot write all unless i left out something.. which website did u use to get the graph?

  24. Glad that you had so many supporters! =)

  25. I need to work hard to be on your top list :P. Spam spam

  26. LOL... couldn't agree more, commenting is the bestest way to communicate with fellow readers!^^

    Hey, can't believe we(me and my kids) got our names up on your statistic! TQ!

  27. Bananaz gone MIA from 25Apr coz of TM unplugged my line when they install Streamyx for my neighbour. Ish ish ish sudah TiaM liao.

  28. 你这里的留言每次都是超多的咯

  29. waa Panda so hardworking leave comment here LOL, aish I am so busy :P

  30. OMG!! I am No.1 ?!! How is this possible? I thought I didn't visit your blog for a few days already!

  31. But then when I visit, I spam your blog with comments in almost all your posts, so I guess that explains it! Hahaha!!

  32. So do I get a prize for this? Maybe a free dinner in some prestigious restaurant or something? Hehe

  33. Now I am not the originator of these type of commenting but I love it!! I actually learnt it from Mariuca! LOL!!!

  34. Some people don't like it and that's OK. Everyone is different. So I just spam comments on people who like this style of commenting and I know you like it a lot! Hahaha!!

  35. And of course, I like it too! And thank you for spamming my blog with your nice comments too! : )

  36. And to people reading this, I just wanna say that I love spamming comments for fun (it's like chatting with a friend) and it's NOT for attracting attention or getting to the top of the Top Commenters List! Although it's nice to see I am at the top, of course : )

  37. However, I do respect those silent readers who read and do not comment. Or those who leave comments once in a while when they feel the need to. I appreciate them too.

  38. But I think for those who leave comments, I really have to thank them because it takes effort and time. Especially this type of spam commenting. I guess you must have the passion for it and the love for blogging to do this! Right, SK? ; )

  39. OK, you see? You see? I did it again! Spamming your comments here! It just seem so natural! Anyway, thank you for coming out with this list! I am proud but I know it will be tough to stay at No.1 for long! Haha! (Talking as if I am a singer with a No.1 hit on the chart LOL!)

  40. But there are times when I don't spam comments. And when you see that, it's usually because I am very busy and have no time to leave so many comments. So you can say I am quite free today! Haha!! : D

  41. thank you....free ads for me. hahaha.... thank you for your support to my blog too ;)

  42. I am not in the habit of making multiple comments. Just one will do :)

  43. heya! sorry for not being here around for such a long time. Been very busy lately but i am happy to be back now...hooray!

  44. hey first time seeing you listing your top commentators
    and yay! see myself there too woohoo
    Me too dunno where and how did i started spamming other blogs hehehe

    i think you and Foong are my mentors for that haha

  45. should work hard this month to keep me on the top five hahaha... that's a reputation to maintain LOL

  46. by the way SK
    can i ask for a favor
    can you "share" my entry via Facebook
    here's the link
    Story Behind their Success
    The "Share Button" is on the Top left corner of that article
    It is actually for a contest
    oh and please leave a comment too, even just a short one..
    thanks a lot my friend

  47. 估唔到我都榜上有名喔,真係唔好意思。

  48. 犀利!如何制作的?


  49. hahaha!! i saw ME in the list! LOL

  50. cisss! cant beat that panda! xD very susah eh?? i think only u can beat him. :p

  51. well well, to me, i learn it from Foong n U!! haha u're king of "spammer" u see. :p

  52. i enjoy reading spam comments and i know u dnt mind i spam ur comment box here. :p and seriously, like Foong said, it does really take efforts to do so. ;)

  53. and of course not leaving some crap comments. (or it really sounded crap now?? ) hahaha

  54. Thanks for the mention yea! ;)

  55. 这的确是很奇怪的,

  56. @ edward
    哈哈, 上唔上榜都只不過係虛名啫, 唔駛太過執著嘅, 我內心深處知道你係幾咁支持我就得啦, 哈哈!! :D

    @ CH Voon
    thanks for supporting me everytime right after you come back from your business trip, haha.. actually you are at #6 with 18 comments, how close~~ :)

  57. @ Daniel Chiam
    hehehe, you are most welcome to compete with the defending champions, hahaha!! :D

    @ suituapui
    haha, of course i won't put those comments that do not make sense into my count lah.. i also look into the frequency of comments leh.. :)

  58. @ 追梦者
    哈哈, 沒有上榜你反而覺得高興?? :p

    @ 穷光蛋市长
    哈哈, 才那麼一個留言?? 怎麼跟人家fight過呢?? 要多多加油~~ :D

  59. @ Tekkaus
    errr, why do you feel shame about being in the list, if i were you i will feel proud!! i don't think it's easy to be able to spam professionally actually, haha, and by spamming means you are putting more effort than other, haha!! hey, remember, we are all spammers in each others blog~~ :p

    @ Zidane
    haha, really?? thanks to those few readers whom we play the comments spamming game, haha.. you want to join?? :D

  60. @ wenn
    haha, of course from your brief comments i can see that you like things to be concise~~ :)

    @ eugene
    haha, don't be silly, i just cannot force everyone to spam comments here right?? everyone has their own style, and i welcome all comments whoever left them and whatever style they use :)

  61. @ Yvonne
    haha, yalor, you are superb!! i think we started leaving comments in each other's blog not too long ago only right?? and you are leaving comment on each and every blog for last month.. thanks!! :)

