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27.05.2010 | 隨身物品

各位朋友, 你出門嗰陣, 有邊啲嘢係不可缺少, 唔帶喺身邊你會終日囉囉攣架呢?? 以下三樣物品, 絕對唔喺我個list度, 而係我觀察到他人攜帶, 從而有點微言嘅隨身物品..

what are those things you must bring along when you go out, not having them with you makes you feel uncomfortable?? the three accessories below are not in my list, but are from what i observed, those that people carry, that i have some comments on..

[黑超] 今日見到兩個怪人唔同時間場合黑超不離臉.. 一個係天朦光火車箱內, 一個係夜晚健身院內.. 好搞笑囉, 乜啲柔和燈光好撐眼咩?? 又唔係咩大明星怕狗仔隊, 黑嚒嚒戴咩黑超呢?? 如果佢哋唔小心扑親呢, 我會係第一個(手指指)哈哈大笑囉, 哇呵呵呵呵!! :D

[shades] saw two weird person wearing sunglasses today, different time different place.. one in the morning where the sun hardly shines inside the train, another one during dusk in the gym.. i think that is very funny, are the soft lightings too strong for their eyes?? furthermore they are not celebrities afraid of paparazzi, why the hell wearing sunglasses indoor?? if they were to trip and fall, i'd certainly be the first to LMAOROTF, wuahahahaha!! :D
[波鞋] 呢幾日喺某個(不便公開)場合上, 坐我隔離條友仔鐘意鐘意就除鞋抖涼.. 本來都唔介意嘅, 但係一除就一陣臭酸宿味撼埋嚟.. 對鞋同襪好似著九萬幾年冇洗過咁, 好惡頂囉!! 真係好想叫佢唔該著返對鞋, 今晚返去洗, 聽日換過對新鞋啦喂!! 真係吖, 冇公德心呀..

[sneakers] was in an event (not convenient to tell) these few days, where the guy sitting next to me likes taking off his shoes.. i don't mind that actually, but once his shoes are taken off, immediately there comes an unpleasant smell.. as if the shoes and socks were worn for 90,000 years but not washed, disgusting!! i really wanted to ask him put them back on, go home wash them tonight, and come with a new pair tomorrow!! oh gosh, so inconsiderate..
[挽袋] 最近啲男性挽袋越係普遍, 十個當中, 我就覺得有九個半係好難睇.. 唔係話個袋, 而係拎袋個男人.. 呢種袋唔係話潮你就要盲目跟風架嘛, 我覺得好難carry得有型有款架囉.. 呢九個半男人, 一啲都唔潮, 反而係成個師奶格, 拎住個"蔡瀾布袋"招搖過市, 弄巧反拙不過此而..

[tote bag] men's tote bags are getting more common now.. but out of 10 i saw 9.5 are ugly, not the bags themselves but those men who carried them.. one shouldn't blindly follow the trend, i think it's not easy to carry such tote bag and look macho smart, it's not meant for everyone.. so these 9.5 men i saw, none of them are trendy but just very auntie to me, as if carrying a recycling grocery bag walking on the street.. a backfire case, and that's it i see..
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  1. 除了基本的放在背包里,我一定要有一支水瓶防身,毕竟出门以后要找水喝很麻烦,而且去便利店买很贵。

  2. 不适合的场合, 扮有型,戴墨镜,乞人憎。

    话到脱鞋,有时在吃早餐看见隔壁还在摇脚搓脚趾, 吓死人。


    SK 你又如何?

  3. 我都有拎袋出門,不過係環保袋。。。

  4. Yes, i feel these tote bags are not suitable for boys.. maybe we r not used to seeing them...somehow or rather.. either we r backdated or we need more time to adjust ourselves.. :)

  5. 戴黑超可能純粹為咗遮眼袋/黑眼圈,又或者啱啱喊完,啲微絲血管爆曬,就算環境點暗都帶住囖。仲有一個可能性就喺畀人打到眼腫。

  6. Do men really carry tote bag? Uh...i don't know about this trend and so far have not seen any before.

  7. Have you heard of men carrying clutches (small hand held bags)? Think male purse...haha. Weird to see men carrying totes.

    I see your point about that guy wearing shades in the gym. How to work out in the dark?!

