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18.09.2009 | 一時技癢

噚日一時技癢, 膽粗粗下廚親手為自己整咗個簡單又美味嘅late lunch.. 第一次整呢兩味, 就係自己覺得呢個同呢個應該會match, 應該落咁多份量, 完全係憑自己感覺去整出嚟嘅兩味.. 結果有所驚喜, 我覺得幾好味喎, 有成就感囉其實.. 大家睇睇相, 覺得點樣?? :p

suddenly felt like cooking yesterday, and hence i got down to the kitchen and cooked myself a simple yet nice late lunch.. first time doing these two dishes, it's all by my own gut feelings and intuition -- "this should match with this, i think.. this should go in there this much, i think".. and the result, a pleasant surprise and yummy lunch i had.. a successful culinary experience and i certainly am proud of myself.. so tell me, by looking at the photos below, what do you think?? :p

凱撒沙律, 有煎得脆口嘅培根同埋熟蛋.. 好似少咁啲嘢喎, 係啊我冇麵包粒, 所以放咗超多嘅培根, 我係食肉獸吖嘛!! 呵呵~~
caesar's salad with crispy bacon bits and egg wedges.. something's missing, yes i don't have croutons that's why i put more bacon, i'm meat-lover!! haha~~

香蒜油天使麵, 有野菌/車厘茄/培根.. 味道偏清淡, 因為我冇香料(見到鬼咁啲多嘅芫茜都係超市順手"羊"返嚟架, 哈哈), 不過我反而覺得簡簡單單咁樣仲滋味喎.. :)
angel hair aglio olio with shitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and bacon bits.. slightly plain taste cos i don't have herbs (even that pathetic amount of parsely was "complimentary" from supermarket, haha!!), but i just like it simple anyway.. :)
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  1. deliciouso.....u oso celebrate raya ar? not working keh yday?

  2. Late lunch on Thursday? I bet you just got back from somewhere again huh. Looks good ler, hope I can cook well like you also wo..hehe.

  3. damn~ u always make me hungry whenever i read ur blog~ hey... i remember u promise to cook me a dinner de wo~ when arrr?

  4. hmm.. how come our 'gang; got so many talented cook one? damn.. must start pick up cooking course liao.. if not later kena kick out ;p

    love the color combi of the saldl.. n I LOVE BACON ..:P

  5. 煎得咁脆口埂系好吃啦!睇似好簡單,不過我估呢餐都唔平囖。

  6. Oh... That makes me hungry!!!

  7. yor~ I thought someone said he only cooked when he was in overseas one. And I asked him whether can visit his place and taste his dish, he said takde masak dah~ Okla you SK! Don't choi you!

  8. 好吃. 贵.

  9. The photos don't look bad at all. It is certainly a good starting point for more in the future, haha.

  10. 好好哦

  11. Fuyooh! Your intuition is quite good huh! You are able to dish out such a delightful meal! Aww...the look of it is already so appetising...too bad...cannot makan! :p

  12. But I prefer the second dish more! Shitake Mushrooms! Yum! Yum! :p

  13. *droolsss* u r really good in cooking hor, first time cook already so keng, cant imagine if u cook few more time, next chef to-be :P lollll...

  14. So weird, why do you use English & Cantonese?

  15. You know I was just thinking the other day that you have not been blogging about your cooking lately and thought you must have been busy but here it is again.

    Both look so delicious! They must have tasted great too if looks are anything to go by. :)

  16. Next time you make and dabao to Sentral, I help you taste and see :p

  17. 不错,看上去应该会好吃。你将来肯定会是个住家好男人。

  18. WOW~~

  19. 天啊!现在的男人真的比女人还厉害下厨弄东西吃。而且看来很健康。

  20. Wow! You cooked these dishes? Can cook for me next time ah? I offer to wash the dishes! Haha!

  21. I just went to Dome yesterday and ate their caesar pesto chicken. A lot of croutons in there! Yummy! But burn a hole in my pocket! : (

  22. 哈哈……我当然觉得好吃咯!而且没看过哦!(乡巴佬)哈哈……^^

  23. 老兄果然才藝了得 甘拜下風

    凱撒沙律 如果赶時間可以改培根 放肉干 哈哈...

  24. 哈哈……我怎么跟你有相同的感觉啊?我时常走路时会“割”人的!呵呵……^^

  25. 原来你这么厉害的啊~~~流口水!

