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23.03.2009 | 一品香味

廿幾年老友記CY由倫敦回馬度假, 一眾人原本壯志雄心打算晨早去行山郁動筋骨, 誰不知臨尾陰溝裡翻船, 最後淪落到去「品香」食brunch然之後唱K, 就咁度過咗一日囉.. 想話健康唔成, 反而就吃喝玩樂, 唔怪之得今朝條褲子覺得窄窄地啦..

my friend CY whom i've known for more than 20 years was back from London for break, we a whole gang initially planned to go hiking early in the morning (yeah, was very ambitious before that), but the plan was totally changed the very last minute, we ended up having brunch at Pan Heong and wrapped up the day in karaoke.. wanted to stay healthy, but ended up eating and singing, no wonder i felt my pants a little tighter this morning..

米粉(兩人份RM15)吸收晒扣肉味道, 一啖落口有種升仙嘅感覺, 不過可能係咁就略嫌扣肉唔夠肉汁油水..
the beehoon (RM15 for 2 pax) totally absorbed the taste from the pork, it was heavenly, and maybe because of this, i think the pork was slightly dry and less juicy..

粥(兩人份RM12)煮得夠香夠滑, 而且魚片同皮蛋都落得頗重手..
the congee (RM12 for 2 pax) was cooked with the right mashed and slimy texture, the fish slices and century eggs were quite abundant too..

呢碟炸肉(標準份量RM12)贏盡友人喜好, 外皮炸得酥脆但係裡頭肉汁仍然保住, 肉質鬆軟入味.. 原來可以要雞翼, 我相信會好食啲, 下次必試..
this deep fried pork (RM12 standard size) was voted best by friends, the outside was crispy but inside was still juicy, the pork was tender and well marinated.. didn't know we can have wings for this, i believe should taste better, must try for my next visit..

呢碟擊鈴炒麵(一人份RM5)係兩個意外.. 見隔離檯有叫所以意外加咗味落自己張檯, 結果係意外地好味喎..
this indian fried noodles (RM5 for 1 pax) is two accidents.. we accidentally saw the table next to us ordered this and we decided to go for a try, and it was accidentally (i mean surprisingly) delicious actually..

品香茶室[位置地圖] 8am-3pm.. 每個月有兩個不固定休息日, 通常係weekdays, 以免向隅最好事先撥個輪喎.. 星期日會爆棚, 最好預先訂位..

Restoran Pan Heong [Location Map] 8am-3pm.. closes on any two random weekdays every month, so it's better to call in before you bring your hungry stomach over.. sundays are always full, it's wise to make a reservation earlier..


  1. 扣肉米粉,看到就想吃,恨不得回家抄一碟来吃 … 两人份RM15一碟不便宜啊! ;p

  2. 摄影的角度拿捏得很好,让人看了垂咽欲滴,再附上位置地图,好贴心。叫人蠢蠢欲动想尝试。

  3. 我肚子突然饿了

  4. Tee, 我回去的话,你要到我到那里品尝好吃的马来西亚美食呀?:)

  5. ooo arroy muck muck! we should have tried the nam yu chicken wings, FPL said it's really well done worr...

  6. 扣肉,皮蛋,都是我所爱!!还有一小时才下班,后悔现在读你的部落格 ~ :S

  7. Niceee...

    Awesome blog you have here !

  8. ho jiak 新主持?嘻嘻...

  9. Jonzz:
    hehe, yeah, quite oily but really delicious till you won't mind lor.. :p

    你自己會煮?? 好厲害喎!! 單個價錢看是比較貴, 不過我們四個人去吃, 還有叫其他東西, 每人才RM14, 還不錯哦..

    哈哈, 謝謝過獎了喇.. 我是推薦喇, 你可以去試.. 那個南乳豬肉如果換成南乳雞翅膀會更好吃哦!! :)

    That My Goal:
    哈哈, 那不如計劃生日去吃個痛快的?? :p

    哈哈, 你想吃甚麼先?? 帶你我覺得壓力哩, 你這個食家那麼挑.. 話時話, 你幾時到步?? :D

  10. csws:
    hahaha, arroy muck muck!! yalor, we saw the table behind us is having chicken wings hor?? next time if i go then i try that, then i will tell you.. anyway i still remember your expression when you had the beehoon lor, hahaha!!