  8. a big ' mini market' bag is compulsory for me lo..
    now i know, next time i wont bring it when meeting u guys lo.. ;p

  9. yeah, 最近回来见到那些男人拎个大袋,以为很有型。我觉得很gay, 什么男人味都没有啦!

    Btw, I am back lah. Will contact u soon to catch up ! :)

  10. i always carry my lacoste retro bag with me... luckily everyone say i'm able to "carry" it~ hahaha

  11. 1) 就係对自己嘅外形冇信心,先至会“猪”多作怪,人地盲公陈喺街边拉二胡揾食先至扮有型,乜其他人都係有眼无珠架咩?扮到成个盲公陈咁样先至多丑怪!哈哈~~~

    2) 哈哈~~你迷以臭还臭,攻番佢囉!可能佢一闻到你阵十万年老泥香,即刻咁拜下风收脚,从此弹到冇雷公咁远!哈哈~~~

    3) 咁有係喎,唔係个个男士拎袋都会有型好睇!有时都唔明白人拎你有拎,乜你次次出门都最少几公斤重,(走私白粉?),人家一身打扮轻便潇洒几good fit吖,你就一身累赘成个师奶,乜型乜格都冇晒!最惨仲俾SK捉正,放上佢个万人BLOG发挥群众力量诸般鞭挞,问你死未!哈哈哈~~~

  12. totally agree with you there my friend..and as for me, i certainly will bring my balls..it feels naked without them = =

  13. i always bring extra money~

  14. Man bag? You're right.. not many guys can carry off the look well indeed! To me, they just look gay! :P Haha
    As for smelly sneakers.. OMG.. I pity you! I really hate the smell of smelly shoes and socks man.. How could the guy be so inconsiderate!

  15. Agree, some of the tote bag guys carry are like for 'aunties' ha ha ha!

  16. It is worse when someone took off their shoes on plane and put the feet at the gap near window seat. The smell can be strong till drop dead.

    Tote bag is so ladylike bag.

  17. [shades] yo man trend mah..haha perhaps that guy at the gym has got red eyes. Btw do you know if you wear sunglasses at night while driving in the rain they say the vision is better. Have not try lately no rain and no driving at night. Will do a test next time..

  18. [sneakers] stinko shoes and socks use the some kind of spray aiya forgot the brands name..not sure can work or not..hehe.

  19. [tote bag] honestly have not seen any guy holding on to one as yet but my reaction would be negative..tQ

  20. eh eh eh... "hak qiu"
    i want to buy lalat-look-alike "hak qiu"!!!!! but tobby always laugh at me, so last last also din buy...
    wear hak qiu very yao yeng leh!

  21. but i never see anyone wearing indoor wor..
    ahahaha.. got 1 time is at night..
    already dark enough still wear wor.. =.=

  22. eeeeeeeee......... so dirty....
    yucks.... u are smelling the smelly feet..

  23. eh, for how long? =.="
    got poison one leh, got go body check up after that or not?
    later u become zombie then u know.. AHAHAHAHAHHA..

  24. last time tobby's got a friend also recycle his stokin for dunno how many millions years dont want wash.. wah.... smell like ikan masin leh...

  25. smelly dao... beh tahan..

  26. 3rd one hor..
    yeah.. i think guys carry bag for girls hor.. very ugly!!!

  27. if just carry when the girl go toilet a while then still ok lah.. if go shopping carrying ALL THE WAYYYYYYYYYYY

  28. OMG~~ really si ah niang.. =.=

  29. hmmm.. while me.. very easy one..
    just money, ATM card, hp, credit card, jusco card, condo card key..
    and that's all.. =.=

  30. Actually, i think that telling the person that his shoes and socks are smelly is doing him a favour, coz he won't be able to know it for himself.

  31. My handphone !!!! Definitely !!! :D without him, i cant survive the whole day !!!

  32. maybe they have photophobia. hahahaha. go CT scan! :P

  33. 男人除非真的很有气质or很帅or打扮得宜,才能carry到那样子的bag
    很ah beng or 很leung
    哈哈哈 :p

  34. 忘了报告我的随身物件




  35. 是咯

  36. none of those things leh...i will bring money keke

  37. For me ar, I think the MUST-BRING things are cash, credit card and handphone :D

  38. 安东尼:
    呵呵, 以前我會在背包放一瓶水, 那是讀書的日子喇.. 現在覺得很麻煩一下.. :p

    #1: 係囉, 真係懶有型咁.. 所以話鬼唔望佢睇唔清楚扑親, 我就最開心~~ :p
    #2: 嘩, 除鞋不特止, 仲要捽腳趾?? 好麻甩好核突囉.. 你同事啊??
    #3: 平時你都係兩手空空架?? 我通常都會帶個袋, 方便裝嘢嘛~~

