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14.01.2011 | 茄汁辣椒

每次去快餐店, 我都會相信我哋馬來西亞人(應該)係全球消耗茄汁辣椒醬最多嘅民族.. 點解?? 大家有眼見啦, 啲人去麥當當食個漢堡包同薯條要三碟茄汁醬, 去KFC食兩舊炸雞就要食咗人哋半樽辣椒醬, 好誇張囉!! 其實我好懷疑啲人究竟係食嘢定食醬呢?? 係, 啲醬係免費任攞唔嬲, 但係都無駛人出醬你出命架?? 其實食多係冇益架..

[匪夷所思] 仲有, 我唔明點解有啲人食牛扒都係要點辣椒醬呢??
everytime i go to fast food chain, i am quite convinced that we malaysians are most probably the nations that consume most tomato and chili sauce in the world.. why?? very obvious, you can easily spot those who take three sauce plates of ketchup for just a burger and fries in McD, and greedily emptying half a bottle of chili sauce for two pieces of fried chicken in KFC, rather incredible i think.. i really wonder if their main dishes are the food or the sauce.. right, the sauce is free flow but doesn't mean we must have them like there's no more sauce tomorrow right?? afterall, not very healthy if consumed too much..

[bizarre] and i wonder why some people must eat their steak with chili sauce??
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  1. because the fast food chicken and all are too dry and has no taste. Thats why we slather the sauce around. I sure dont need them when I go to Carls Jr, though.

  2. Eh, got some people eat ketchup with rice what! Lagi bizzaro! o.O

  3. 我也是喜歡吃很多辣椒的儸
    尤其是french fried來點

  4. haha .. chili sauce is definitely y main course ;p
    and normally i finish half bottle of Thai Chili Sauce for one meal at KFC ....lol ;p

  5. when I was in Australia, we need to buy the sauce..

  6. 我。。

  7. 我倒不喜欢酱汁,每次用很少。比较喜欢食物的原味。

  8. Saw one lady taking 5 fulled sauce and she is alone eating some MCD's stuff...

  9. Bananaz love to add tomato sauce onto fried rice and of course goes pretty well with chips.

  10. One man's chilli sauce is another man's poison haha..~;).

  11. Adding to wenn's comment she has to buy the sauce in Australia and I can remember quite well my very first KFC meal in this outlet in Hornsby where they have not heard of chilli sauce before back in mid 80's. Just like the Beatles's song 'Money Cant Buy Me *Sauce*' haha.

  12. Because we are use to strong tastes - our curry, nasi lemak and what not...all so spicy and fragrant. See how we enjoy that special chilli with ginger when we eat steamed chicken rice...

    These days, they ask diners to get themselves...so you can imagine how much they will help themselves to. Should just give one sachet per order... In the UK, it's 10p per sachet - around 60-70sen, so I'm sure many will opt to go without it...

  13. 辣椒醬就arm,茄汁就比較少人食。

  14. 麥當勞有時都唔比茄汁。

  15. 我本身系點到即止。

  16. 你真係观察入微喎!话时话,我食人哋兩舊炸雞就真係食咗人哋半樽辣椒醬,唔算好誇張架喇!!我仲见过有人打包兩舊炸雞拎人成樽辣椒醬走喎!!!哈哈哈~~~查實习惯炸雞点辣椒醬,冇辣椒醬边会好食係咪呢??

  17. SK, I know what you mean. People need to learn to use what they need instead of abusing what's available.

    On a different note, I remember a friend who went to Europe (don't remember which country) for holiday and at dinner requested for ketchup. She was told to get it at the supermarket!

    Psst.. Tomatoes (in any form) good for guys, mah - for prevention of prostate cancer.

  18. errr....i normally didn't even use ketchup or the chili sauce ler.
    but my boyfriend, and his sisters will really use a lot of chili sauce. me jaw dropped ler. hahaha

  19. nope..i dont use much of cili sauce. nor tomato when eating fast food. But hubi does. Tomato sauce in steak? yuck

  20. 尤其是馬來人 炒飯加 連煮菜也可以加

  21. 拿了或者倒出来的酱料,如果真的吃完点完我还真的觉得没什么...

  22. 我不嬲都唔食辣, 所以都唔会食辣椒酱, 哈.

  23. i could do that. :P a whole bottle for my fried chicken. :P

  24. Msians love their chillies. I can't imagine food without chillies.

    I don't take tomato ketchup. Don't like the taste.

  25. 会没益的啊!!??

  26. 哈哈哈。。。这倒是。。。以前我吃kfc时也放蛮多的。。。现在少了。。。让我想想为什么,想到告诉你 :)

  27. 很多大马人是无辣不欢的,包括我。
    Kg Koh辣椒酱,驰名吧?

