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16.07.2009 | 集體回憶

收到朋友send過嚟嘅email, 裡頭有好多珍貴圖片, 就係我哋細個時候啲玩意.. 話唔定呢啲嘢除咗博物館之外, 都已經搵唔返架喇.. 當然, 我指嘅係197x同198x年出世嘅朋友, 大家一齊嚟回憶吓吖..
received an email from a friend, that consists of a bunch of precious photos reminding me of those little things we used to must-have when we were kids.. those little things that we would not be able to find elsewhere now, perhaps only in museums.. of course the target are those who were born in the years 197x and 198x, let's go cherish our memories..
憑我嘅描述, 睇下你估唔估到係咩?? click一click右手邊啲問候就有答案架喇..
see if you can guess them right from my description?? click on the question marks in the right-most column to reveal answers..
1.呢種餅乾應該都好難買到喇, 以前我哋見佢色彩繽紛就當係寶, 依家好似得啲師奶阿嬸買嚟孝敬路邊"兄弟"咋囉..
not easy to find this type of biscuits now, we used to love them like precious last time, but guess nowadays only aunties will buy them for roadside offerings to the spirits..
2.呢種游戲, 一定要用拖鞋玩先過癮, 一嘢飛埋過去, 邊個儲得多就係大佬喇..
this game must be played with slippers for the maximum fun, just fling your slippers and the one who collects the most wins!!
3.嗱, 求其用張紙折四邊, 跟住寫四個方向落去, 套喺自己嘅手指度.. 其實我都唔知要嚟做乜??
just get a paper and fold it with four sides, write the four directions on top, and then cap it on your fingers.. i don't actually know what's the purpose of this thing..
4.T字頭三個音嘅卡通片, 我記得當時係風靡全城架.. 每次睇完一定有樣學樣, 拎把寶劍係咁大力揮動.. 逢星期三TV3下晝5:30..
this is a cartoon series, starts with a T with three syllabus, i still remember how hit it was back then.. everytime after watching, will sure pretending to swing the sword like the main character did.. every wednesday 5:30pm at TV3..
5.各位靚女們, 你哋當年實有玩過呢樣嘢啫!! 係訓練你哋對時裝嘅觸覺架..
ladies you must have played this before, i am very sure!! perhaps this one actually trained you to become a fashionista??
6.當時如果有呢個咁嘅嘢的確係幾架勢堂吓架!! 拎去返學, 擺響個檯度, 你要小心個個爭住嚟摁佢啲機關掣喎~~
if you had one back then, i think it's something to be very proud of.. bring it to school, if you were going to place it on your table, beware of other mates to flock over and play with the buttons..
7.呢啲一舊舊嘅, 肯定每個人都用過啦.. 我記得以前有位同學喪咗咁去儲晒一整套, 跟住就個個都跟風, 結果買返嚟一大堆用成年都用唔晒, 都唔知為乜??
i am so sure everyone must have used this piece of thing before.. i still remember there was once a classmates buying a whole set of it, and everyone just followed, and ended up cannot finish using, that's like so crazy man..
8.我覺得Angelina Jolie未有紋身之前, 我哋已經有自己嘅DIY紋身囉.. 求其lueh啖口水上去, 是但印落自己身上隨意一處, 即刻有個壽命三日嘅紋身啦..
and i think we have already had our very first tattoo way earlier than Angelina Jolie had hers.. just spit your saliva on that, tap it anywhere you like, and you got one cool tattoo for three days, haha!!
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  1. The good ole days, eh? Can't figure out all of them. Nice list though.

  2. I can't read Chinese characters but the photo of the marble reminds me of those good old childhood days.

  3. 係呀係呀,全部都好經典啊!!!

  4. 读你的广东话,真的适应不过来。哈哈

    童年,也离我很远了。 i like to play marbles too...

  5. Wow! great effort on this post. :)
    Sweet ol' memories. Those were the times we fought, laughed, got bruised, and learnt a lot with our neighbourhood friends. These days, most kids juz glue themselves to their seats in their bedrooms surfing the net and comp games, and getting wimpish.

    p/s the biscuits are still easily found la....esp in shops selling prayer paraphernalia.

  6. Thamby I was born in 1928, still got happy Indian memories.

  7. i use to play this during school time.
    aiks, i getting older and older d.