  39. khengsiong:
    你唔係環保袋當手袋用係嘛?? 咁肉算~~ :D

    i can still accept some who can carry them well, but really it's not suitable for every guy.. just like skinny jeans is for skinny people not fat people right?? :D

  40. 海市蜃樓:
    唔係囉, 我見到呢兩個人, 肯定係對眼冇事, 分明就係想扮有型, 不過大佬啊, 唔該睇下咩時間咩場合啦..

    oh yeah, you didn't notice there are lots of tote bag designed for men?? and actually quite a lot of guys carrying them, but sadly, almost all look ugly with them..

  41. Mei Teng:
    errr, i think i've seen men carrying cluthes (but of course for men), mostly are uncles, hahaha!! but as for totes, mostly young guys, but i really think they don't look any good with that.. yeah, i wonder why she needs that sunglasses in the gym, strange enough!!

    haha, no lah, you are a naturally born posh fashionista, so i believe that you have excellent taste to get one that is suitable for you geh~~ :p

  42. 雪芬四海为家:
    哈哈, 你有看到呵?? OMG, 真的一點也不有型, 整個師奶那樣, please!!! 我知道你回來了喇, 不過明天有training不能去那個lunch gathering囉..

    your LACOSTE retro bag is those tote bag i'm referring to meh?? oh, bring it out next time when we meet ok?? hehe~~ :p

  43. edward:
    #1: 哈哈, 你就係話醜人多作怪啫?? 不過又冇你話到盲公陳咁low啦, 話晒都係後生仔一個.. 只不過係想學人潮一潮, 不過場合時間唔妥當囉..
    #2: 哎呀, 咁我一定唔夠佢斗啦, 我對鞋襪好乾淨, 一啲味都冇架!! 不過如果要以臭還臭, 或者我放篤屁會勁啲, 哈哈!!
    #3: 所以話囉, 個個都盲目跟風, 我都覺得好無奈啊.. 你睇下一街都係呢啲"布袋師奶", 都唔知好笑定好嬲囉其實.. :p

    so what balls are you bringing along with you?? and one ball or two balls?? :p

  44. Kelvin:
    haha, it's not very safe to bring too much money with you btw~~

    to me they just look like auntie instead, just follow the trend blindly but never thot whether it's suitable for them or not, haiz.. yalor, i really hate those people, so inconsiderate!! maybe i should take revenge by farting a good one for him yeah?? hahahaha~~

  45. Pete:
    absolutely!! those tote bags already very unisex, if you are not macho enough, it really makes you look like an auntie going to the wet market.. :D

    Ghosty Nana:
    no matter where they put their smelly feet, if they are smelly, i'm sure the smell will go everywhere!! and guess what, it's just next to me, i really wonder why they can't smell it themselves?? tote bag is not only ladylike, but auntie-like indeed, hahaha!!

  46. Bananazஇ:
    #1: no lah, totally nothing wrong with their eyes.. they just purposely wear it to act posh and trendy only.. hmmm, wearing sunglasses at night?? i thot sunglassed are meant for under the sun only??
    #2: aiyoh, the problem is, he himself can't smell the stinky feet!! maybe he's already used to it and got immuned already.. how sad~~
    #3: err, it's getting more and more common.. go to shopping malls and a big chance you'll bump into a few such "aunties"..

    #1: why tobby laughs at you?? i think those lalat hak chiew very ying woh!! don't bother about him lah, you just buy lah.. but don't wear indoor lah, later people thought you are a mistress trying to hide from the wife!! hahaha~~
    #2: yalor, i also dunno how he can stand his own smelly feet one!! somemore want to take off the shoes, and dunno this is so inconsiderate for people to smell his feet!! aih, i also dunno what to say lah..
    #3: no, those are not their gf's handbag, but really guys bag!! but then tak jadi lah, they carry already totally look like auntie lor, you know what i mean?? but you won't ask your Tobby to carry your handbag for you one hor?? hahaha~~ :D
    ok ok, i see, you got a very HUGE purse in order to put in all those cards eh?? haha, FYL..