  26. What do I think? I think they look absolutely tempting!!!

  27. Waaah I cannot believe that you really cooked them so nice!!! You must let me try to believe it, ok!??

  28. manglish:
    haha, well why not?? since it's a festive season down here, let's just have another reason to celebrate!! hahahaha~~ :p

    hehe, no lah, not working that day mah.. well, i don't know if you can cook, but i'm sure after you redeem your oven with your credit card points, you will be a good baker.. remember my birthday cake next year.. hehe :p

    huh?? since when i promise to cook you dinner?? you must have remembered the wrong person lah.. well, sometimes by only looking at the photo it's more tasty than trying it lor.. hahahaha :D

  29. Danny:
    oh is it, i didn't know that?? but you also very good in making 湯圓 mah, i love them woh.. haha!! ok ok, now i know why you love the color combi, it's actually that you see the bacon only.. hahaha!!

    又未必話煎得脆口就好食架, 都要同成個dish嘅口感配搭得好先得架喎.. OK啦, 唔會貴, 少過RM10啩我諗..

    类私理 Lesly:
    hahaha, i thought you are on diet?? hmmm, then perhaps gotta minus of the bacon already :D

  30. Freedom09:
    well, you are true i only cooked overseas, and also not in my own place woh as at now woh.. so i really didn't break any promise i make.. ok lor, you want to ignore me then please go ahead lor, you so petty one.. hehehe :p

    吓?? 貴?? 沒有啊, 都是普通的東西啊.. 我想也不用RM10吧?? 呵呵, 還好喇, 我也覺得蠻有天份的.. 歹勢喇~~ :p

    haha.. so are you actually talking about the cooking skills or the photography skills?? i hope both looks good to you~~ :D

  31. 十六夜真人:
    呵呵, 你要每天三餐都自己煮嗎?? 當然不是啊.. 我覺得你們做學生的, 偶而可以聚在一齊玩大食會, 大家都弄點東西, 那樣才好玩啊~~ :)

    hahaha, thanks!! hope you were drooling and wet your keyboad~~ :p

    haha, yeah, this time was really by intuition, i really have not thought beforehand how i should have cooked them.. not bad at all lor, so i consider this time a success :) yeah, i love the pasta too, the mushrooms goes well with the pasta.. so i allow you to "steal" my recipe and cook that for your lovely wife lah.. hehehe :p

  32. the happy go lucky one:
    hahaha, not first time cooking lah, but rather it's first time making these two dishes.. anyway, quite simple only, because just buy ingredients and put everything together.. haha!! you haven't been cooking for a while woh, so when's your next dessert?? :)

    you think it's weird to write in two languages?? English is for those who cannot read Chinese.. :)

    hmmm, my cooking?? well, i really rarely cooks so i just wonder why you are expecting to see me blog about my cooking?? i think i goes out for nice food more often than i cook, hahaha.. yeah, i would say they tasted not bad at all, at least i feel successful for myself.. :)

  33. uLi.佑莉:
    aiyoh, tabao to Sentral won't be nice already, must eat that immediately once cooked.. somemore i think the chap fan is more delicious lor.. hehe :p

    哈哈, 味道還不錯的說, 有小成就感喇.. 住家好男人?? 哈哈, 很難說, 因為我不是很喜歡待在家裡哦~~ :p

    沒有嘗過就說可口了?? 呵呵.. 那應該是說我把食物拍得太吸引人了吧?? :D

  34. 爱睡觉的猪:
    嗯, 你不知道世界有名的大廚師, 通常都是男性嗎?? 呵呵.. 所以說男人比女人厲害下廚, 一點也不奇怪哦~~ :)

    還好喇, 不過不失囉.. 再來也是要靠不錯的攝影計數才能夠把食物拍得美味一點.. :p

    haha, you don't believe that i cooked those dishes?? hmmm, if got the chance then maybe you can hire me to cook, not expensive lah, i charge you RM500 enough lah!! hahaha.. well, i would think the caesar salad out there must be more delicious than mine.. i just use ready made sauce bought in supermarket, and that doesn't really taste nice.. i still prefer those i had in restaurant, hahaha!! dome's salad is not bad at all, i still remember my first time having a caesar salad was in there indeed!! :)

  35. 穷光蛋市长﹕
    哈哈, 當然是沒看過啦, 這是我的私家菜, 外面當然是沒有啦!! 呵呵.. 就算是你自己煮的Maggie麵, 也是只此一家別無分店啊, 你說對嗎?? :p

    略顯廚藝啫, 鐵兄你又何必講埋晒呢啲客套話呢?? 你個肉干論, 就真係令在下甘拜下風得五體投地喇.. 哈哈!! :D

    對囉, 尤其是我自己一個人的時候, 我會走得更加快.. 每次都找路去"割"人的囉.. 因為走在他們後面, 我很不耐煩!!

