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20.07.2009 | 珠光寶氣

我唔係個活躍於「飛士卜」嘅人, 之前覺得你poke我我又poke番你, 你送我一朵花我回敬你一籃生果, 一味禮尚往來好無聊, 所以真係差不多絕跡於FB.. 不過最近會較頻密登陸, 都係update下個status同埋睇下朋友upload啲相咁囉.. 其實個重點係因為最近無啦啦沉迷於FB游戲, 唔玩唔玩, 一玩就竟然玩上癮!! 至少我自己樂在其中, 唔係嗰啲投桃報李嘅無聊application囉..

i was not an active facebook person, because i think those you-poked-me-and-i-poke-you-back, you-gave-me-a-flower-then-i-send-you-back-a-basket-of-fruits kind of "games" were really boring and nonsense, that is why there was a time i've almost gone MIA in FB.. but recently i log in more often, mainly to update my status and to see photos posted by friend.. and of course the major reason for me to go in is actually the FB games, never play never know how addictive they could be!! anyway at least i enjoyed, and not merely those receive-and-give kind of application..
哩, 咪就係呢個「珠光寶氣」游戲囉, 鬼咁盞鬼, 搞到我不見天日無法自拔添.. 禮拜六晚呀, 仲因為某個朋友撼低我而憤憤不平, 搞到我踩通頂報仇咁濟, 終於都畀我贏返佢.. 不過我又唔想咁囂張喺度公佈得分排行榜, 不如自己click一click呢個鏈接睇睇啦.. :p

there it is, i present you the Bejeweled, the game i got so addictive with over the past few days.. i even stayed up over the night last weekend to take a revenge on a friend who beat me down, without realising it's deep night i finally reclaim my score over hers, haha!! anyway, i try to be subtle about this scoring chart and not going to post it directly here, why not click on this link to have a look yourself.. :p
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  1. i dont play this, i like to play WaWa WaWa...

    nowaday, a lot of ppl plays Mafia, so fed up

  2. that buaya also plays bejeweled and he also as addicted (same ranking) to this as u kekeee... but i only play restaurant city and barn buddy, donno whether i should expand my games not, that japanese sushi game looks fun kekeee...

  3. 哈哈!我曾经一度也是迷到无法自拔!上班时间都在"珠光宝气"!

  4. Lolz...
    lastime i play alot using my sister's smart phone..
    but now seldom play games ad..
    good la u enjoy it..haha

  5. A lot friends of mine are kinda obsessed with those games as well. But I never play with it so far, and trying not to as I don't wanna be one of them.

  6. I am one of those people who also don't get the "i poke you, you poke me" or "i send you a gift you send me one" kind of stuff going around a certain website.

    I much prefer blogging :)

  7. now i'm crazy with Farm Town..heheh....

  8. Wow! You are tops, man!! So geng chow!

  9. Bejeweled? 没玩过。之前有玩過Scrabulous,都幾鐘意。不過依家冇人同我玩啦。


  10. I need to admit that I am too old for this. However I do play PS3 games sometimes...haha.

  11. Recently playing Mahjong on facebook. More fun than Bejewel. LOL

  12. 我懒惰玩,知道一定会上瘾,所以逃避了:p好心你啦,睡觉啦~

  13. I am not so talented in the Bejeweled, but keep playing Restaurant City and the Mafia.

  14. 係没咧係没咧~
    Facebook D游戏是会上瘾的~
    God Bless u 咯~

  15. m also addicted with it, but not in FB la...
    colorful gem stones are really attracting :))

  16. Ah... Facebook games...

    No need to mention those names.. Just the host will do..
    Zynga, Pet Society, MindJolt and many more lol.... Now I'm starting to think that, facebook is more of a gaming place already haha....

    Texas hold 'em up!!

    Have a nice day :D

  17. Wois:
    oh, what is Wawa Wawa?? nice or not one?? let me go back and check it out tonight!! hahaha :p

    the happy go lucky one:
    aiyoh i think you should loh, since you always so free in the office got nothing to do, haha!! by the way, i see lots of people playing restaurant city and farmvilee woh, maybe i should try out..