  8. Good old times...Nowadays kids only got 3 types of games. All indoor one. Computer, TV and handphone. They can't live without the first and third item.

  9. HappySurfer:
    haha, actually the email has more than 50 items, i just picked some of the more familiar ones to post..

    Mei Teng:
    err, cannot read chinese ah?? rhen you can try to read the english lor, it's translation so it's the same, haha.. :p

    有冇咁勁?? 我唔信~~ :D

  10. 海市蜃樓:
    經典呀哩?? 係唔係好玩過你啲"蘋果"先?? 哈哈 :D

    要慢慢適應囉, 看不懂的話, 看英文也是一樣的嘛.. 童年離你很遠咩?? 應該不夠我遠吧?? :p

    frankly, i didn't do much for my childhood, because i studied from 7:30am till 5:30pm in school mon-fri, you know those whole-day schooling system?? so i really didn't have much time to get bruised, because i just sit on the classroom chair looking at books and blackboard.. hahahaha!! hmmm, yeah, i found those biscuits in carrefour and coldstorage laa, comes in loose weight.. kekekeke :D

  11. Twilight Zone:
    arumugam you were born in 1928?? oh, amazing thing on earth that you're still alive here!! haha.. :D

    凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng》:
    haha, i'm sure a lot of us have played the marble balls during kids time huh?? hmmm, kind of miss that.. :)

    oh yeah i gotta agree with you.. kids nowadays only play indoor with their computers, games and handphones - those things that we don't even have a chance to touch back in the good old days.. come to think about it, i can't live without a computer now too~~ :p

  12. i think the paper folding is still around. thundercats? or is it thunderdogs? LOL. but the rest very vague descriptions ler...

    number 8 is fun tho, but i never played it.

  13. Mine were ABCD erasers

  14. 老是令人回味的事。。个东南西北咧,其实内有乾坤的,每个角里面可以写2项野,咁里面迷有8行字咯,至于具体D点玩法我真系忘记咗啦!

  15. I guess I am older hence had tried only items 1 & 3 during childhood.

  16. 我的童年只有接触过1,7,8~;)



  17. 还有令你和我小时候玩的非常疯狂的LCT黑白游戏机。

  18. 估中6个咧。。哈哈

  19. 小時候,1-拜完拿督就拿來吃了~~哈哈
    7- 這個我沒有收集的習慣
    8- 這個我也有吃~~ 然後就粘在手。。哈哈


  20. 哗哗哗!好怀念!!
    要加一个, 女生很爱玩的, 没有图片,叫做“五粒子”。你知道是什么吗? ;)

  21. 我冇出貓架
    1 肚臍餅
    2 唔知
    3 東南西北
    4 thunder cat
    5 著衫紙公仔
    6 機關鉛筆盒
    7 擦紙胶
    8 香口胶紋身~


    yeah~~中七個~~(自己陶醉緊~ :P)

  22. Medie007:
    hmmm, still around?? do you know what is that thing all about?? i just remember open close open close, that's it.. haha, of course try not to be too direct, or else there's no challenge for you to guess what's the thing.. :p

    MH POON:
    huh?? you got it all correct?? wow.. but a little unbelievable.. yeah, i remember, i think you were the one who went buy the whole set of erasers, and then make us all follow.. hahaha!!

    Rebecca Kheng:
    請問你呢句"老是令人回味的事", 應該讀成"老,是令人回味的事"定係"老是-令人回味的事"呢?? 哈哈!! 係囉, 個東南西北, 我其實真係唔知做乜架喎, 淨係記得係咁開吓閂吓咁..

  23. Grass:
    hmmm, i think we are about the same age laa.. or maybe you didn't have those in your hometown?? :)

    可能你那個時代, 我們老一輩玩的東西就已經絕種了吧?? 哈哈.. 你的膠擦肯定是有同學偷了啦, 要不然怎麼會不見?? 你要想想和誰有仇了, 哈哈!! mamee有紋身貼紙咩?? 不記得有哩, 只記得有sticker罷了..

    哈哈, 有啊有啊, 我記得以前有兩個, 一個是popeye的, 另外一個是八爪魚的!! 其實還很好玩的哩..