    @ Small Kucing
    hehehe, no plan for prize yet lah, but maybe i will consider a quarterly prize.. :)

  62. @ Merryn
    haha, hardworking means you have commented in each and every post that i have in april lor.. increase gaji, means more work woh~~ :D

    @ 十六
    哈哈, 那你這個月記得要勤力來留言了~~ :p

  63. @ HappySurfer
    yeah, finally you saw your name in my list!!! and i always wonder why your name never appear in the widget!! i have no idea at all, i did not do anything to filter your name.. so i did this stats manually by counting the comments for each of the post.. so i think you can now work towards spamming as i will summarise the actual count and not based on the widget, this would be more accurate.. so, see you in the list next month!! :D

    @ lina
    haha, yeah, you are scoring high in both the list!! cool.. no lah, hardworking means the frequency, how many post out of the total 10 that you've left a comment.. productive only means how much you have spammed, haha.. anyway, you are most welcome to spam like i did to your blog~~ :D

  64. @ TZ
    haha, besides those scoring 0, i can see you are still not at the bottom most woh.. hahahaha!! :D

    @ Medie007
    yeah, you score 9 out of 10, maybe you just missed out commenting on one post.. so, make sure you don't miss to be able to squeeze into the list~~ :)

  65. @ reanaclaire
    haha, of cource everyone has their own style, the spamming is actually a playful way that some of us does lah.. i did those statistics manually lah, no website to help leh..

    @ Hayley
    yeah, instead of being glad i guess i'm more appreciative of how supportive they have been.. :)

  66. @ Monk
    hehehe, you are most welcome to compete for a place in the list.. all the best ya!! :)

    @ Alice Law
    yeah, sometimes it feels like emailing the other end when you leave a comment right?? haha, also feels like FB.. yeah, you have made it in the list, that is because you've left comments in each and every of the 10 posts in april.. thanks!! :)

  67. @ Bananazஇ
    oh, now all ok already?? haiz, then you just missed the high chance of securing a place in the list.. nvm, this month you gotta work harder, haha~~ :D

    @ 小雪
    呵呵, 還是要感謝各位讀者那麼的鼎立支持才有那麼多留言呀~~ :)

  68. @ Kian Fai
    of course mah, Panda is my sifu in comments spamming, i learnt that from him leh.. of course he is topping everyone, hahahaha!! :D

    @ foongpc
    haha, of course you are top, and i am not surprise at all.. see, you are my sifu in comments spamming, i actually saw you did that and i follow, hahaha.. so maurica is your sifu?? anyway, to me, you are the pioneer lor, kekekekeke, don't have to feel bad about that, i think that's also some achievement, you have help to create a new way of commenting in blogs, haha!! and actually being able to spam comments is not an easy job too bro, it requires much more effort than normal comments, don't you agree?? but than having said so, of course everyone has their rights to choose how they like to comment, but to me, as long as you comment, one or spam, i am already very happy to be supported.. so you deserve being top, and also 10th in the frequent commenters.. this month, moving up to top both charts?? hehehehe~~ :D BTW, do you plan to do a count on your blog too, see how well i did.. :D

  69. @ mNhL
    haha, of course i don't mind doing that since you support me.. this is mutual mah, right?? haha.. :)

    @ bluedreamer27
    yeah, this is my very first time listing my top commenters.. because i find the widget stats not accurate, and in order to be fair and motivate more comments, i guess showing this list is important.. and this is my manual calculation one comments by one comment for all 10 posts.. so, work harder this month ok?? haha :D

  70. @ 海市蜃樓
    梗係走唔甩啦, 海公公你咁支持, 每一個post都有留言.. 就算唔得閑你都backdate留言, 果然唔話得囉.. :)

    @ cindy
    如何製作?? 自己一個一個留言去統計的囉, 哈哈!! 讀者給我推動力, 我也應該回饋他們, 給一個排行榜嘛~~ :)

  71. @ Caroline Ng May Ling
    hahaha, of course i don't mind you spamming comments here, most welcome instead like what i did to you, haha!! very true also!! i think only myself can beat Panda, meaning i am actually the world champion of comments spammer no doubt, hahahaha!!! i also learnt it from Panda lor, but he is sifu so he is King of King of Spammer lah~~ :D

    @ Ashley
    其實真的沒有什麼特別意思喇, 純粹是玩玩的用意.. 其實留一個或留很多個, 我都同樣很珍惜的~~ :)

  72. yake! hahaha i never count how much i comment hehehe...

  73. haha, well, i do enjoy spamming after i see the spammer bloggers did that~~ :D

  74. good to see you have so much support from your readers, that's really a good sign~~ KEEP IT UP!! :)

  75. and only now I get to sneak back again =P

  76. @ CH Voon
    haha, of course you don't have to count, i will count for you, hope you can make it to the top 5 next month ok?? :)

    @ victor
    haha, yeah, i also enjoy spamming comments in some of the readers' blog, it's just some way of interaction between us.. thanks for your support too in commenting in my blog.. :)

    @ Ayie
    yeah, haven't seen you here for a long time.. welcome back!! :D

  77. We all veteran bloggers remember that Foong PC started and encouraged the spamming! He is a blog virus that could talk, eat, sleep and travels!