    其實幾年前我的palm有這個game的, 那時也是玩到上癮.. 想不到隔了那麼久再玩回, 竟然還有它的魔力!! 厲害厲害~~ :p

    i'm those kind of people, if i don't play i won't touch, if i play i might get addicted to it.. hmmm, anything that interest me whether on PC or phone lor.. haha :D

  18. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    hmmm, you are right, try to stay away with them if possible, because most of the games are designed in such a way that you'll get addicted to it.. i have been a victim of bejeweled on saturday night!! sleepless~~ :D

    Mei Teng:
    haha, yes you are right, initially facebook doesn't come with so many applications, that is why i have not been logging in for a long time.. until only recently i started to play games and quiz, err, was quite fun actually.. hahaha!! anyway, didn't neglect my blogging at all.. :p

    Paul J:
    yeah, i saw people playing mafia, restaurant city and farm town.. i actually kind of wanted to start playing, but am afraid i'll get addicted again.. hmmm, shall i??

    hahaha, yeah i was so proud of that!! the top 3.60% of all players.. anyway the game is only 1 minute, so it's actually quite "thrilling" scoring such high points.. :p

  19. khengsiong:
    嘩, 你未玩過就應該試下喇, 好好玩架, 我覺得好玩過scrabulous好多囉, 哈哈!! 唔駛同人玩架, 係個人游戲, 幾盞鬼架.. 係囉, 都唔明白poke嚟poke去做乜, 無聊到死.. :D

    ok ok, then we are too young to play PS3 and Wii, correct?? hahaha.. but i supposed the PS3 belongs to your kids and not yours right?? :p

    hmmmm, yeah, i think the mahjong would be very addictive too.. but cannot laa, gotta control myself, or else i will have too much things addicted, no need to sleep meh?? hahahaha :D

    Kai and Baobei:
    老兄, 你是懶惰玩, 還是沒有時間玩?? 要講好來喎, 哈哈!! 沒有喇, 只是禮拜六那天放肆了一點罷了, 平時我是11點多就睡覺的喇.. :p

  20. Chin Weng 茶先生:
    ya ya ya.. i saw many friends playing Restaurant City and Mafia.. i'm a little bit shaken whether i shall start playing those as well.. but scared i'll get addicted again woh.. haha, how ah?? shall i?? :p

    你算係教訓uncle咁話喇噃係嘛?? 不過都係上癮一陣啫, 好快就會玩厭架喇.. 到時就try其他新游戲, 繼續沉淪, 哇哈哈哈哈哈!! 真係犯賤~~:D

    haha, i know because you don't even have a facebook account maa.. and i'm right lor, whatever games that are bling bling and 白痴白痴 no need to think too much, you sure will like one lor.. hahahaha!!

    haha, i didn't pay any attention to the hosts actually, just focus on my game.. well, at least the games are a hell lot more interesting than those poking here poking there and sending gifts over here and there right?? hmmm, i think you must be a facebook regular.. :p

  21. 哈哈哈!!我从来不掉入这个FB游戏陷阱的!!你不纪律啰 ;p

  22. lolz~ sometime i find facebook is quite boring...so i deleted alot of the applications and left a few which i m still interested to play :)

  23. Wah! So much free time to play games? So sad, me! Only have time for blogging! : )

  24. I'm not a fan of Facebook and Twitter, so not Facebook and Twitter for me at this moment : )

  25. i go in to play status ony. hahahahhaah

  26. i like to play bejeweled in FB too !!XD haha

  27. hehe used to play that at work before when there's nothing more to do or hen i want to relax a bit...also dynomite =)

  28. no FB for me but looks like I will sign up soon coz all my friends are asking me to have an acct already

  29. 雪芬:
    沒有喇, 只是偶然間掉入它的陷阱罷了.. 現在也沒有再玩了喇, 最多是login進入update status罷了.. 我都是三分鐘熱度的啦, 呵呵!!

    yeah it's actually quite boring.. haha, i have not added any application at all, and most of the time i ignore all the invitations also.. so what are you currently playing now??

