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09.09.2008 | 瑣碎雜記

幾日前有個朋友話無聊嘅時候去google查詢"food delivery"字樣, 之後查詢結果list咗我呢個blog出嚟.. 嘩哈哈哈!! 難道我呢個blog真係同食物撇唔開關係?? 我諗我需要盡力為呢個blog洗脫美食blog呢個罪名..

噚日做做吓嘢, 收音機傳來一把番唱鄧麗君《我只在乎你》嘅聲, 嘩!! 係超難聽囉, 好似瞓緊覺咁成首歌由頭拖到尾.. 於是就問auntie MY呢位女歌手係乜水, 可以折埋從此唔駛出嚟唱歌.. 佢唔知, 不過聽到最後我發現好似係把男人女聲, 結果DJ公佈答案時, 真係啊!! 係某台灣樂隊SD綠, 外稱「雌雄同體」嘅男主音!! 噢埋葛!! 係嚴重難聽, 好鬼想星佢兩巴真係, 唔好侮瀆呢首歌啦唔該..

今日渾渾噩噩就咁過咗去, 朝早做自己嘅嘢, 中午開始就連開兩個短會+兩個長會, 一波接一波都未有時間發現自己咁忙, 開完會成7點鐘, 天色已經開始昏暗.. 其實忙都有忙嘅好, 時間過得快啲, 你未有時間去胡思亂想..

頭先放工同幾位同事去食飯, 又係韓國菜啊, 又係嗰間囉(如果你有跟我嘅blog實知係邊啦).. 本來都唔出奇啦, 一餐飯啫, 不過弊就弊在聽日會同朋友再去囉.. 聽日係預先plan好嘅, 今日係即興嘅, 計埋聽日, 係我今年第七次去幫襯喇..

[Misc 1]
couple of days ago, a friend told me he googled "food delivery" and got my blog in the search result list.. and i thot wow, that was pretty interesting, my blog is so gracefully linked to food, haha!! anyway, i think i should seriously consider to try to uplift the impression that my blog is a food blog..

[Misc 2]
overheard a voice from radio yesterday covering Teresa Teng's classic "I Just Care About You".. i thot that was very lousily sung, as if the singer is drousy and dragging the whole song from start till end.. so i asked auntie MY if she knows who the singer is, and that she can actually go back home and not sing in her whole life anymore.. didn't get an answer from auntie, but i actually found out later that the voice is actually from a guy, maybe he just has a woman's voice.. and bingo! when the DJ announced her (or rather his) name, it was what i had in mind earlier.. the lead singer from a taiwanese group called "SD Green".. OMG!! that was an absolute awfully sung song, feel like slapping HIM actually, do not insult this song please..

[Misc 3]
today just passed as if i did not know what had happened.. was doing my work in the morning, and later on from noon onwards, i was in two brief meetings and two long meetings, one after another till i have not had time to realised how busy i was.. it was 7 when everything was over, come to think of it, sometimes being busy isn't any bad, at least you have no time to think too much nonsense..

[Misc 4]
went dinner with colleagues after work just now, had korean food, and was THAT korean restaurant again (yeah, you are right if you have been following my blog).. actually there's nothing wrong about it, but things get worse when i am supposedly to go there again for dinner with some friends.. tomorrow's dinner was planned, today's was a spontaneous invitation.. including the visit tomorrow, it will be the 7th visit for me this year..
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  1. YES YES YES !! 那天我也听到这首歌的播出, 我还说唱到那么恶心竟然也能拿来卖. 声音好像卡在喉头难听死了! 真是不知所畏!

  2. haha..... is that bad meh? If so... that radio station is trying to torture their listener...


    Korean restaurant? which one?

  3. korean food good ma..at least kimchi is good for skin..lol

  4. edward:
    是囉, 你聽到的時候, 是不是很有那個星他兩巴的衝動?? 他可以回去睡覺囉..

    yeah, he was singing absolutely terribly!! better stay at home and don't sing anymore.. the korean restaurant in taman desa, tried before??

    yeah, the korean food is very nice.. kimchi is good for skin complexion?? didn't know that.. regret i didn't have korean since young, hehe..

  5. When people are famous and got money, they think they can do anything they want. The producers should be responsible for the lousy song.

  6. 星他两巴就没有啦, 不过真的有想枪掉他的咪咯! 我在卡拉ok里听到最刺耳的都不够他来

  7. legolas:
    err, that song is sung in a concert.. so i think there's nothing to do with the producer, but the singer himself!! OMG, you heard it and you'll know why..

    問題是他唱得一點不刺耳, 和普通karaoke裡的不同, 那些業余的唱了你會覺得好笑, 不過聽了他那首番唱, 你是覺得心煩, 好端端的為甚麼要去番唱?? 真的是世紀最爛番唱!!

  8. Read your old post.. notice you taken the PMP. I am interested in the course, any recommendation?

  9. yeah, i took the PMP before.. but the training center i went did not provide PMP course anymore, anyway you can try this center my colleague went recently, not bad..