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08.11.2010 | 越大越靚

前日喺某個"海鮮級"商場見到有位叔虎身穿一件令我覺得好不安好反感嘅恤衫.. 佢整件衫哩, 係寫滿Armani Exchange字樣架, 而且仲係98pt嘥士嘅Arial Bold!!! 嘩, 好響囉~~

如果係我, 肯定唔會買呢一類衫囉.. 我認為著咩牌子嘅衫, 唔駛大聲高調話人知係嘛?? 畀我見到, 唔係覺得係假嘢, 就會以為你係員工, 一唔係就覺得好bad taste囉.. 要著住咁大隻logo喺身上, 我唔覺得威水, 反而覺得尷尬噃, 畀幾百蚊做人肉廣告板咩?? 老實講, 呢款設計靚咩?? 唔好衝住個牌子做名牌奴隸, 唔卡士喎~~
i saw an almost-middle-age guy wearing a shirt that made me feel so uneasy the other day in a "seafood grade" mall.. you know what?? his whole shirt was fully filled up with the word Armani Exchange, and to my horror, in Arial Bold and font size 98pt!! OMG, that's so disgracefully loud~~

i will definitely not buy this kind of clothes, i mean why the hell tell everyone loudly the brand you are wearing?? to me, if i see people wearing it, if not think they are fake, then would thought you are the staff, else i will think they are very bad taste indeed.. i won't feel proud wearing huge logo on me, in fact i'll feel embarrassed, why are you paying few hundred to look like an advertising board?? frankly, do you think this kind of design is nice?? come on, don't just buy because of the brand, it's just brand-slave to me, that's quite unclass right??
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  1. wohoo! sorry for dint blog hop these few days, later will read all the posts i'd missed. :D

  2. LOL! sorry deleted the duplicate comment. :D

  3. i myself too dnt like to wear shirt with big brand name! :/

  4. hahahha true very true, I don't wear such T-shirt! lol!

  5. I used to wear loads of branded shirt & t-shirt but without such BIG print, now I don't buy any cause need to save money to buy a house! :(

  6. aiyah...as long as ppl happy lor... :P

  7. 何必替別人打廣告, 認同你所講!

  8. I have no qualms wearing designer names provided they are not too loud that it screams in your face. But then again, it's more a matter of choice and to some, it's just a shirt.. Oh well..

    Come to think of it, consumers should be paid when they buy shirts or products that advertise the company brand instead of having to pay good money for the products. The formula seems wrong, eh? Have a great week ahead, SK. Psst... new office today?

  9. LV皮包都系寫滿嗮佢既名喔。。。

  10. 尼啲衫唔算得乜。我睇過咁寫既:
    Sex instructor: First lesson free

  11. Sk Thambee, I agree deh, so geli haar..

  12. Those got no confidence need big prints to scream and be noticed..

  13. Thamby no used to it coz you often ran around half naked and shirtless in our village!

  14. That was how Kamala got aroused and attracted to Thamby's belly! LOL

  15. Let me think.... I only have a similar T-shirt that prints "Hong Kong" in multi colours and repeated! Not geli la, this one cute and artistic wor. Maybe Thambee should print "INDIA" in multi prints on your T shirt.

  16. How was your Deepavali Thamby?

  17. 嗯,和叔叔一樣我也不喜歡大大個logo在衣服上面的咯..
    還有就是覺得這樣出門不小心撞衫的時候,哼哼,很容易變成了那個牌子的員工了..尤其是lunch time 咧,在同一家餐廳吃飯大家可能會誤解咦這邊有這個品牌咩做麼他的員工在這邊吃飯的...~"~..>>.<<

  18. for them it's "IN" and "fashionable" maybe.

  19. I think it is fine to wear T-shirt with brand name lar bro. :p

  20. Although I don't wear this kind of T-Shirt but I think it is fine. :p

  21. 各有所好,你理得人哋。


  22. hehe... kesian u, different people different mah, maybe they 'need' it leh...

  23. I don't have a choice - as long as I can buy my size, I will have to buy...never mind what's printed on the t-shirt. Sobs!!!

