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08.09.2009 | 雞皮疙瘩

噚晚同朋友傾偈, 傾傾吓不知何解講到啲靈異怪談.. 嗱, 雖然而家係陰曆七月, 但係百無禁忌呀吓..
was chatting with a friend last night, when we suddenly out of nowhere started to talk about spirits and ghosts.. ok ok, i know it's the hungry ghost month now, no need to be scared but just listen to our stories..
記得十五年前阿嬤過身, 頭七嗰日我照常返學.. 返學我係要晨早六點鐘起身, 個天仲係黑嘅, 全家人都仲瞓緊覺.. 阿嬤嘅靈位同大頭相就擺喺客廳偏中間.. 老老實實, 頭七回魂夜, 我當時其實係超驚架, 好驚突然間見到啲嘢囉.. 其實阿嬤生前咁鍚我, 我咁驚係唔係不孝呢其實?? 之後友人話: 「驚咩喎, 佢哋三點鐘過後一定要返去架喇」.. 真係嘅??

i still remember 15 years ago after my grandma passed away, it's the 7th night after that chinese believe the spirit of the deceased will go back home to see their immediate family.. i need to go to school as usual that day, and i have to wake up at 6 in the morning, the sky is still dark and all family members were still sleeping.. grandma's photo and offerings were just placed in the living room then.. frankly speaking, i know it's the night her spirit was coming back, that makes me very scared, scared that i would see something out of a sudden.. now come to think of it, she likes very a lot while she's still alive, was i being too bad to be so scared about her coming back?? my friend then told me: "no sweat, they must leave and go back to where they are supposed to be after 3am".. is that real??
跟住友人分享佢嘅故事, 話佢細個時候有次搬新屋.. 硬係覺得間屋有啲怪怪地, 但係又唔敢同屋企人講.. 平時放學自己一個人都唔敢入屋, 夜晚自己一個人瞓, 又硬係覺得有其他「人」喺間屋度, 搞到晚晚要棉被蓋頭, 驚慌入睡.. 就咁日日如是過咗幾個月, 終於又再搬喇, 之後聽隔離鄰舍話, 其實佢哋都聽到三更半夜有「人」喺間屋後院洗碗囉.. 我佩服呢位朋友呀, 細路仔一個竟然可以忍受咁耐, 係我嘅話一早飛啦.. :p

my friend then shared his story, about his experience when his family moved to a new house many years ago.. he can immediately feel something odd, but he didn't dare to tell his parents.. and so if he was alone after school he just chosed not to go inside the house.. at night while sleeping alone, he can always feel somebody around the house, that really made him mad and he has to cover himselve totally with blanket before he could get into sleep tremblingly.. days went on like that for few months until they were moving again, and they heard that neighbours can always hear somebody washing dishes at the backyard in the middle of the night.. oh, i really salute my friend, how could he stand such psycho situation for so long and never make a noise?? if it was me, i would have already run far off.. :p


  1. I hope none of you believe that spirits in the hell realm are released for a "holiday break".

  2. Haiz, this world SO MANY ghosts meh? I always tell my friends, "if you see hor, let me know k? I wanna see them too." They went, "you don't play play ah. -_-". your heart got ghost, then can see ghost la!

  3. 真的几恐怖罗~

  4. now home alone... takut takut edi

  5. dont talk so much about them, later they find u, baru tau

  6. hhahahaha....i think ur fren has eaten the tiger gall bladder...:) so daring :)

  7. actually i believe many places got thess 'brothers' one, just whether we r 'lucky' enough to see or feel them or not.
    we r scared becoz we dun really know how to react to them, not really becoz they r harmful :)

  8. 下次來個講鬼古gethering 哈哈....

  9. hahahaa... well i dont have any ghost story to tell... only with my travel adventures =p

  10. I think there is no need to scare off our beloved ones. :) No fear.

    But about your friend's case...I would freak out and tell my parents asap! :p

  11. choi大吉利士...

  12. 鬼古gethering I got a lot wor

  13. Er...I seldom think about those things unless I really have a bad sense of it. Not to say that I can sense it, but sometimes somehow you would feel uncomfortable of some places. And do trust your own instinct. But, I don't have much 鬼古 to share 1 lor.

  14. 哈哈 。。。他没有被吓到飙尿啊?!

  15. wow~~~
    ghost month lo...
    u so brave to write this stody o!!