  28. 我就是那種無辣椒醬吃快餐一整個折磨的人..*去香港就是這樣@@


  29. forgot to mention. My friend who tagged along to Japan last year was surprised when at McD, she asked for chilli sauce to go with her ebi burger & fries. She sure was not happy when I told her no chilli or ketchup served there! LOL

  30. 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈~

  31. @ lina:
    errr, actually i think without the tomato or chili sauce, i can still eat the burger and fried chicken.. maybe we have been too pampered with all the free sauces.. ketchup with rice?? you mean plain white rice?? urgh, i still can accept ketchup with fried rice though..

    @ venus:
    哈哈, 所以我是說, 其實是喜歡吃辣椒醬多過喜歡吃薯條吧?? 好像有點喧賓奪主哦~~ :p

  32. @ Danny:
    oh, so you are the culprit who finishes half a bottle huh?? so your main dish is chili sauce and the chicken is only the side dishes, hahaha!! SALUTE~~

    @ wenn:
    oh yeah, i heard that too, all sauce needs to be paid..

  33. @ imyuyu:
    huh?? 為什麼怕給人笑呢?? 吃茄汁沒有什麼好笑的嘛.. 不過新加坡快餐的辣椒醬是有蒜頭的, 比這裡的好吃, 呵呵~~

    @ 单身汉:
    呵呵, 那你不錯哦, 吃薯條炸雞你都是就這樣吃嗎?? 在快餐店, 你肯定是"外星人"~~ :D

  34. @ Bananazஇ:
    yalor, those are really jaw-dropping scene!! i wonder can she really finish that 5 plates of sauce?? that's crazy lor.. errr, i think it's acceptable for me to add little ketchup to fried rice lah, and absolutely normal for fries too.. just that not 5 plates of sauce for just a packet of fries lor.. hehe, yeah, i guess they don't have chili sauce at all, their chili sauce could be the pepper sauce i guess, and those are definitely not free..

    @ suituapui:
    hmmm, i think it's the culture here, and that we are given those sauce for free.. maybe one day if we need to pay for the sauce, i guess nobody will probably eat that lor.. oh yeah, we are lucky as we are given those sauce for free, i guess many cannot take it if they go to McD elsewhere in a western country and gotta pay for ketchup, haha~~

  35. @ khengsiong:
    就係囉, 辣椒醬比較多人食囉, 尤其新加坡啲係蒜味嘅, 好食過呢度啲好多囉.. :)

    @ edward:
    其實唔係咩觀察入微架, 係好明顯地見到啲人拎到好誇張多嘅醬囉.. 其實點到即止係冇問題, 但係有啲人真係離晒譜囉, 食一包薯條要三碟辣椒醬, 兩舊炸雞半樽辣椒醬, 我覺得好匪夷所思囉~~

  36. @ HappySurfer:
    yeah, that's because we are too pampered to be given all those ketchup and chili sauce for free.. if one day we need to pay for every sachet we asked for, wonder how would the situation be?? errr, i know tomato is good for guys, but i don't think ketchup is a good choice since it's really processed produce and most probably in there are almost-rotten tomatoes~~ :p

    @ goldflower86:
    haha, i will still go for either ketchup or chili sauce but normally not much (eg: go McD i only take one plate).. haha, so how much chili sauce your bf and his sister will consume?? both of them can finish a whole bottle??

  37. @ Small Kucing:
    sometimes when you dip too much sauce, you really can't even taste the original taste of the food.. so i rather say they are only eating the sauce..

    @ 小雪:
    炒飯加辣椒醬其實我還可以接受.. 煮菜就要看是煮什麼, 肉類的可能是酸甜, 不過蔬菜就不敢恭維了..

  38. @ bluecloud:
    是囉, 我真的有看過那些人吃完了之後, 桌上還有很多完全沒有點過的, 那些真的很過份.. 免費的也不用這樣浪費吧??

    @ Chris:
    唔食辣椒醬, 咁你可以轉茄汁嘅啫~~

  39. @ Medie007:
    oh!! so you are the culprit huh?? i thot half a bottle is already too much, and you can finish one whole bottle??

    @ Mei Teng:
    haha, yeah, chili sauce is always more popular than tomato sauce.. but i think cannot go too much as you won't be able to taste the original taste of the food..

  40. @ Sam Wong:
    那些茄汁辣椒醬, 都是processed food, 很多添加物的, 而且都是用那些次等的番茄辣椒來做的呀~~

    @ Casendra:
    哈哈, 因為你已經反省了, 知道倒那麼多是吃不完的, 而且點太多根本就是蓋過食物原有的味道囉~~ :p

  41. @ cindy:
    我其實覺得快餐店的辣椒不好吃呀, 不過因為是免費的, 那些人當然是很kiasu囉.. 我看如果是給Kg Koh的辣椒醬, 肯定是血本無歸, 哈哈!! :D

    @ bluesky:
    是哦, 他們好像沒有辣椒醬的哦, 只有茄汁的.. 不過沒有辣椒醬我還OK喇, 就算連茄汁沒有我都可以照樣吃~~ :p

  42. @ lina:
    errr, i think some of the people here are too taking things for granted.. they thought we have it here for free, then they should have it for free too anywhere, quite narrow thinking huh?? :p

    @ 发白日梦^^:
    呵呵, 原來你公司是賣醬的, 圖片那些是不是你公司的出產?? 哈哈.. 那麼你看到那些人搏命倒, 你就越開心啦, 越倒你花紅越多~~ :D

  43. i dont like those chili souces...