  24. i wish i had more clothes to wear. i normally wear freebies given by associations, clubs, etc

  25. 2 legs up agreed with you. But i think wearing T-shirts with some places names for example :Pulau Langkawi is fine for me.

  26. 我家大少爷跟你一样,
    若特地show 牌子而不是服装的话,

  27. Imagine someone wearing t-shirts emblazoned with LV, Coach emblems etc...haha. Fashion faux pax.

    I believe the real Armani t-shirt or shirts don't need to scream aloud to the whole world that it's Armani right?

  28. Repeated words is okla. IF one big Font word can be very annoying.

  29. 呵呵,越是名牌


  30. it's fine provided it's small.

  31. 要看那个款色需不需要这个大字logo咯!如果为了显示他的名字,那就不必要了!

  32. normally they give free one.. wear to promote their brand..

  33. 我喜欢你这句“人肉广告牌”。

  34. Ok la...t-shirts like that quite 'entertaining' ma!! Or else where's the FUN??

  35. 哈哈,我仲以为有靓女睇,越大越靓添!

  36. 我通常唔会将人家咁大只logo著上身,费事搞到自己周街免费做佢地嘅品牌代言人啦!哈哈哈~~~

  37. small n discreet is the key rite ?

  38. No problem if the design is good!

  39. I thought only teenagers or ah bengs like to wear Logo Tees, instead of middle aged man! I don't personally like shirts with large logos as well. I'm not an advertising board! :P Btw, what did u mean by seafood mall?

  40. Hi SK. First of all, thanks for dropping by my blog and also sorry for my late reply due to my boy's problem.

    Well, to me when comes to branded stuff, always good not to be over.

    But once in a while, is also good to buy one or two small branded item just to motivate yourself after all the hardwork but definitely not brand-slave as you said.

  41. You are complaining right.
    I feel lucky that I don’t have this kind of clothes as well.
    Maybe, if the logo look small, nobody know that you wear brand clothes right?
    Anyhow, I agree with you. Those clothes are suck!

  42. I don't wear designer clothes, whether got big logo or not. Cannot afford them. LOL

  43. me too me too.. i dun like wearing t shirt with big logo in front.. free promotion onli ;p

  44. plain shirts are better or even those shirts with simpler designs
    me, i would not also wear shirts like that

  45. simplicity is perfection not too much or too less just enough

  46. but there are some shirts wil abstract designs that i love

    but still checkered or stripes are better lol

  47. 虽然我没有这样的衣服,但是有一些大大个字的会很美的咧,但通常不是牌子或logo啦……
    something like
    "Fuck me if you think you know music"

  48. people wearing that are the people who seeks attention hahaha and they just want us to feel jealous with their branded clothes haha

  49. just tease them that maybe it's just a free gift from those branded items... You know... bonus

  50. i will not dare to wear those tshirts too

  51. have a great day and happy blogging

  52. well as long as it's not too much...not too obvious, not to seafood, not too catchy... i would accept... and well if FOC :) i DONT mind wearing them.... lol

  53. Mmm...different people has different sense of fashion. What can we do? Well, i won't wear so obvious T-shirt too. :p

  54. i think small logo is fine, but too big looks quite weird. haha...

  55. 哈哈哈


  56. Prefer T with nice design instead of big words..

  57. Hey SK,I haven't came for a while lah. How have u been?

    Haha, me too, hate those who like to wear this kind of T-shirt!!! It is definitely bad taste more than anything else!

    Btw, Im back to Oz, closer to Malaysia again. Will try to go home more often. We go out makan then ok?

  58. hahaha...love the way you describe the man. Maybe it is from Petaling st. ? hehehe

  59. @ Caroline Ng May Ling:
    haha, yeah, i think a big logo on your body is just so very awful!!

    @ Big Boys Oven:
    yalor, if the logo is small and discrete then i think it's fine lah, but don't just purposely want to show off that right??

  60. @ uLi.佑莉:
    haha, of course if they like then i cannot do anything lor but just feel so funny seeing that.. haha!!