  47. Gratitude:
    oh really?? you think i should do that?? hmmm, but i feel reluctant and scared that will offend him.. anyway, today he didn't do that, and hopefully not for tomorrow also.. :)

    Kai and Baobei:
    yeah, i think you always carry your handphone everywhere, to take photos on things you see?? hehe, actually now everyone must bring along handphone with them already..

  48. Medie007:
    errr, i don't know but really think they are very weird as they just look absolutely healthy to me..

    那些有氣質有貴氣有型的, 拿那些包包當然好看, 不過普遍上不是那麼容易carry的, 不過就很多人盲目跟風, 結果都變成auntie了!! 好笑.. 嘩, 你的包包肯定是很大的一個囉, 要裝那麼多東西, 而且有時還要幫你的迪爾帶呵?? 不過女人拿大大個包包OK喇..

  49. 天王之子:
    哈哈, 你說到比我還要毒哦!! 所以那些男人都已經變成"auntie"了?? 呵呵~~ :D

    haha, then very good.. but don't bring too much money, it's not safe oh~~ :p

    and also your second husband, your DSLR leh, else how to take photos?? hehehe~~ :p

  50. I don't wear sunglasses so I don't really bother ppl with the sunnies. they think they so gaya that in the dark oso must wear them.. somemore must wear EXTRA large one!

    da sneakers part i almost faint while reading.. can 'smell' from here how smelly it is.. yucks! *faint*

    lol at the tote bags.. not the bags themselves but those men who carried them? lol.. they are ugly.. so they are trying to divert their ugliness to the bag! :D

    have a nice weekend SK :D

  51. 带的东西也要看场合吧~
    只要合时宜 就不会觉得怪了

  52. well, sometimes sunglass to hide sore eyes and after eye surgery..

  53. Aisehman! Give them benefit of the doubt mah. Maybe they have sore eyes and didn't want to pass it on to others or perhaps they've just undergone lasik or other eye surgery and eyes are still sensitive to light.

    The shoe guy - he must know one, that's why he takes them off to air them. Oops! Why didn't you move down the block to let him get the message. You'd rather stay back and 'enjoy' the ill-fume? hehe..

    The tote bag story - I guess we need to get used to seeing men with tote bag as more and more supermarkets are going no-plastic-bag, eh? Paradigm shift.

    Ahh, things we can't do without when going out. Topping the short list would be "brains" because sometimes, some people leave home without it. No?

  54. Some people wear sunglasses even when there is no sun because they are celebrities!! Haha

  55. Or they stayed up late at night and got panda eyes so need to hide them with a pair of sunglasses lah : )

  56. Or perhaps they got into a fight the day before and wanted to hide their blue black eyes behind the sunglasses!

  57. Or they want to oogle at pretty ladies or handsome guys without being noticed! Haha!!

  58. Or they are famous bloggers and need to hide their identities. That's why you won't see me wearing dark sunglasses indoors cos I am a panda blogger! LOL!

  59. Or they can lie when being talked to cos even if someone is an expert in lying, you can still tell by looking into their eyes!!

  60. Or they simply want to look fashionable and trendy like Neo in Matrix : )

  61. I can't stand smelly feet!! I really can't!!!

  62. You should tell the guy his feet is smelly or at least give some hint like "Do you smell that awful smell?"

  63. I won't want to be caught dead with a tote bag!!

  64. I agree with you most men who carry it look like aunties!!!

  65. I wonder why they even have such a bag for men! Goodness!!!

  66. i never carry any of these...just the wallet and handphone nia..as simple as that..dun even have a shade haha..

  67. They must be vampires which cannot be exposed to the lights. :p

  68. If the person is your friend, just condemn him. :p

  69. I thing men's tote bags are so damn freaking gay bro. :p

  70. 我需要一個大bag就ok喇!

  71. Tobby laugh because he said I look like BAJA HITAM.. =____="

  72. eh.. some sun glasses really can wear at night one.. especially when u driving, coz some irresponsible drivers will using the "white light" right?

  73. then must use the sun glasses already.. Tobby got 1 sun glasses very geng chao one.
    geng chao until i also dunno how to describe here leh... =.=
    nvm.. next time i blog the geng chao-ness out

  74. the smelly feet ar, for them maybe wangi gua...

  75. hmmm.... =.="
    u know la.. i got no life one... =.=
    i never see any men carrying those bags wor...