  36. Chris Chia:
    哈哈, 沒有喇, 都是鵰蟲小技罷了嘛, 沒有甚麼大不了啊.. 照片騙人罷了~~ :)

    haha, yeah i was very satisfied with the result also.. never have expected i could get it done!! yahoo~~ :p

    Twilight Zone:
    haha, i know i know, i don't look like a guy that can cook huh?? so this is one step closer to Anton's full italian course.. see i don't only know how to cook indian curry ok?? vanakam vanakam~~ :D

  37. Looks delicious! *claps* ^^

  38. look like very yummy yummy o...

  39. wao~juz now i haven read d passage yet then my mind was thinking : where can get to makan tis food ?!looks nice wo.....lol..thn read liao oni now is ur cook...very geng la u !!

  40. wow i love the salad~~
    erm the spaghetti... not that appetizing though... yeah try to make me feel hungry next time ya

  41. Gratitude:
    hmmm, but i think still cannot beat your authentic italian cookings.. haha!! :)

    Sam Wong:
    hehe, ok ok lor, at least edible and i can finish up the whole thing lor.. for me consider successful already.. :p

    sure or not, haha, you really thought they are from some sort of restaurant?? then it's Restaurant SK lor, hehehe :p not bad lah, at least they didn't taste lousy, so i consider successful to myself lor..

    of course you are more demanding, cos you've been to so many places and am sure you've tried a lot of nice food around the globe.. wah, make you feel hungry?? hmmm, i am really thinking how i could do that lor.. :p

  42. wow wow wow !! seems so tasty !
    i am now at CY's. errr....i can't cook like u loh...so will take her out to eat :p

  43. presentation wise, it passed my critic eyes! ahahaha! but i seem to see it a bit oily...nonetheless, great work!

  44. 雪芬:
    hmmm, like that not good of you woh.. while i was at her place, at least i cooked her fried rice, noodles and sweet potato soup, though no complicated dishes leh.. :p

    haha, and i guess it was the angle i took the shot maybe?? errmm, oily?? i didn't remember it was oily, perhaps i was too hungry after cooking and i got everything down my stomach.. hahahaha!!! :D

  45. 一时技痒也可以煮那么精致的餐点哦~还真不错呢。


  46. I'm impressed with anybody who can cook, as long as it doesn't taste like rubbish, then I'll be impressed.

  47. summer:
    只要用心我相信一定可以做得好的.. 哈哈, 可能你根本就沒有烹飪的興趣吧, 一時技癢煮東西你沒有, 不過一時衝動吃東西肯定不少吧?? :p

    haha, then there must be a lot of people you are impressed with?? am sure you can cook as well right, at least instant noodles with an egg?? haha~~ :D

  48. wah you cook until so pro..
    no restaurant hire you ar? =P


  49. aiya, i am not good cook like u mah. i took CY out to eat, wanted to pay, she did not even allow, wanted AA !! aiya, i feel so bad leh...

  50. I don't care! You must cook and invite me over!! Unless you want me to call the notorious Indian gang to bash your kitchen up. LOL

  51. kenwooi:
    ok lor, not too bad lor, at least the food is edible.. but i don't want to work as a chef in restaurant woh.. hahaha!! :p

    haha, i think our standard are at the same level lor, generally we cannot compare to CY, she's a great cook, hahaha!! so what did you have for the farewell dinner?? must be something great right?? :)

    Twilight Zone:
    hahaha, unfortunately that was my friend's kitchen and not mine.. i wouldn't purposely cook at home one lah.. only under impromptu situation while staying in friend's place that i will have the sudden feeling to cook, hehe :D

  52. Dutch pancake yummy !! 
    but we forgot to ask the waitress to take photos for us :(

  53. 雪芬:
    hmmm, she didn't bring me there leh.. haha, bet you must be eating so satisfyingly that you've forgotten everything.. looking forward to your posts on your trip leh..