  16. So you didn't see your grandma coming back on the 7th day? Didn't even hear any noise in your house?

  17. As for your friend, now I know why in the movies, people can stay in a haunted house for so long until the the ghosts had to frighten them off! Haha!

  18. Only we Chinese believe in the dead's return on the 7th day. So does that mean that non Chinese who died do not return on the 7th day?

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  20. hey what happened? my comment for the other post went here?

  21. it's very disturbing when you feel other presence, I also get nervous sometimes when I'm alone before so I just keep myself busy. There were times they really make unnecessary noises to steal your attention when you simply want to ignore them.

  22. It's all in your mind lah!

  23. shouldn't feel afraid lo coz she's ur granny ...

  24. 突然間講起鬼故,好邪啊 (Sammi版)!

  25. Gratitude:
    hmmm, why not?? you don't believe that?? i've always been told about this since i was a kid, and i actually kind of believe that you know?? haha..

    hmmm maybe one day when you can really see them, you might not want to see them anymore.. anyway, just beware of your words lor, kid.. hmmm, why not you go for some haunted house adventures i suggest?? hahahaha :p

    對囉, 我真的有夠佩服他囉, 可以忍受那麼久.. 真的很難想象自己在這樣的環境之下怎麼能夠生存囉..

  26. vincent:
    haha, no need to scared one lah.. you have not done anything bad so you really don't have to be afraid.. :)

    呵呵, 我忘了問我的朋友他有沒有聽見有人半夜洗碗碟..

    nope, i will tell them to go and find you first lor.. hahaha :D

    haha, yes i really gotta salute him!! i really can't imagine how he can survive through the few months, it's really torturing you know??

  27. the happy go lucky one:
    yes, i actually do believe they are everywhere at anytime, just like in another world that co-exist with ours, just that most of us couldn't see and sense.. also, you got the point, because we don't know them well, so the fear is actually our perception on them..

    喂, 唔錯喎, 你實有好多嘢要講架啦.. 我會驚但係又好鐘意聽喎.. :p

    hmmm, actually you've been travelling to so many places, don't you ever experience some strangle and unexplainable encounters?? hahaha~~ :)

  28. Tekkaus:
    yeah, i thought so, but maybe was still young that time, so was really freaked out, haha!! that's why, i really gotta salute my friend, he can kept silent and survive through the few months.. if i were him, i might have gone insane already.. :D

    哈哈, 咩啊?? 咩非禮啊?? 呢啲都係好正常嘅嘢嚟架嘛, 你驚啊?? :p

    haha, you so scared meh?? :p

  29. Jovi:
    yeah, good good good.. i like to listen to 鬼古, although i will feel scared but still insist.. hehe :p

    hmmm correct also lah, don't always think about those things, or else you are just frightening yourself only.. so, you can see them?? haha.. never mind, i think next gathering we can talk 鬼古 already, since Jovi has a lot to tell.. :)

    就是沒有, 他還是很鎮定, 所以我要佩服他到五體投地囉.. 哈哈!! :D

  30. kc:
    hmmm, why not leh, nothing's wrong right?? i see other people writing all these stories for the entire month.. well, it's just in your heart lah.. :)

    nope, LUCKILY nothing weird has happened, i didn't see or hear anything.. :p as my friend said, they must go back by 3am mah.. hmmm, so i have no idea for other religion or races, do they believe that the deceased will be return on the 7th night.. but one thing for sure is that, my friend is really a brave one, he can survive so long under such torturing situation, salute salute!! :p

    haha, did you clicked on the wrong link?? hmmm, you can also feel their presence?? oh yah, you told me you are even able to see them hanging around.. anywhere anytime.. that is scary, but guess you are right, just try to keep ourselves busy to distract from thinking about those things.. :)

  31. Grass:
    it's all in the mind, and also in the heart.. OMG, so scary, hehehe :p

    yeah, i think i shouldn't feel afraid.. but that time was young, so was rather freaked out that day kept thinking will see something weird.. :p

    唔係突然間架, 其實我幾鐘意聽鬼古架, 雖然係驚但係又犯賤要聽喎.. 好邪啊~~ :p

  32. 昨晚TV2有做好像是印尼的马来鬼戏,很吓人,看了睡不着,现在开始打瞌睡了。

  33. It is not that I don't believe that you know... Just that, when you keep thinking you'll see them, it will happen, it's self-fulfulling prophecy in psychology. So, I don't think about them, I don't see them. :)

  34. Even people in the west believe in spirits. Ghost Hunters on Astro prove that spirits do exist alongside us.

    I've heard of many sightings and even stayed with one in a hotel room though my room-mate was the one who got disturbed. Her pullover was taken off on the fourth and final night of our stay in that 5-star hotel in NZ. I would have requested for a room-change if I had known that my room-mate saw the female spirit on the first night itself.