  24. Stacey:
    嘩, 你都唔錯喎, 竟然可以猜中6個!! 嘩, 你竟然仲記得個東南西北!! 點玩架?? 我淨係記得開吓閂吓咁, 跟住??

    哈哈, 現在你不用等拜拜完了才吃, 可以去supermarket買到喇 :D 現在小朋友還玩那個東南西北咩?? 我一位他們全都玩handphone游戲了.. 呵呵, 對哦, 你的娃娃都很可愛, 果然是小時候訓練有術~~ 抱歉, 其實那張照片不是我拍的, 是email裡拿出來的.. :p

    我也有玩過五粒子, 不過沒有照片, 如果有的話肯定會include進那個list裡面囉.. 其實還有很多遺珠, 放不完進取囉..

    嘩, 你都勁喎, 估中咁多, 其實我啲描述都好似好vague咋喎, 證明你以前成日都顧住玩唔讀書囉, 哈哈!! 啲閃咭哩, 有架有用拖鞋去劈架, 一唔係就用口吹囉.. 你知唔知東南西北係做乜架其實?? :p

  25. 1.flower biscuit - round base with colorful icing sugar on top
    2.fing slipper.. nvr play this one..
    3.how many times.. open close open close
    5.paper doll.. with clothes clips
    6.canggih pencil box
    7.eraser.. with lots of flags printed on it
    8. wrapper from chewing gum.. the name, black n white?

  26. I've go those correct for the 1st 5 questions lo. The last 3, I couldn't afford to buy wo last time. Anyhow, I love the "Thunder...thunder...thunder...thundercats....oooooo" the most!! But I like Cheetara wo....keke..

  27. 那饼是我的最爱~ 我们都叫“ROTI花”。喜欢泡MILO丢在里头泡着吃!

  28. 我是199x的哦!但是都有玩过哦!哈哈……我突然也很多回忆!^^

  29. im 1990 i, bt i play it too...u muz say to hose kampung guys....hehe...long time didnt play ady...

  30. 真係好懷念舊時d嘢啊 >.<


  31. 點同呢,兩樣都唔同年代嘅玩意。不過呢啲集體回憶確實曾經帶畀我好多天真無邪嘅快樂時光。時代變遷,好多嘢都只可以埋藏系心底,用回憶嚟重溫。

  32. Danny:
    errr, are you trying to tell me your guess, or you just type what you see from the answers?? hahaha.. i don't think the chewing gum is called "black and white", actually i don't think they have a name too, haha!!

    haha, so that means you got 5/8 or 8/8?? hmmm, you guys are all so good, can guess correctly so many of them.. last time you didn't have money to buy, so now i think you can afford to buy for yourself maa.. bring that mechanical pencil case to your office laa, sure lots of oooohs and aaaahs around!! hahahahaha :D btw, cheetara is one of the thundercats character?? can't remember already.. :)

    Chris Chia:
    哈哈, 其實那個時候都不知道那種餅乾叫做甚麼名, 現在知道它叫"肚臍餅"或"花沾餅"囉.. 我沒有浸在Milo裡吃, 我每次都是先吃那個糖, 然後才吃那個餅底的, 呵呵~~

  33. 穷光蛋市长:
    哦, 真的嗎?? 連199x的人也有玩過啊?? 我以為你們的年代已經全部玩電動和電腦了哩.. :p

    haha, yes i was quite surprise you played them before.. i thot those born after 1990 should all only play computer games only leh~~ :D

    都真係好懷念架.. 而家都好難可以搵到雜貨鋪囉, 不過你想買嗰啲餅咩?? 我知carrefour有喎, KLCC間cold storage都有喎, 仲係斷斤計架喎.. :)

    咁又係, 好多嘢都係失去咗先至會懷念同買珍惜嘅.. 再者, 人長大咗, 自然個眼光同埋思想都會唔同, 對人對事對物嘅觀點都會改變.. :)

  34. the biscuit can b easily found in those shop mentioned by anton kekeee... and i got almost correct kekeee

  35. hahaha...very nostagic...
    well...i guess all correct! hahaha...
    but no.2, i usually use hand to play one :D

  36. I've got 5/8 only lo. Buy that pencil case and bring to office? Haha, my coll will soooo admire me then. Yes la, Cheetara also you don't know. The sexy girl who can run very fast 1 ler. Damn cun tau.