  76. and I wont ask tobby carry my handbag for me one although he doesn't mind at all, coz it looks really ugly la....
    so niang.. eeeeeee

  77. then i seldom use headbag one..
    I only need very small purse to sumbat hp and everything then tadang.. gao dim
    * no life.. =.=

  78. 讲时讲,我都有一只黑色大包,出去时,都系我老公攞。。咁我咪无形中整衰紧佢咯?哈哈。。拿拿拿,佢自己主动讲帮我拎架!

  79. Merryn:
    it's not about whether you wear or not, but it's because they are so wrong to still wear them in the dark, thinking they look so stylish.. i really don't understand why?? oh yeah, thanks for understanding how bad the situation was that i was caught it, that unpleasant smell was really torturing!! luckily he didn't turn up today, so i don't have to suffer today, hahaha!! hmmm, it's true, i think those bags actually look nice, but just that those that carry them look exactly like aunties taking grocery bags to the market, you get what i mean?? hahahaha~~ hey, it's long weekend, you have an enjoyable one too.. :)

    問題就是根本就不是戴黑眼鏡的場合啊, 所以我就是覺得很怪, 只有他們自己覺得很有型罷了..

  80. wenn:
    errr, i don't think they have problems with their eyes, i can really see that they are just trying to act stylish, i mean from their attitude i can really see that..

    #1: hmmm, i really think it's not what you think about benefit of the doubts.. i can see from their attitude, they are just merely wearing the sunglasses as accessories to show off, but too bad, in such inappropriate manner..
    #2: hmmm, i think he can't smell it himself, taking them off to air his feet?? well, if i know i have smelly feet, i will sure be very considerate not to do so.. haiz, anyway, thank god the event is over and today he didn't turn up, so i can say i concluded the day with a happy "smell"~~ haha~~
    #3: errr, the thing is, the grocery bag actually suits them, haha!! it's totally different case at all, when they have these tote bag that they think are stylish, they would somehow give out a look-how-stylish-i-am-and-you're-just-carrying-that-old-fashioned-messenger-sling-bag kind of signal.. that is exactly what make them ugly..

  81. foongpc:
    #1: nope, for sure they are not any kind of celebrities, and nope i don't see any problem with their eyes too.. it's just that kind of attitude that they projected, as if showing off with their sunglasses trying to tell others how stylish they are.. but too bad, in a very inappropriate manner!! oh, as i say, if they accidentally trip and fall, that would sure be very funny!!
    #2: hahahaha, hey, that could be a very good response to that smelly feet!! haiz, you should have come comment on this earlier, because the event ended today but he didn't turn up.. hahahahaha!!!
    #3: errr, i gotta admit some guys can carry those kind of bag well.. but sadly to say, most of the guys that carry tote bags are just so auntie, blindly follow the trend without understanding whether the bag suits them or not.. haiz~~

    yeah, normally i just bring along my phone and wallet, and those two are the most basic and essential.. unless i got more things to bring, then only i would consider bringing my sling bag along.. as for shades, ummm, don't really need them unless i go travel elsewhere - more of a touristy thing yeah?? :)

  82. Tekkaus:
    #1: hahahaha, but if they cannot be exposed to lights, then they should not only cover their eyes but the whole body, haha!!
    #2: hmmm, the problem is, he is neither a friend nor any close acquaintance.. it would be embarrassing to condemn, anyway, the event's over, that's it, i'm safe now, haha!!
    #3: gay still ok because it may mean stylish.. but to me, they just are very AUNTIES, you get me?? :D

    你是女孩子, 拿甚麼樣的bag都不成問題喇, 而且越大越好, 可以把全部東西都一個不漏的帶著, 呵呵 :p

  83. Donna:
    #1: how come say you look like BAJA HITAM?? what does that mean woh?? oh really?? sunglasses for night use?? hmmm, then cannot be called "sun"glasses already lah, maybe "spotlight"glasses?? hahahaha.. wah, what kind of sunglasses Tobby has there?? hmmm, those to enhance visibility one ah??
    #2: yalor, i also suspect maybe he likes that smell so much, that he doesn't even willing to wash the shoes and socks.. the longer the smellier the more he likes guah??
    #3: yalah, actually i don't agree ladies to ask bf to carry handbag for them one, look so ugly lor.. if walking with gf together then ok lah, we can understand.. but when he alone waiting for gf, then ppl see him with a lady's handbag, very funny one mah, right?? haha, no life?? errr, maybe JB not much guys taking those kind of bags guah, you come KL and see see~~ :D