    I've heard of sighting of spirit sitting next to a person on the staircase of a shopping complex in KL (photo is still in a phone-camera), spirits licking food offerings with long tongue, spirit removing her head to comb the long hair and then putting the head back on to her body, etc. These are experiences from people I know personally.

    Those who don't believe in spirits are just lucky enough not to have encountered any.

    Your friend is very brave but probably know that it meant no harm.

    The 3am thingy is not true lah.

  35. now that is just eerie... Well, if knowing it was my relatives and tha tI am close to, I am fine with it I presume.. but if those were meant to bother us.. I would freak out... =x

  36. 現在我的學校聽說也蠻猛的

  37. Chin Weng 茶先生:
    呵呵, 我很久沒有看電視了, 就算看也是配父母親看Astro那個福建台.. 我有去youtube找怪談來看, 不過很怕, 最後stop掉了, 呵呵~~

    you are quite true lah.. like people say you will feel them if you believe, but you won't if you don't believe in things.. so guess it's all in the heart and in the mind..

    yeah, that was exactly what i thought.. maybe was a little too young then, that i feel freaked out even if relatives.. anyway, glad i don't see anything, and never wished for too.. :)

  38. HappySurfer:
    yes, most probably they actually exist in another space, that somehow co-exist with our world.. just that most of us can never see, hear or sense.. for those who can, i don't know if it's a bliss, but for those who can't i'm sure it it.. wow, you have really experienced those huh.. and you mentioned about those in the shopping mall, really eerie i would say, and you still have the photos with you?? probably you would want to share them with the bloggers.. oh yah, i salute my friend for being such a brave guy, i asked him later and he say he knows they were not going to harm him, that's why he just took it easy.. that 3am thing is not true?? OMG, your denial on this thing makes me freaked out again, that means on that 7th night i will still have chance to see something??

    我也有經常聽說過學校和大學都很猛, 尤其是那些歷史悠久的.. 不過應該不怕吧, 大學那麼多人潮, 陽氣重啊, 何況你不會半夜三更也在大學範圍吧?? :p

  39. SK, not all of them come back (with ref to 7th night) because those who are already with Buddha don't have to come back as they can see us from where they are.

    Those who come back normally bring along 'friends'. Some priests advise for us to leave the house so that we don't bump into them others would prefer that we stay in but then again it depends on the time of return. Interesting topic, eh?

  40. uncle uncle, 我都有個故仔。。


  41. End of the story your grandma never disturb you right? Why your friend family move out? His parents also find something is wrong with the house?

  42. HappySurfer:
    hey, i gotta agree it's a very interesting topic, and i think what you said is somehow making sense.. so are you going to blog about this, and tell us more about what you know?? it must be an exciting post i bet.. :p

    哎呀, 係唔係你哋自己心理作用啊?? 咁猛?? 講講吓, 我當時又好似有聞到啲蠟燭味囉.. 呢, 喪禮時候咪有點好多香燭香油嘅?? 好似係嗰啲味囉~~ :S

    haha, of course no lah, and kind of funny to use the word "disturb" actually.. she was my close relative, i think she won't do that right?? hmmm, i think his family members sure also feel something wrong with the house, that's why they all move out..

  43. yeah.. if i were there, i would run away with a tank over.

  44. 哈哈哈,又讲鬼古吓人?如果俾我见到个D野,我一定同佢罗四个真字!

  45. if me.. i'll go mad edy... rawr!! =P


  46. ~dolly~:
    haha, true i would do that also.. that's why i salute my friend who can stay there calmly for months :D

    呵呵, 又唔係話嚇人嘅, 同大家分享一下經理啫!! 你爛賭, 見鬼都要求四個真字?? 不義之財不可貪啊, 呵呵~~ :D

    true, that's really something so psycho, i really wonder how my friend could take it for months under such situation.. i don't understand, i just don't understand..