    呵呵, 是嗎?? 那就叫媽媽這個週末不用煮飯, 一家人到哪裡去吃午餐吧 :)

    Kai and Baobei:
    哈哈, 那你今天是用銀角來吃飯還是用紙鈔呢?? 以後吃飽了才來看我的blog吧, 哈哈:p

    hehe, nice refers to the food or to my blog?? kekek, anyway thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :)

    呵呵, 還沒有那個資格喇, 人家是食家我不是哩.. :p

  11. Ate so much, I also feel "SAN FU" for your pants lo. Keke.

  12. 我的最爱---〉干炸南乳五花腩

  13. 看来你对吃也挺有要求噢!嘻嘻~

  14. 怪不得條褲子覺得窄,原来吃这样多。

  15. i miss Indian mee..the congee or broth looks lovely. Mrs BB doesnt take pork so normally we dont take pork

  16. same as 晓慧,when I come back u have to take me to eat eat eat !!! ok???? I miss Malaysian food. There is only one good Malaysian restaurant here, and it is too far to go :(

    Ps: I don't know why, whenever I come in, you already have many comments, so can't be the first to leave comment lah ;)

  17. 哇,看上去好像好好吃喔....

  18. 开始有点饿了~~ 我喜欢扣肉米粉!

  19. hmm my expressions? haa great company great food, what more can one ask for ler? but horr dont go too often worr, the beehoon very fuui de, but the porridge is nice lorr ... next time we try the nam yu chicken wings and the sang har dishes la ...

  20. From healthy exercise plan to unhealthy eating plan? Haha! But the food looks so delicious! Yummy! : )

  21. Wot a diversion....but i must admit, a good one too! hehe

    have a great week ahead! ^_^

  22. i am trying so much not to scream out the word really.

    but i haven't had my breakfast, and i guess i had to say it out.

    damn those food.

    my stomach's growling...

  23. 胆固醇我仲意 哈哈....

  24. wow~ looks so delicious...when u wanna bring me there to makan? AA arrr....

  25. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    the one who san fu is not my pants, it's my tummy lor, haha!! btw, i am not the only one eating all those food ok, we shared one leh..

    Editor: Keiron:
    其實可以要雞翼架, 我覺得雞翼會更加好味囉.. 如果下次去我必order~~ :p

    Chaos 疯侠:
    沒有怎樣苛刻的要求喇, 也只不過是一些基本的要求, 好吃就可以囉.. 哈哈!!

    Chin Weng 茶先生:
    唉, 所以這兩個星期要儘量少吃少喝囉, 褲子緊是人生一大哀事你知道嗎?? :(

    hehe, maybe you can change to chicken wings and i think that should taste even better.. oh, Bengsim doesn't take pork?? must have missed lots of nice food then, hehe :)

  26. That My Goal:
    要的, 生日那麼大件事, (趁你還年輕)應該大事慶祝啊.. :p

    haha, because of the time difference lor, maybe you should try to wake up in the middle of the night to be the 1st to comment, hahaha!! so when are you coming back?? btw, i am not a gastronome, i just enjoy food, don't set too high expectation on me leh.. :p

    Eric Wong:
    不是好像, 是真的很好吃囉, 哈哈!! 應該去試試看啊.. :)

    Chris Chia:
    是不是已經打算今晚要自己下廚煮一餐豐富的扣肉宴呢?? 哈哈哈哈~~ :D

    haha, your 升仙 expression was so obvious on your face lor.. no laa, won't go often laa, only go there with good company maa.. mai jao hai lor, i saw the table behind us ordering the chicken wings, i must try that lor, must be a lot nicer de.. but if we go next time, MUST go FRIM first and followed with batu caves ok?? haha :D

  27. foongpc:
    the food is just why we changed the plan lor.. hahaha!! but next time must make sure i go to batu caves next door to burn some calories after the meal, hahaha!!

    hahaha, at first it sounded pathetic, but after having the nice food we just feel so heavenly.. hahaha!! must not allow myself to do that for the second time though.. :p

    hahahaha!! so next time you know when to come read my blog - after meal!! just like you doctors would always advise us when to take medicine.. kekekeke :p

    相信我啦朋友, 當你眼前係一大堆美食嘅時候, 你個字典內係唔會有[膽固醇]呢三個字囉..

    hahaha, no need i bring you there laa.. just click on the link for the map and you are on the way to there already!! haha.. :D

  28. 全部吃的

  29. 你们没有做运动,反而增肥呢!!!