    @ 单身汉:
    對囉, 如果看到大大個logo我肯定不買的, 要買也是買那些看不到logo的嘛..

  61. @ HappySurfer:
    yes exactly, i will only wear clothes that don't show the logo at all, be it branded or not.. but then well, i really cannot force people not to buy those right?? that is why i think it's rather weird to pay for the shirt and have to be advertising for the brand.. hehe, still in my break, will only go to work on 22nd this month.. :p

    @ khengsiong:
    皮包都係囉, 好似驚死人哋唔知你用緊LV咁, 其實我覺得好肉酸囉LV, 都唔知啲人點解係都要一個?? Sex instructor first lesson free?? 我覺得OK囉, 好過週身都係牌子名啦係嘛??

  62. @ Twilight:
    Arumugam, i rather wear those I Love XXX than wearing the brand logo and the brand names all over myself lor.. hey, Arumugam if you go back to Thirachiruppali next time, please help me to buy a "I Love India" tee ok?? haha, i'm sure Letchumi and Kamala will love that.. oh, i think i know which "Hong Kong" t-shirt you have, that's pretty common i see everywhere lah.. :D

    @ justin net:
    yes, those are really bad taste i can say..

  63. @ bluesky:
    哈哈, 對囉其實我覺得有點"核突", 其實呵, 你有沒有發現, 那些員工現在都沒有穿那些logo制服啦, 很多都是plain的黑衣黑褲罷了.. 連員工都不穿的, 你認為會好到哪裡?? 對不對你說?? 哈哈.. :D

    @ smallkucing:
    haiz, then i really have very different opinion on IN and FASHIONABLE from them lor~~ :D

  64. @ Tekkaus:
    errr, if not too obvious and only just one or two is ok lah.. but then if you think about those big huge logo plus brand names all over your body?? don't you find them rather awful?? :p

    @ 海市蜃樓:
    係囉, 所以我咪唯有喺度"呻"一下囉, 希望嗰啲人可以反省!! 哈哈.. :p

  65. @ Casendra:
    well, that's why i only just talk about it here and never take a pail of water to pour onto them when i see them lor, hahahaha :D

    @ suituapui:
    haha, but then without those kind of design, there are still a lot of plain and simple shirt to buy right?? :)

  66. @ Bengbeng:
    oh really?? but i think if those are freebies you won't get a high chance to have those kind of branded shirts with lots of logos i guess.. :)

    @ Wai Kitt:
    haha, yeah.. compare to those lots of logos and brand names, i really think those "I Love XXX" is really acceptable for me lor.. :p

  67. @ Ashley:
    現在那些名牌衣服, 設計師好像沒有什麼創意, 總是愛拿自己品牌的名字和logo來設計衣服.. 真的好心他們囉, 很難看喇其實.. 我可以接受不是很明顯的, 但是如果感覺很賣弄的話, 真的受不了..

    @ Mei Teng:
    hahaha, exactly!! and i like the term "fashion faux pax", haha, sounds so high class but actually is something complaining, hehehehe.. yeah, i cannot accept Armani Exchange need to shout so loud, gosh.. @_@

  68. @ Naomi:
    errr, i think those typography is find with some funny and naughty sentences, but then when it comes to brand names and logo, thanks please!!

    @ 十六:
    拜託, 真的是受不了那些不是很高級的中級名牌, 一直都是把自己的品牌logo和名字做焦點, 好心囉.. 其實真正穿名牌的人才不會要買那種設計吧, 人家一穿上身就有名牌的感覺了.. 呵呵, 這裡還沒有muji, 不過muji也不便宜囉..

  69. @ wenn:
    yeah, i agree too.. if it's small and not noticeable i don't mind also..