    Rebecca Kheng:
    其實呢, 我好唔贊成女人叫男友或老公幫佢拎自己個袋架囉.. 如果個男人主動咁就冇嘢講啦, 不過做女人嘅就唔好逼囉.. 一個大男人拎住個女人手袋, 好奇怪架嘛, 你唔覺咩?? 哈哈!! 不過我呢個post要講嘅唔係呢個context, 而係真正一個男仔去拎totes, 仲以為自己好型好潮, 實質上係似auntie

  84. 哈~你的形容词真的棒!~~~

  85. Takes me about more than 2 month to get a pair of sun glases for my self >.< hard to get one tat suit me..haih..

    Seldom carry a bag when i go out, but camera is always with me ^^

  86. I still cannot accept guy carry tote bag :p

  87. i totally agree with you bro!! those people just blindly following the trend, but do not know that tote bag they are carrying just make them look like an auntie, hahaha!! gosh..

  88. 100 -87 = 13. hahaha i need to comment aleast 13 to reach 100!


  89. i dont have sunglasses with me. hehehe so poor i am.

  90. because of hot weather, we need to change our socks everyday....

    maybe he only have 1 sock nia.

  91. hahaha i think i will not buy this... it is not suit to me. it is more for those guys like pontan or gay.

  92. tote bag is very common in japan... probably not for your generation... but you still gotta accept it :) haha

  93. Chris Chia:
    哈哈, 我是有感而發, 把心底的話都寫出來罷了.. 嘩, 你那個安娣顧客, 最後有沒有發現原來是自己戴了黑眼鏡, 然後很不好意思的把它脫掉?? 對囉, 我現在回想那一陣味道, 真的還是有點心有余悸囉, 哈哈!!! 其實像同志還好, 我覺得是更加的糟糕, 像auntie囉, 呵呵~~ :D

    oh yeah, it's not easy to get a pair of suitable sunglasses one, but now you had it already right?? so wearing it everyday now?? hehehe.. hmmm, of course if can go out without a bag, i would also prefer that.. but sometimes if got things to bring, i'll also bring my sling bag one..

  94. TZ:
    hehe, i can accept, but only those that can carry the tote bag well, not those that carry like an auntie~~

    exactly that's what i wanted to say.. before trying anything, we must understand whether it's suitable for us or not, not just merely following the trend.. give me five, i really think they look like aunties, hahaha!!

  95. CH Voon:
    haha, 13 comments is not a lot ah.. you train up yourself in comment spamming, then i think this will be an easy task already, haha!! aiyoh, not everybody also likes sunglasses one mah, and it doesn't mean you are a poor guy without sunglasses woh.. hmmm, i don't know lah, but that smell from his shoes and socks really very very disgusting lor.. now that i think back that smell, i also feel like want to vomit lor.. haha, that's why i also don't have that kind of bag lor.. i only have one messenger sling bag.. haha!! pontan, long time never hear this term already, you are cool mah!! hahahahaha :D

    oh, i didn't say i don't accept tote bags, but just those ugly people that i can't agree with.. yeah, we might be in different generation but i do see things in your generation too while you don't, hahaha!! let's not talk about japan, i know it's common there and i also know they look a lot more stylish than the "aunties" here.. you've not been in your own country for a long time, well, come back have a look and you'll get what i meant.. :)

  96. the only logic reason for a guy to wear sun glass during weak sunlight time, is they got punched on their eyes, and wanted to hide it.

    besides that, i dun think there is any valid reason.

    if these sohai just wear for macho, when they can't see and fall down that time, they will be more macho

  97. 我出门必带的一样东西 - 面纸/厕纸。

    P.S. 因为我喜欢吃大排档,用来摸汗。

  98. ahaha i think it took me a minute before reaching the comment box LOL

  99. silly me. after all my 3 years in blogging... i never noticed the "Jump to comment form" LOL... now it comes in handy

  100. i can't go out without my eyeglass... no it's not prescripted just fashion eyeglasses

  101. oh i also cant go out if i am not wearing polo or hooded shirts... never go out with plain tshirt.. haha i don't know why but i feel uncomfortable

  102. i love polo shirts... especially checkered once..

