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22.09.2008 | 吳哥悠遊(3)

暹粒呢個地方係因為吳哥窟而聞名, 所以噚日搞掂咗吳哥窟之後, 基本上就當係任務完成.. 今日去另外一個所謂嘅旅遊點, 柬國最大內陸湖兼主要糧食來源, 洞裡薩湖(Tonle Sap).. 其實最主要係睇睇水上人家, 之不過去到湖村入口, 有關當局(我其實懷疑係真定假)竟然向我哋每人徵收US$20費用, 嘩, 唔好去搶?? 不過肉俎砧板上, 唯有乖乖就範, 柬埔寨畀我嘅第一個懷印象.. 結果成兩小時嘅trip就係坐喺個漁船度, 遙望水上人家, 都冇畀機會我哋作更進一步接觸, 呃錢!! 跟住又苦苦哀求我哋行善捐贈當地小朋友, 不過一支鉛筆叫價US$0.50, 一本薄切切簿仔叫價US$1, 你要人做善事都唔駛劏人一頸血係嘛?? 我哋梗係唔憤氣, 直頭say no啦, 柬埔寨畀我嘅第二個懷印象..

呃錢洞裡薩湖遊之後, 下晝冇細藝可做, 所以返旅店瞓晏覺, 呵呵.. 傍晚時分就開始去享受人生, 先去做massage, 好平啊, 不過我個師傅手勢唔好, 未能盡興.. 之後就梗係去食晚餐啦, 今晚突然好想去食啲特別啲嘅嘢, 結果見到舊街市有烤肉(包括蟒蛇肉同鱷魚肉), 所以鼓起勇氣, 人生短短數十載, 就去食喇.. 蟒蛇肉好似嚼煮到過老嘅魷魚, 鱷魚就似雞肉, 開始第一啖有啲驚, 不過食食落口唔去諗佢就冇事啦.. 不過始終都係覺得豬肉係最好食囉, 哈哈..

之後就去當地嘅吧街(Pub Street), 呢個地方梗係鬼佬聚集嘅地方啦, 周圍鬼聲鬼氣, 不過都係普通酒吧, 氣氛都係麻麻.. 最後喺旅店附近搵到間好正嘅酒店Hotel De La Paix, 裡頭有個餐廳同買酒吧, 餐廳要打烊所以就去酒吧, 間酒吧有個型爆命叫做Teardrop, 成個裝璜令人感覺好舒服, 中間一排四張類似舒發床嘅物體任由顧客左躺右瞓, 一坐上去我即刻變成冇腰骨, 好自在囉.. 嘢飲OK而且氣氛唔錯, 埋單每人US$5, 我覺得唔貴喎.. 橫掂最後一晚, 我唔介意稍微奢侈啲嘅..

~~暹粒四日遊之第三日..Siem Reap is known to the world because of Angkor Wat, hence after the visit to Angkor Wat yesterday it was like mission accomplished for this trip.. went to another so-called attraction today, the biggest lake and the food source for the Cambodian, the lake Tonle Sap.. was expecting to see the floating village and people, but when we arrived at the checkpoint, the authority (i somehow suspect if they are official) asked US$20 from each of us, that was utterly ridiculous but anyhow we just gotta pay since we were there, the first bad impression i had on Cambodia.. the boat trip ended up with a 2-hour onboard experience watching the floating village from far, we were not given any chance to get closer encounters, con!! also the so-called tour guide pleaded us to make donations for the children, but a pencil for US$0.50 and a think booklet for US$1, should they want tourist to do charity, they should not have tag such unreasonable price, right?? of course we were not dumb, we would rather say no, the second bad experience i had on Cambodia..

after the half-a-day Tonle Sap con trip, there was nothing much to do, and hence we were back to the hotel for afternoon nap, haha.. became active again in the evening to pamper ourselves on this final night in Cambodia (we know we certainly not going to come back again), went for full body massage, an hour for only US$6 kind of cheap, but my masseur was not very good and so i did not really enjoy to the maximum.. dinner after that, and we suddenly feel like trying something special and exotic, and there we saw some BBQ shops selling python and crocodile meat.. life is just too short and there we went and gave it a try, python taste like overcooked squid, crocodile taste just like chicken, was a bit eerie the first bite, but later on was getting better when i did not think about what i was eating.. anyway, i still find that pork is the most delicious meat.. haha!!

wrapped up the night with pubbing, went to the Pub Street where foreigners gather.. not really the ambience we were looking for, and so we went back to a luxury hotel nearby ours, the Hotel De La Paix.. there's a restaurant and a pub in that hotel, the restaurant is closing and hence we headed straight to the pub.. the pub has a cool name called "Teardrop", the ambience is so cosy and relax, there were four sofa bed kind of seats in the middle row, customers can just sit or lie or sleep on them.. we got one and popped-on, and immediately i got boneless, it was feeling so free.. the drinks were OK and the atmosphere is relaxing, paying US$5 per person, i think that's just not expensive at all.. afterall i really don't mind spending a bit more to enjoy the last night being there..

~~end of day 3 of 4 in Siem Reap..


  1. 啲人好似好唔老实。

  2. 没法啦,这一世有可能他们只能“砍”你一次,还不先下手为强... ;

  3. chris:
    直頭擺到明係要「昆」人啦, 仲要搾乾搾淨嗰種囉..

    就是因為這樣, 所以才沒有多少人願意去第二次囉.. 應該學習她的鄰居泰國囉..

  4. HHhmm, what kind of checkpoint is that? To have to pay USD20. I also won't feel nice like this. Makes note not to go to this lake. But good that in the end you all found a nice pub in a luxury hotel to relax.