    haha, just once a while only.. anyway blogging comes first before anything.. i've stopped playing the games now, but just login to FB to update status, and maybe get some updates from friends going-how only lor.. :)

  30. Medie007:
    hehe, same as you lah, most of the time i login to update my status, and sometimes comment on friends' status only.. that's it.. that game is just an exception.. :p

    hahaha, as i said, this game is actually very addictive.. i try to stop that in FB, but am trying to find a version that can be downloaded into my phone.. kekekeke :D

    i used to play that in my palm many years ago, but never did i play during office hours though.. you notti, hahaha!! yeah, you should sign-up for your own facebook account, that is a place where i met up with a whole bunch of long lost friends.. :)

  31. 我公司超多人玩这个"珠光寶氣"
    我可是面书白痴来@,从没有玩过去它@游戏 ~~

  32. I love computer games and those bejeweled too! However I prefer not be an addict like all my friends. Anyway it is cheaper tan playing golf mah.

  33. Shell (貝殼):
    呵呵, 其實不用facebook你也可以玩這個游戲啊!! 我記得以前我的palm有, 那時真的玩到無日無夜!! 想不到過了那麼就再玩回, 還會上癮的~~ :p

    Twilight Zone:
    hmmm, are you sure you like computer games?? i thought Arumugam only likes to chase Mrs Arumugam around the bushes and coconut trees.. hahaha!! this is the cheapest game of all, because it's free and you get so close to the nature.. :D

  34. i will do that soon, just so much things to do and i don't have much time logging into my social networks. i have friendster and multiply but everybody now seems to be shifting to facebook =(

  35. oh yes playing at work is fun, it's exciting when bos comes out all of a sudden hehe

  36. SK,仲话自己“唔想咁囂張”,结果又叫人“click一click”……你呀,好虚伪啊~ :p

  37. Ayie:
    haha, perhaps take a little time off from your blog and go into facebook instead?? my greatest surprise having a FB account was that, i found long lost friends and long lost friends found me.. it was really nice to have keeping in touch with them again.. haha, you are right, the more exciting the more fun yeah?? so did your boss complain about you playing games in the office?? :p

    "唔想咁囂張"同埋"唔囂張"係有分別架喎朋友, 哈哈!! 不過呢個post寫咗兩日之後, 即刻有朋友撼低我添, 現眼報囉, 呵呵~~ :D

  38. yeah i will in time

    boss didn't mind, he knows me too well. When he needs his jobs done he gets it on time even earlier so he's ok so long as I do my job right. =)

  39. 呢句“即刻有朋友撼低我添, 現眼報囉, 呵呵~~ :D”,笑到我…… :D 看你以后仲敢不敢甘嚣~ :p

  40. Ayie:
    hmmm, he is an open minded boss then, great!! i believe only calibre people like you are entitled to this prerogative from him huh?? :)

    哈哈, 不過我又再次返番去冠軍寶座喇喎, 你唔信可以去睇下架~~ 其實我一啲都唔囂張架, 你誤會晒喇~~ :p

  41. ahahahaha...boss is just cool and the office is not a big corporation. I work quite fast that's why I end up having spare time sometimes =)

  42. Ayie:
    haha, how i wish i could always work like that.. finished up thing fast, and have remaining time enjoying games in the office =p

  43. Not all the time sk...sometimes I had to do over over time =P

  44. Ayie:
    sometimes am too tired with work, really hope i could have a good rest.. or perhaps don't have to work at all but with income.. hehe :D

  45. and how's that possible? hehe

  46. Ayie:
    yeah, i have always been thinking about how's that's possible~~ any clue?? :p

  47. win the lottery? ehehehhe

  48. Ayie:
    hmmm winning lottery is not a good idea, cos it's by chance and not lasting.. i'm looking at unlimited supply of money here, hahahaha!! :D

  49. i heart this game a lot!!!

  50. Ayie:
    hahaha, this is a common human weakness, don't you think so?? :p

    ai wei:
    hahaha, yeah, this game is really addictive!! i remember staying up late with my palm for the game long time ago, and now i did it again on facebook, hahaha!!