  103. not so fond of bags.. i prefer not to carry anything other than my cp and wallet.. ahaha i'm too lazy to bring my stuffs

  104. ahahaha... i wonder how you react with that unpleasant smell

  105. haha yeah i guess that is my fashion statement.... always pretending formal LOL

  106. where's your comment??? i saw your reply awhile ago and now it's gone

  107. Garfield:
    hmmm, obviously from his attitude i think there's nothing wrong with his eyes, but really trying to act stylish.. like you say, if he really trip and fall down, hahaha, that would be very funny, and i sure will laugh out loud.. hahahaha :D

    呵呵, 其實帶面紙的另外一個好處就是, 如果人有三急的時候, 它們真的是救命之星啊.. 尤其你那麼喜歡吃大排檔, 呵呵~~ :p

    hahaha, to be frank, i've also realised about the "Jumpt to comment form" recently also, that's really handy than to scroll all the way down yeah??? hmmmm, so you are always in your hooded and polo shirts huh?? that is your fashion sense, so no tees for you at all?? well, actually I like polo shirts too, they somehow look smart right?? to me, i can wear anything as long as i don't look fat, hahahaha.. :p hmmm, i just try to sit away and covering my nose when i smell that smelly feet, or just concentrate on the training, hahaha.. too bad nothing can be done actually..
    p/s: hehehe, i deleted my own comment because i found out you’re still commenting, so better not interrupt.. i always tidy up my comments this way actually, hahaha~~ :p

  108. eh... so tired to be the first leh... just now i see is still 40++ comment, now become 25 nia...
    everyone is so hard working to climb over me like that!!!

  109. and WHAT?!!!
    u dunno what is baja hitam?
    the super hero in between ultraman and power ranger loh..
    imitating grasshopper one. =.=

  110. eeeeeee… so geli leh, the way u describe… eeeeeeeee.. Coz I imagine that person hug his stokin to bed.. =.="

  111. KL so far....
    eh, i think otherwise wor...
    if walking with gf, then the gf should take herself la.. cacat now ar? wtf

  112. but if the gf go toilet, for example, u know malaysia toilet one la.. go in with a handbag very leceh one..
    so that time help to carry a while can la..

  113. if jalan jalan also carrying gf hand bag, eeeeee...
    then if the gf likes hello kitty one how?
    eeeeeeee... =.=

  114. imagine also feel geli..

  115. wah... u got tidy up comment that way one ar?

  116. tsk tsk tsk.. then when i interupt the other day, u mah very sien? XD

  117. ahahahaha...

    (purposely to add another comment nia.. no point one)

  118. 看你谈起有必须带出门的东西就想到你也许需要带给包包出门了。因为要装你的必须品啊!
    哈哈!原来真的是包包有在 list 里喔!
    像你那样带包包出门的男人不多 ^^

  119. sunglasses are fashion statement now...not just for concealing your eyes from the sunny sunshine =) well, for other people i should say

    sk, can i get your mailing address?

  120. Donna:
    actually the widget just take the most recent 500 comments to count only.. so it might not necessarily means the total of comments you put, so this number will fluctate one, that's why you see from 40+ drop until 25 lor.. but you are still No 1!! congratulations, haha!! no lah, i never delete comments from readers one, if delete i only delete those duplicate one (bcos sometimes ter-press the button two times mah).. so no worries, all your comments here will not disappear one..

    errr, of course i mean better never ask the bf to take the bag lah, because very weird lor.. just like you say, if hello kitty pink color one, aiyoh, how to carry?? but of course we know, he carries for the gf lor.. unless those sissy guys, then only i suspect it's their own bag, haha!! so Tobby very xing fu lor, since you never bring handbag, he can be very safe, hahahaha!! aiyah, i dunno whether he can smell his own smelly feet or not leh, now i think back also feel disgusting lor.. :D

  121. Ashley:
    哦, 你再看清楚一點我寫了些甚麼?? 我明明寫著這三樣東西都不在我的list裡面, 英文是not in my list, 呵呵!! 再清楚一點.. 我當然不會拿那些auntie大包包啦, 我拿我的gym bag出門罷了, 哈哈!!

    yeah, it's a fashion statement and you could be stylish with that on.. but to me, under weak lights, you'd just look like a blind, hahaha!! ooops, you gonna send me something?? i'll send you that in FB privately then :p