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15.12.2008 | 小小心意

聖誕就快到, 諗咗好耐噚日終於靈機一觸, 畀我諗到要送啲咩畀眾多同事們喇.. 登登登登, 就係呢個聖誕八寶杯喇!! 一開始係得個靈感, 不過個八寶杯裡頭要裝啲咩呢?? 於是噚日下晝就成間商場行勻晒, 又要平又要靚又要有心思, 顧住自己個budget又唔可以顯得寒酸, 原來買聖誕禮物的確唔容易.. {=_=}"

最後決定買啲朱古力呀, 糖果呀, 聖誕飾物咁囉, 不過最開心就係無意中畀我見到嘅Hi-5手板拍, 好盞鬼, 而且正好可以用嚟放我張自制聖誕賀卡.. 就係咁買咗幾樣嘢, 都唔知到時要點樣整個八寶杯, 有點擔心囉其實.. 頭先食晏時間開工搞個杯, 結果好順利咁畀我整晒全部12個八寶杯, 個效果出嚟係幾正喎, 霎時間覺得好有成就感, 原來我與生俱來啲藝術細胞都仲喺度, 哈哈!!

各位同事一人一個(唔好爭), 小小心意答謝大家一路以嚟嘅幫忙同支持, 希望大家鐘意啦~~ 其實我都幾心思細密如塵啦呵?? :) christmas is coming soon, have been thinking hard what to buy for my colleagues, yesterday a brilliant idea just came across my mind.. taah-daah, yes and i am gonna do my very own creation of christmas goodies mug for each of them!! anyway that was just an idea, but i still have no idea on what to put in the mug.. hence shop all over every corner of the mall to see what i can get for the goodies mug, i need something not expensive yet nice, something decent yet not simply, something within my budget but cannot be petty.. urrggh, getting christmas presents is really no simple task.. {=_=}"

finally decided to get some chocolates, candy canes and christmas ornaments.. but what i found by accident and really made my day was the hi-5 palm clapping toy, that was really cute and i bought them without hesitation, just nice to hold my hand made christmas cards.. anyway, i just bought those goodies without knowing how to arrange them yet, kind of worry actually.. start working on it lunch time just now, thank god it just went unexpectedly smooth, and i had all 12 christmas goodies mug ready for all my colleagues.. the outcome is rather satisfying and lovely, feel proud of myself, and hey my artistic sense is still with me!! hehe..

one for each of my dear colleagues, just a little token from myself for being helpful and supportive all the way, hope they like the goodies mugs~~ actually i'm kind of a sweet guy eih?? :)


  1. 嘩﹐Uncle﹐邊好意思呀。。真係多謝嗮你呀。。

  2. Yengga Porreng Ngeh Sweet Guy Thambi Deh! I wanna satu cawan also. I bought dozens of treasure box piggy banks from Robinsons Spore to give my department so that they save for 2009. Vanakam!

  3. Dude, so nice of you... Thanks santa ... can i have a mug from you too :p

    BTW, Twilight, I think i need a piggy banks to say for 2009... hehehehe.... :p

  4. mynicole:
    小意思, auntie你又何必言謝呢?? 你成日幫我, 仲整餅我哋食~~ :)

    hehe, you love chocolates?? :)

    Twilight Zone:
    let's do gift exchange!! i'll make you a goodies mug, and you'll get me the piggy bank, haha!! but do Thambi and Yende Bulana celebrate Christmas?? i thot only thaipussam leh, LOL :D

    ooh, sure sure sure.. if you can grant me my christmas wish, there's just no problem i get you this small tiny little goodies mug, hehe~ :p

  5. That is very sweet of you... I'm sure all your colleagues will appreciate it ... Merry Christmas to you in advance ... ;)

  6. that is indeed a very sweet and lovely christmas present, i am sure everyone will appreciate that.. :)

  7. LOL... hah ha ha ha. Thambi You are so cute! Dei, I send you muruku leh.. vanakam!

  8. you are a good manager! :D

  9. it just show how 'SWEET' u are ..lol

  10. HoneyBee:
    yeah, i actually caught them in surprise when i bring the mug in front of them, saying "merry christmas" while they were concentrating on their work.. :)

    just a small little token from me to the colleagues.. nothing much really.. :)

    Twilight Zone:
    oooh, i love muruku really!! hey let's do fusion, what about a nice and juicy muruku stuffed turkey for Christmas!! LOL waaahahaha :D

    errr, there's no manager here, we are all only colleagues.. hehehe!! :)

    wei uncle, is it necessary to show that "sweet" in uppercase and quoted ah?? sounds like there's other meaning behind it woh~~

  11. very nice and neat idea !
    i have not done my Xmas shopping.
    So stressed!

  12. 我都要^^

  13. Yes, I also get headaches thinking of getting Christmas gifts - I think just give angpows or some vouchers good enough! : )

  14. SK.... ill be waiting for your present..... hohoho.....
    i dont want mug la..... i want so candy or Ice Cream.... Love the walnut with butterscotch.... yum yum

  15. that is a good idea. show us the pics in the next post. btw Merry Christmas :)

  16. shirls:
    yeah, i actually like what i got here, it's the thought that counts right?? hehe.. i'm still yet to get some presents too, stressed!!

    你要甚麼啊?? 嘿嘿~~

    hmmm, i personally think that giving angpow and voucher is not 100% sincere lor, although it is more practical haha!!

    William H:
    hehe, ok ok, let's do gift exchange.. if you can grant me my christmas wish then i'll buy you ice cream lorr.. hehehe~~

    i've already showed the photos of the mug :) you want more?? hehe.. merry christmas to you too~~

  17. Wow....colorful and nice. Very creative and artistic you are. :)

  18. 真羡慕!也难得你有这种闲情,做你同事真幸运!

  19. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    hehe, no laa, you over-rated me laa.. btw, you are very artistic also woh i personally think..

    這可不是閑情哦, 是心意 :) 你今年如果又搞聖誕派對的話, 這可是即方便又惹人愛好的door gift喲~~

  20. OMG Sk, you so damn fucking creative Thamby! First time I hear stuffed Turkey with Muruku fillings! You made me laugh so loud... Muahahahahaha!

  21. Twilight Zone:
    second thought i think muruku stuffings is not that good either.. maybe let's do muruku crumbs breaded roast turkey instead?? this would be nicer i supposed.. :p

  22. Sounds tasty wo. Can i try? Hehe.

  23. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    so you want the muruku stuffed turkey, or the muruku crumbs breaded turkey?? :p