  30. 每一样都是我爱吃的,流口水!!:)

  31. walao... 很多美食哦

  32. kopi:
    哈哈, 可別誤會我這個是個美食blog哦.. 只是偶而會去吃些好的喇, 哈哈~~ :)

    hehe, 又是啊呵?? 下次來吉隆坡玩可以去試一下囉.. :p

    不就是囉, 本來是先去爬山才去吃的, 結果每個都懶惰, 吃完了就去唱K.. 很搞笑, 哈哈!! :D

    呵呵, 那你應該到這一家餐室來大快朵頤囉!! 真的很不錯哦, 我推薦.. :)

    哈哈, 你週游列國也應該吃過不少美食吧?? 那擊鈴炒麵其實應該是華人廚師做的.. 味道比普通mamak好千倍了..

  33. see, blog on food is more popular, keep up the good job!!

  34. looks sinful but...who cares?
    there's always gym tomoro....

  35. Wah, SK, lucky I had my dinner already.. :)

  36. 食家,你都几厉害,揾到甘正的食物,

  37. ok ok. u tell me what time you normally publish your post, i will make sure i come in to be the first to comment hahaha !!

    i guess i will be coming home soon lah. will let u guys know, and we go out to eat eat eat !!

  38. 嗯。。 卖相嘛嘛,味道就唔知喇。大佬,你冇带你好友去oldtown coffee咩? :p

  39. MAn should have come now ... just great .. now I am super hungry after looking at the photos !!!

  40. Pooi Tyng:
    hahaha, you are talking as if you are a professional gastronome blogger like that woh.. thanks anyway, hehehe :p

    bro, tomorrow is such a superlative word leh, because there is always a tomorrow.. die lor if i keep onto this kind of principle to live a life.. hahaha!! :D

    hahaha, or maybe whenever you feel no appetite then you can hop in my blog to look at those photos lor, haha!!

    我唔係食家, 我都係由人家嗰blog度睇到呢間嘢, 所以先同朋友一齊去試咋.. 係嘅, 我會聽取你嘅忠告, 要開始減肥喇!! :p

  41. 雪芬:
    haha, difficult to tell you what time i will post my entries, it's random lor.. anyway don't have to be the first one laa, as long as you comment would be very good enough :) haha, SOON?? means next year?? kekeke :p

    細佬, 擺落口覺得好食咪得囉, 不過你咁嘴刁, 我就唔知啱唔啱你口味喇.. Old Town Coffee?? 無啦啦做乜要去嗰度啊??

    hahaha, so are you gonna drive all the way up from seremban to batu caves for that?? it's really nice woh, kekeke :p

  42. I love the deep fried pork, I've tried it before.

    BTW how to see the rating? Is it that 5 thumbs is the best? Or 3?

  43. No need to drive from SEremban leh .. I am working and staying in KL ...hehe .... so can go hantam one day :)

  44. u have the potential to be a food critic... good response after u have this entry...

  45. JL:
    hey, have you tried the chicken wing instead?? i think it should be nicer than the pork.. haha, not really a rating laa, i just mean it's very very very delicious.. hehe :)

    hehe, thot you are from seremban.. yeah, can go hantam that place one day!! order all their signature dishes and die out of satisfaction on the spot!! hahahaha~~~ :D

    Pooi Tyng:
    hahaha!! again you are talking like you are already a professional food critic, don't you think so?? :p

  46. Looks like good food is for Fat People only, so enjoy and stop complaining la. After you eat, you sing, sure tummy masuk angin! LOL......!

  47. Twilight Zone:
    yeah, and good food is often very oily too.. as oily as Arumugam's face, can use the oil to cook sunny-side-up, use biotherm also cannot cure, muaahahahaha!! :D

  48. Personally I think whether chicken wings or pork depends on preference. I like the pork because they use part-fatty meat as ingredients so you can really feel the difference between the softness inside and the crisp outside. If chicken wing you can feel the skin is much crispier than normal fry.

  49. JL:
    wow, looks like you are a real gastronome there!! salute salute!! i like wings because it is BIGGER in size, and i will most probably stop after eating one, but for pork because they're in pieces, i will for sure unintentionally eat more than i would have realised.. hahaha!! :p