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23.08.2008 | 微服出巡

幾日前同事ST一踏入公司就週圍話搭火車返工嘅時候撞見首相大人拉伯, 當時未有為意, 就係當佢三生有幸見到大人物咁咋囉.. 之後見到報章報道, 原來係拉伯微服出巡, 做一個早上嘅大眾上班族, 紓尊降貴乘搭市內公共交通前往目的地.. 結果深深體驗乘搭電動火車同輕快鐵嘅困境, 拉伯苦等數班火車先勉強逼得入車廂, 喺車廂內更與乘客傾偈以了解情況.. 拉伯最終用咗一個小時先到達目的地, 對公共交通設施十分之不滿..

全國上下有苦自己知嘅搭車一族, 聽到拉伯微服出巡乘搭公共交通, 並對設施大表失望之時, 相信係非常之心涼兼且雀躍萬嘅.. 因為呢一次出巡之後, 有關當局肯定猶如被拉伯隔空狠狠刮咗一巴, 實會「拮」起久貼懶佬椅嘅肥屁股, 知道事態嚴重喇, 會(不惜大灑金錢為求)採取適當行動改善.. 猶記拉伯得數年前剛剛上任一個星期後, 突擊臭名遠播嘅海關移民廳, 當場大動肝火批評其差無比嘅工作效率.. 之後, 當局立即採取行動改善, 而家申請護照唔駛一個星期, 一日就可以搞掂啦.. 希望拉伯出巡呢一招都會對公共交通設施嘅改善有所奏效啦..

欲知更多詳細報導, 請參閱以下報章報道: [南洋商報] [中國報] [星洲日報]
couple of days ago, colleague ST stepped into office and told (almost) everyone that she bumped into the PM in the train while going to work, not surprised but just thought she was lucky to have bumped into the VVIP of the country, that's it.. until the next day when reading the papers, only to find out that the PM was setting aside protocol to take the public transport secretly to experience the commuters' problem.. in his hour long journey to his destination, he took the notorious KTM Komuter and LRT, and deeply experienced the congestion and inconvenience of public commuters.. enroute in the train cabin, he talked to the fellow passengers to get understanding on the problem and complaints.. alight at his destination, he was totally disappointed with the public transport system, and would like an immediate improvement..

commuters nationwide, while heard the news of the PM's ride and his express of total disappointment, should feel rather happy for his deed i supposed.. with this incident, i can feel that the PM is virtually giving a slap on the respective authorities on their face over the air, and i'm sure they will quickly lift up their lazy fat ass, (plan for an unbelievable huge amount of budget in order) to do something in response.. i can still remember few years ago when the PM first report to duty, he visited the notorious Immigration Department by surprise, and on the spot he furiously complained the unreasonable low efficiency of the department.. the ministry then for sure got a shocked and immediately took action, and now that we can have our passport ready within a day instead of a week!! wasn't that effective?? well, hopefully after the PM's ride that day would be as effective to the public transport system's improvements..

for more news coverage on the incident, please read: [The Star] [New Straits Times] [The Malay Mail]
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  1. 赠给有关当局多一个扫把奖叻! :)

  2. 伯拉真是亲民的啦!!我好中意他今次“终于”肯落离体恤人民的苦生活,尤其是不完善的交通设备。



    我仲话,边度好似DR M 以前甘得闲,周不时自己走出来坐公共设施,身边仲没保镖,他真是唔顾身份啊!


  3. This action is considered good from him, but he should've done it ages ago, not now. And compared to all the other things that he should do and shouldn't do, that was nothing at all. He's still not a great leader.

  4. edward:
    管他給什麼什麼形式的impact, 總之我就是要坐觀其變, 看看有關當局如何改善..

    其實我也覺得這一步遲了很多啊.. 上任後就只有那麼一次的移民廳出巡.. 要不時最近大選慘敗, 有受到那麼多人民不滿和批評, 你覺得會有這次的出巡嗎?? 況且不止KTM和LRT啊, 其實還有很多民情是很需要他去了解啊..

    yes, i totally agree with that.. and really wonder what is the motive to do so in this moment of time?? is it an act to respond to the too much criticisms?? well, i don't care anymore, as long as this act could do something good to the people, and he has got a lot more "such actions" to feel the people's problem..

  5. 不知道什么时候会来 Johor 扮在路上驾 Motor. 看看有没有同胞拉他的腰包! 可以加踢一脚就更精彩!

  6. 算了吧, 你認為他那幾個四面埋伏的保鏢會那麼輕易讓歹匪靠近他咩?? 況且我覺得他也不會帶錢出街的囉..