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19.11.2008 | 日式意粉

本部落格第800篇貼子.. 好耐都冇寫關於美食喇, 今日同JY有個飯局, 嗰種拎起相機猛影食物嘅習慣又再捲土重來.. 今日揀咗谷中城呢間新開嘅「パスタ三昧」(Pasta Zanmai), 算得上係日本×意大利fusion, 因為用日式料理整意大利粉.. 其實店名用咗pasta, 不過說實在餐牌上清一色都係spaghetti, 係唔係應該"老實"啲叫做「スピギ一テイ三昧」呢?? 哈哈..

選擇頗多, 而且仲有分類(沙律類, 辣味類, 湯面類, 海鮮類, 肉類等等), 兩人點咗和風大蜆雜菌湯意粉同埋三文魚生魚子意粉.. 蜆菌意粉個湯底好清甜, 大蜆新鮮又唔腥, 加入雜菌係畫龍點睛.. 三文魚意粉用咗秘製醬汁, 加入蘿蔔蓉同三文魚子一齊撈嚟食, 好有特色.. 兩者都出奇地好味, 而且意粉係煮成我一向鐘意嘅al dante, 話時話真係好鬼得囉~~

埋單一共RM60我覺得唔貴, 食物掂presentation得, 環境清潔舒適, 服務都唔錯, 我會再次光臨試埋其他款式嘅意粉, 其中有個墨魚墨汁意粉我其實好想試架..
the 800th entry for my blog.. have not been writing about food for quite a while, had dinner with JY today and the habit of taking photos of food suddenly came back.. went to Pasta Zanmai newly opened in MV, should be considered as japanese and italian fusion, as they cook pasta in the japanese style.. actually the restaurant name is pasta, but throughout the menu we can only find spaghetti, i think they should be more "honest" to name their restaurant Spaghetti Zanmai instead?? haha..

quite a number of choices from the menu, and all conveniently categorised (salad, soup, seafood, spicy, meat etc), we ordered short-neck clam and japanese mushroom spaghetti in wafu soup and salmon sashimi spaghetti with ikura (salmon roe).. the clam mushroon spaghetti came in a nice clear soup, the clams were fresh and the mushrooms pieces just added a promising touch to the overall taste.. the salmon sashimi spaghetti was eaten with a special sauce to blend, mixed well with mash raddish and ikura, very japanese style indeed but just uniquely.. both were surprisingly good, and furthermore the spaghetti was cooked al dante the way i always prefer, thumbs up~~

the bill came at RM60 and i think it's not expensive, food taste good so as the presentation, clean and cosy environment, service was satisfactory.. will go there again to try out other items in the menu, and there was a squid ink spaghetti that i really wanna give it a kick..
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  1. drool drool in the middle of the nite after seeing all my favorite Japanese Food... 2 person for RM60 is not very expensive... need to pay a visit to this place :-)

  2. ZANMAI我帮衬过,食物便宜之余,价钱合理!不错不错!不过,有时候需要等很久才有味,因为顾客很多!

  3. 哇!好像很好吃喔!一定要找一天去试一试!

  4. ooo not bad... shall go try some day. :P

  5. Wow 800th? Congrats! You've come long way! How about popping champagne and celebrate? Now I just realised that I put on weight since I started reading all the food blogs. You guys lured me to try this & that! Alamak, that is big sin on your part lo. Heh, heh I am going to try Pasta Zanmai tonight!

  6. TZ:
    yeah, the food was good and not really expensive.. next time make sure you eat before reading my blog, haha :p

    我是覺得不貴, 但是還不能說是便宜啦, 可能你比較有錢吧?? 哈哈.. 我沒有等很久囉, 可能是weekdays關係吧??

    其實不是好像喇, 是真的很不錯囉, 可以去試試的~~

    yeah, i would suggest this restaurant actually.. go and have a try, and if you think it's not up to your expectation, then don't scold me :p

    Twilight Zone:
    yeah, 800 is just a mark but i'm aiming for 1000 now!! haha, hope you are having a good one later at Pasta Zanmai, then you can post your photos on your blog too!! haiz, just eat and worry later laa..

  7. i have tried this restaurant twice. The 2nd time i went, we ordered 6 types of pasta and 4 different types of dessert... delicious. The one i like most is the one with sesame sauce. Clear soup one not bad as well. Food are fresh and well presented. Worth going.

  8. luckily i read your blog after lunch, if i did it before sure my saliva is going to flood my desk, hahaha!!

  9. Suddenly my maggi instant mee next to my laptop is tasteless to me :) Sigh, I am wicked. Hope you get overweight from eating all that oh so lovely delicious food hahahahahaaahhaahhaah

  10. this week work out extra 2 hours at the gym!! :D

  11. Grace:
    wow, how many of you consuming that 6 pasta and 4 desserts?? well, there are actually more things i would like to try, certainly during my next visitssss..

    maybe whenever you feel like no appetite eating, just come to my blog and try your luck for remedy, hahaha!! :p

    same to you gaining lots of weights after having your instant noodles!! at least i gain weight because of food a lot nicer than yours.. hahahahahahahahah!!! :D

    actually i think pasta is not fattening, and the way they cooked are quite healthy.. i didn't feel sinned after the meal at all.. hehe!!

  12. 我試過 1U 嗰間呢﹐我都覺得唔錯噃。。

  13. 800th entry is definitely an auspicious sign. Congrats man. But the squid ink spaghetti, let me know once you've tried it...is it black?

  14. mynicole:
    1U間應該會比較多人係嘛?? 因為MV間仲新而且唔係幾覺眼..

    haha, not really but will wait till the 888th entry, haha!! yeah, the squid ink spaghetti is black, i think will try the next time, i had squid ink rissotto before, so i think should be nice..