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05.12.2008 | 色即是空

佛經《般若波羅密心經》有句無人不曉嘅「色不異空, 空不異色, 色即是空, 空即是色」.. 講嘅其實就係萬物本在心, 心有則有, 心無則無.. 不過而家卻被濫用於色情慾念上, 實屬可悲.. 我一向嚟都覺得呢一句嘢好禪, 雖然係有啲刁鑽, 不過如果諗深一層, 其實係頗有道理喎..

我突然間寫啲咁深嘅題材, 有冇嚇親啊?? 其實靈感來自「大嘴巴」, 哈哈:pthe buddist "Prajna Paramita" mantra has a very famous yet rather deeply philosophic statement which says "substance does not differ from emptiness and emptiness does not differ from substance, substance is equal to emptiness and emptiness is equal to substance".. could be a little twisted but if you can ever think deeper, it actually makes sense.. the meaning behind is that, everything is in our heart, if we think it exists then it will exist, if we think it does not exist then it will not exist.. i find this rather cool...

shocked by this sudden philosophical post from me?? inspired by "the big mouth" actually, haha :p
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  1. This philosophy sounded simple, but it's much tougher to practise it. At least I couldn't yet. :)

  2. wow ! so deep ;)

    at the same time, i also believe suffering is also enlightenment. only when we go through and overcome difficulties and challenges in life, we grow to become a better person.

    so, i personally think, it is ok to acknowledge that we are struggling, and have feelings, yet we are striving to overcome them. in doing so, so to create more positive values in our lives and lives of others.

    heehee...deep leh... ;)

  3. I truly understand this meaning. Next step is you should master the mind power to make what you think exists become a reality. I went to CF's yoga just now & almost died twisting myself. I wanted to calm my mind & loosen my tendons so that could do meditation better. Well, what is your next post SK?

  4. to me this mantra is not difficult to understand, but when it comes to practising part, i would say it is forever difficult.. :)

  5. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    totally agree with you.. are you intending to practise that?? then perhaps you are not looking forward to that "putrajaya after-walkathon incident" already, hahaha.. :p

    wow, you are deeper worr.. haha!! just like you have posted today about "secret ingredients", i think they are rather quite similar, don't you think so?? both are so deep and so "zen".. :)

    Twilight Zone:
    haha, i have been joining yoga last time but stopped since years back.. think i couldn't do it now, first thing is the rusty joints, secondly is the obstructing flabby fatty meat on me.. hahahaha!! next post?? still too early to think about it yet~~

    you are right, often it's easier to understand and to perceive, but actual actions always comes to the most difficult part of things..

  6. Dude, I understand what is the meaning of 色即是空 but the only confused me is what you wanna us to read and get out from your entry... hahaha ... *scratching my head*... errrrr

  7. 全因为一个"色"字累事, 善哉善哉。

  8. 还以为你那么有悟性,原来取自“大嘴巴”,挺搞笑的你!

  9. TZ:
    haha, and to confuse some readers is something that i wanna achieve lor, but no need to take it so seriously laa.. haha :p

    細佬, 好似話中有話喎, 快快話我之箇中乾坤啦~~

    哦, 不是取材於「大嘴巴」, 只是他inspired我寫這張貼子罷了.. 寫得還不賴吧??

  10. 还真的有嚇親~~还以为你参误了什么大道理...

  11. 答:此句經文是講精神與物質是一不是二,意義甚深。如果精神與物質是二,我們的心就不能轉變物質;正因為它是一,所以心可以轉變為物質,佛才說「境隨心轉」。物質就是色法,以「色」代表物質;以「空」代表自性,代表心性。為何以空代表心性?因為心性沒有形相,是我們六根無法接觸到的,眼無法見,耳無法聽,但是它確實存在,而且無時不在,無處不在。所以,我們起心動念能夠轉變外在境界,佛於唯識經論中常說:「一切法從心想生」。此心想是空,一切法是色法,色法是從心想變現出來的。因此,說「色不異空」,色即是空,空即是色;也就是說色是現相,現相就是自性,自性就是現相;自性是能現能變,現相是所現所變,能所是一不是二。明此深理即非凡夫,此為圓教初住菩薩之地位,《華嚴經》講的法身大士。因為確實真正的明瞭,所以煩惱、憂慮、妄想才完全沒有了,見解與諸佛菩薩無別。《心經》雖然只有二百六十個字,可以說是佛法的核心,把整個佛法詮釋的清楚圓滿了。
    我自問沒到這境界, 還常常掃塵...

  12. Learnt this mantra when i was 19, not understood at all though seem like understood. ........

    Took a long time to interpret and realize through gain and lost a long experience accumulated...but i interpret this diffrerently , it is a lot about "CHANGE"

  13. squall:
    不好意思, 嚇到你啊?? 哈哈, 那你要去喝杯咖啡定一下驚嗎??

    鐵拿兄, 小弟甘拜下風!! 你好得啊.. 睇完你嘅解答之後, 忽然有種恍然大悟嘅感覺..

    i think the basic idea of the mantra is there, just depend on how we intepret that, the meaning shouldn't deviate too much.. after all it intended to guide us better i supposed.. :)