  44. 馬來西亞人是最貪心的,明明是吃不完,看到是免費的,就拼命的拿,簡直的浪費資源,我希望有一天快餐店實行辣椒/茄醬收費,看那些可惡的人還會拿這麽多!再者,一味的加醬,都蓋過食物的原味了,不如齋吃醬算了!

  45. i dnt really like tomato or chili sauce ler. :/

  46. usually i will take bit by bit only. if not enuff then pour bit again.

  47. i was surprised to see one of my coll tapau the whole bottle of tomato sauce from KFC the other day!! gosh!! kinda embarrassing la wei!!

  48. mmmm maybe without chili or tomato sauce, the food is tasteless? that why, people prefer to add a lot sauce on it.

    I prefer chili than tomato sauce.

  49. I prefer chilly sauce.

  50. Tomato good for the prostate leh...ha ha ha!

  51. i like to pour chilli + tomato sauce into my fried rice or fried mee hoon. But I seldom dip these sauces when I eat at the fast food outlet.

  52. I once heard taking Chili and Tomato sauces with food is a disgrace to the chef as it symbolizes the food is bad that the customer needs to use sauces to make their food edible. :)

  53. @ Wois:
    still ok for me, they can actually enhance the flavour i guess.. :)

    @ 山城大熊:
    是囉, 就是看見很多人拼命地拿, 但是又吃不完, 很浪費!! 哈哈, 我非常贊成快餐店實行茄汁辣椒醬收費, 不過可能是兩包以上才開始收費吧, 這樣對付那些浪費資源者比較好~~

  54. @ Caroline Ng May Ling:
    yeah, i will also just pour bit by bit and not once a lot and then cannot finish.. i find many people are wasting the sauce, though it's free but still not good.. wow!! your colleague really daring, that's not "tabao" but can consider theft already woh..

    @ CH Voon:
    errr, how can those burger and fried chicken be tasteless?? i guess we are too pampered already because got free tomato and chili sauce, if one day we gotta pay, i'm sure many people will still eat the food plain without them lor.. :p

  55. @ blee:
    depends, i sometimes go for tomato sauce and sometimes go for chili sauce..

    @ Pete:
    yeah, tomatoes are good for prostate but i doubt those bottled tomato ketchup are good?? they are very processed one woh..

  56. @ mNhL:
    haha, another classic!! chili and tomato sauce for fried rice, haha.. i used to do that last time but not now.. :D

    @ Gabriel:
    oh yeah, that's why in higher end restaurants, they don't provide additional sauce other than those prepared by the chef.. haha, but i think it's just a culture of us here to dip just everything with ketchup and chili sauce.. :D

  57. 如果放太多也不好吃啦!

  58. yes, this is what i sometimes noticed too.. those people left their unused tomato/chili sauce on the table.. really wasteful, why take so much if you can't even finish right??

  59. for me, i just take minimum as long as i think that's enough.. if not enough then only i'll go and take again.. definitely not going to waste the sauce..

  60. i think maybe it's because the sauce are free!! if one day we are charged for the sauce, i'm sure there is no more wastage at all already.. :)

  61. I used the chili and tomato sauce too when the food are not flavourful or too dry.

  62. But I don't use sauce for my fries. I normally dip my fries in the ice cream sundae! LOL!

  63. Some people can't eat without the chili sauce. So they put them in everything - in rice, meehoon, noodles etc etc!

  64. what I know is that your foods are spicy =P

  65. @ Ashley:
    那些人就是那個心態囉, 反正都是免費, 所以也不怕拿得多.. 結果就造成浪費.. 每次看到這些人, 我都會搖頭囉..

    @ victor:
    yeah, i think it's actually a great idea to charge for extra sachets of tomato and chili sauce.. with this i think there will not be any wastage, and everyone will appreciate the sauce more.. haha, but i don't think this will happen since the restaurant has already do the precedence which is so impossible to change anymore.. :)

  66. @ foongpc:
    hahahaha yeah, i know you like your fries with the ice cream, haha!! yes, i sometimes can't understand why people just like to eat everything with chili sauce, be it flavourful or not.. i think maybe chili sauce is their main dish?? hahaha :D

    @ Ayie:
    hahaha, yes but not all are spicy and hot.. still we can eat with chili sauce even if the food is already spicy~~ :D