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06.12.2008 | 多啦A夢

今日做咗件好童真嘅事, 就係去睇咗《多啦A夢: 魔界大冒險》呢齣電影.. 印象中我比較捧場嘅卡通人物, 除咗老夫子同蠟筆小新之外, 叮噹(我其實比較鐘意稱呼佢做叮噹多過多啦A夢)算係一路以嚟都常駐心中嘅一個經典卡通人物..

戲院內其實係得幾個小朋友架咋, 試問而家有幾多個小朋友會識得叮噹吖?? 入得嚟捧場嘅, 可以講清一色係同我一個年代嘅大細路, 大家應該都係為咗回味當年嘅童年回憶啩.. 講真, 我覺得好睇囉, 成齣戲有兩個小時咁長, 卡通電影中佢嘅誠意算係爆晒燈啦.. 而且成個故事都好solid架, 再加上編排得出奇地好, 間中又加插咗啲殺你一個措手不及嘅笑料, 我覺得係掂喎.. 仲有仲有, 技安同牙擦仔竟然冇再蝦大雄, 而且仲共同進退一齊毀滅魔界拯救地球, 實屬難得, 哈哈..

睇完好開心.. 叮噹啊, 誰都喜歡你, 小貓也自豪~~watched the movie "Doraemon: Great Adventure into the Underworld" today, and i gotta say that was something quite kiddish yet very happy.. if i'm not mistaken, besides Old Master Q and Crayon Shinchan, Doraemon is the one cartoon character that is always unforgettable in my heart, forever classic and evergreen..

just very few kids inside the theater, not surprising as i don't expect kids nowadays to know who Doraemon is.. i would say the patrons were all about the same age as i am, most probably trying to cherish all the good memories we had during the good old days.. and frankly, i do think the movie is an excellent one, a mere 2-hour animation movie is perhaps the longest one i have ever watched, that is something quite sincere i'd comment.. furthermore the storyline is solid, also the whole plot has been impressively good, not to mention those few sudden jokes added to the lines that caught you really out of surprise.. and what's more, Gian and Suneo did not bully Nobita already but instead they worked together to save dear Earth from the power of the Underworld..

walked out satisfactorily happy from the theater.. ang ang ang, totemo daisuki, doraemon~~
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  1. Hey Thambi deh! You'll always be a Thambi for having such a young heart to watch Doraemon. I love him too and some said I looked like his master. ...???


  2. I am a fan of Doraemon. :P

  3. I love Ding Dong ! When I was young, I had the full collection of the Ding Dong comic books, and I remember all his 'stuffs' from the pocket in his stomach ;)

  4. 好想去看...但好采我比你年轻...哈哈~~~

  5. weeeeeee i'm a doraemon. that's what my friend said. lmao

    i hate cockroaches too. eeeewwwwww hate hate hate tem

  6. 我還是喜欢叫他為"叮噹", 叫牙擦仔為"啊福"
    以前有個好友是"叮噹"的大粉絲, 樣子也像"叮噹"般可愛

  7. You went to watch Doraemon in Theater? How come here don't have in theater de?

  8. Well...this is 1 of my favourite when i was a kid. I used to rent the videotape of doremon...

  9. Medie007 scared of mouse :p ...
    I like to watch and read the comics of Doraemon *Two Thumbs Up*

  10. ok lah, at least i don't feel myself being 'old biscuits' when i step into the cinema to watch this movie...

  11. 叮噹....它是我的生命一部分.



  12. Twilight Zone:
    hey yende twilight bulana, i am no thambi leh, i'm just a classic cina pek, hahahaha!! that's why i went to watch doraemon dubbed in cantonese maa.. haha~~

    oooh, so you must go and watch that movie, i think it's quite a good one you sure will enjoy it..

    oh really?? how come you have the entire collection?? do you still keep them with you now?? hmmm, i only remember having read the comics once in a while :(

    管你, 我只不過大你幾~~個月罷了嘛, 哈哈!! 老實說, 還真的挺好看的囉..

    oh really?? you really look like doraemon?? hmmm, maybe we should meet up and let me see you in real, haha!! btw, doraemon is only afraid of mouse wor.. hehe :p

    對啊, 我還是喜歡他們以前的名字, 突然間換了我覺得少了那份親切感.. 你朋友現在還是很像叮噹嗎?? 呵呵 :p

  13. Vel6068:
    but this version is dubbed in cantonese, you know cantonese?? maybe not in JB since majority don't understand cantonese lor..

    ah yes, you reminded me of those video cassette for rental during our good old days.. haha!! i also miss the theme song very much.. :)

    yeah, doraemon was one of my favourite.. i was a bit blush to ask my friend to go watch with me, but in the end he is the one who wanted to watch it so much more than i did.. hahaha!! :p

    oh you watched it too?? it's true that adults like us are more dominant than kids in the theatre for this movie lor, haha.. so no worries~~

    大雄也是叮噹生活的一部份啊, 哈哈.. 不過現在很難再找到“正版”的叮噹收藏品了, 你找到的話記得告訴我哦.. 我也是朋友邀請去看的, 歹勢喇~~ :)

  14. You are true that kids nowadays are more into Transformer than Doraemoon. I do miss this cat very much as well.

  15. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    besides Doraemon, we still have Thundercats and Tom, haha!! maybe the only "cat" that kids nowadays know is Alex from Madagascar :)

  16. Haha, I know Alex also. Does it mean that I'm still kiddy? Hehe...I can see some childishness inside me sometimes.

  17. hey, i like Doraemon too!!! i even have the plush toy with me, hehe :p

  18. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    yeah, not only you, i also sometimes see some childishness inside me too.. ok ok, Doraemon meet Alex, Alex meet Doraemon, haha :p

    hehe, guess we have lots of Doraemon fans here huh?? perhaps other than bloggers club, we can setup a doraemon club too~~