    @ Chris Chia:
    哈哈, 就是那些很樂意做人家“人肉广告牌”的人囉, 受不了~~

  70. @ Jessyca:
    hahaha, if really can take those as entertainment and amusement, then i am reall fond of them lor, hahaha~~

    @ 路人㊣:
    哈哈, 就係特登放呢個標題先可以呃到多啲人入嚟以為可以睇到靚女嘛~~ :p

  71. @ edward:
    咪就係囉, 好彩人哋就以為你真係買嚟著上身, 唔好彩就以為你係間公司員工囉, 哈哈!! 都幾尷尬架其實.. :D

    @ Merryn:
    yeah, if the logo and brand is small and discrete, i really don't mind that at all.. :)

  72. @ Pete:
    haha, well, then really have to see how good the design is to counter the bad taste~~ :D

    @ iamthewitch:
    errr, that was not middle-age, but almost lah, but he just gave me the Ah Beng feel lor.. haha, seafood mall?? you know LA-LA is a kind of seafood right?? :D

  73. @ Little Kit Boy:
    oh yeah, for branded stuff if you cannot carry that well, the louder it is, the more people will think you are wearing fake ones.. so when it comes to branded one, be sure to be more discrete and high profile.. if you can carry well, sure there's no problem with branded or not lor.. :)

    @ CH Voon:
    haha, of course i am complaining, because i just think those designers are making fool of the customer.. well, i can accept those with small and not easily noticeable logo lah..

  74. @ lina:
    well, be it of any brand i think the logo cannot be too big lah.. small one and not easily noticeable will be just nice.. :)

    @ Danny:
    hahaha, for sure you won't lah, you so vogue!! unless really have to, i don't wear logo tee at all lor.. even company's tee shirt also i don't wear one~~ :D

  75. @ poorprince:
    yeah, simple design is always the best, not too over but a little details will be just nice.. any design will be good, but those with logo and brand name design, really no creativity at all..

    @ -KeO-:
    你說的那些typograhy tee當然不算啦, 我其實還蠻喜歡有那些幽默字句的t-shirt的.. 但是那些滿身logo和牌子的, 真的想說一聲:"好心囉"~~

  76. @ bluedreamer27:
    well, i guess so that they NEED attention and NEED to tell what they are wearing.. but Armani Exchange only, do you need to shout?? unless you are wearing Giorgio Armani i may consider it acceptable.. well, to me, keep things simple and not too over will do.. :)

    @ fufu:
    haha, but the thing is the one i always see are too much, too obvious, too seafood already, really cannot stand those!! hmmm, even if FOC also i need to consider a bit lor.. :D

  77. @ Landy:
    yeah of course different people different taste lor, that's why i can only complain here, haha!! :D

    @ Gabriel:
    yeah, small logo and not easily noticeable brand name is sure fine for me..

  78. @ 天王之子:
    哈哈, 就是怕死人家不知道囉, 要遠遠就讓你看到他們的牌子, 你說, 這個不是打廣告是什麼?? 哈哈~~ :D

    @ Bananazஇ:
    well, big words are fine for me as long as not the logo and brand name.. i actually quite like those humorous typography tee..

  79. @ 雪芬四海为家:
    hey, yeah didn't manage to catch up with you during your last trip back.. so you are back to Oz for a short temporary period only?? how about Ed, he still stay back in Canada??

    @ mNhL:
    hahaha, well, i have no idea if he bought that from Petaling Street, but he really gave me a very "Ah Beng" feel lor.. :D

  80. Haha!! That guy probably wore it without even knowing the brand! It's just a shirt to him! LOL!

  81. For me I am not so concerned as long as the shirt is nice and comfy.

  82. I don't mind wearing a shirt with the big words "MARIAH CAREY" on it! Hahahaha!!

  83. reading this long list of comments, i wish u all the best in yr new career path n yet i hope it wont affect yr blogging life :)

  84. @ foongpc:
    haha, i am sure he knows what he is wearing, you know those type of "Ah Beng" style?? that was it exactly, haha!! oooh, i know i know, i saw those "I Love Mariah" tees, and also have her photo on it showing off her big boobs!!! if i see one, i'll get one for you and you must wear that!!! muahahahahahaha :D

    @ Bengbeng:
    hmmm, i really cannot guarantee it will not affect my blogging time, but what i will do is to try my best not to abandon this blog.. perhaps i can still write a post every week?? hehe.. :p