  37. the happy go lucky one:
    yeah, i saw those biscuits in carrefour and cold storage, in the weighing section.. wow, are you sure you got all of those correct?? hmmm, you must be playing a lot when you were a kid :p

    hmmm, another one who played more than he studied, how could you guess all correct?? hahahaha.. i remember we use to blow the cards, the one who can blow it off furthest will win, hahaha!!

    haha, i guess you can still get those mechanical pencil case right?? think most of them are Ben-10 now, hahahaha!! sure you'll cause a hit if you use it in office.. hmmm, i'm not fans of thundercats mah, so cannot blame me for not knowing cheetaria.. :(

  38. Haha, some of them I really NEVER seen oh. :P I guess I just got the first one and the last one correctly. Others some seen, some never seen. :)

  39. I remember the rubber! Yeah the rubber hor, must buy brand NEW one de, if not the side become dull very hard to flip the rubber loh. Then lose de. :P

    I always lose one loh, because I lazy buy new eraser :P

    In my time the craze was flicking pen. Take pen, flick it, and make your classmate's pen fly out from the table. So my friend all bring out the 10 kilo pens, then cannot shoot their pen out. :P

    Haiz I also lose because my pen is 10 g not 10 kg :P

    Anyway you should take a look at this, might win something oh ^^


  40. hmmm.... where is all my flag printed eraser? i collected and i have lots of different countries just don't know where i place now...

  41. Freedom09:
    hmmm, you are more realistic for not getting all correct then.. just few reason: you were born at a different time era, or you have not played anything other than studied too much, or you just kept in the house playing computers.. hahaha!! :p

    oh, what did you play with the erasers?? flipping them, i really cannot catch a ball.. and the pen flicking, hahahaha, you are crazy man, where from the hell could you get a 10kg pen?? hahaha, you can't even use it to write a thing.. hahahaha!! oh, have been waiting for your contest leh, but i don't read one leh... if i could win, can i swap the prize for something else?? kekekekekeke :D

    haha, and you are trying to look for them now?? oh come on, even if you still keep them, i doubt they are still in good condition - don't deceive yourself laa, it's AGES LONG AGO old man... hahahahaha!! :D

  42. 你的POST勾起了我的童年回忆 ^^

  43. 叔叔阿,真得很有回忆勒!!!

  44. almost all correct, not all, tat pencil box i didn get it right :P nole, i was very shy n quiet (still is lah) one, only admired ppl play from one small corner :P

  45. uLi.佑莉:
    呵呵, 其實收到那封email都有一段時間, 現在才有時間和大家分享一下, 抱歉抱歉 :p

    哈哈, 那個紋身, 有時真的很不耐囉, 大熱天流多一點汗滴話, 分分鐘都會不小心就這麼擦掉了.. 哈哈!! 我記得在學校老師不給的, 會罵我們然後叫我們洗掉的, 幾衰喔呵?? 抹殺我們的童真~~ 哈哈!!! :D

    the happy go lucky one:
    hahaha, you are shy people?? hmmm, but from your blog i think you are not really shy, you are very daring to express yourself rather explicitly woh.. :p

  46. hello~ I played guli and sands ok! How come you think I'm such a spoilt kid. T_T Bad bad SK!

  47. You got quite a lot of old stuff from you childhood. Your stickers and pencil box is so retro! I did watch Thundercats on TV3. LOL

  48. Freedom09:
    hahaha, no offence but i thought kids nowadays only play computer games indoor, parents don't allow them to dirty themselves to play outdoor maa.. hahaha!! :p

    haha, sorry but those things are not mine, just some photos from the email i got from a friend, well it's forwarded chain mail so don't know the source also.. yeah, i have that kind of mechanical pencil case before, that was very cool back then, hahahaha :D

  49. playing marbles was fun, i collected a lot before and also i miss those childhood games

  50. Good childhood memories! I like those biscuits with the sugar icing on top! Always eat the icing first then only eat the flour base. In fact, I don't mind eating them now! Haha!

  51. Thundercats! My favourite cartoon show too! And Mumra, my favourite villain! : )

  52. Ayie:
    yeah, i remember i used to have a bag of those marles, escpecially when times there were some rather fancy and shiny type.. but i have no idea where they have all gone now..

    hahaha, you are right, exactly the same here!! eat the icing first then only eat the biscuit.. in fact i'm doing the same now, i'll split the biscuits, lick the cream between and then only eat the biscuits!! hmmm, ya ya ya, i remember mumra!! hahaha.. you have a good memory huh, i almost forgotten this.. :D