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25.03.2010 | 兩個半鐘

好嬲啊, 我好嬲啊.. 咪就係前日之嘛, 知唔知我前日返工嘅時候, 發生咩事吖?? 我八點半出門, 結果成十一點先到公司, 足足用咗兩個半鐘啊!! 係平時半個鐘嘅5倍啊~~

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i was mad, i was totally mad!! do you know what happened the day before while i went to work?? i left my house at 8:30 and only reached office at 11:00!! a mere two and a half hours, it's an ugly 5 times more than the usual half an hour~~

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  1. Driving also can be stuck in jam. Bear with it...

  2. Sorry for what happened. Yes, driving can be bad too sometimes when you're stuck in a massive jam.

  3. Welcome to the Bolehland with Lovely Govt ... Anyway, they should arrange The Rapid KL to send people to KL Sentral from there people would have alternative to go to KL city... Bad services ... Sigh~

    BTW, I'm very curious what the train actually hit in Dang Wangi... A mouse, A cat or A dog... Errrr... maybe a human being... ;p Any idea?

  4. 不明物體?難道喺UFO?哈哈...冇法啦,打工仔;你話齋,忍吓囖!嘻嘻...

  5. Ya Ya, heard bout this from colleagues...terrible le. Kesian you Jiran >.<

  6. 打工仔, 唯有逆来顺受,认命咯,

  7. Curse them for thousand years!!!
    Haha, get used to it la dude. Imagining your "wet" look, super duper HOT le..lol

  8. i heard there is an accident lo..
    so the trains were late..

  9. hit something? what they hitted?

    that day i saw they tested the new 4 cabin train...... very very long. next time u dont need to pack with ppl liao loh

  10. Oh dear! 2 hours is terrible! Not to mention during rush hour somemore! Argh... And I'm planning to take it tmrw, let's keep our fingers crossed!

    Btw, added you to my blogroll! Let's exchange links! ;)

  11. 冤枉囉,家下撞鬼咩,喺呢个赶住返工嘅繁忙时间,突然全線癱瘓,仲搞到你一身汗水同怨氣!!你前日朝出门前紧係冇同你阿嫲上香请安秉报保佑你出入平安囉!嘻嘻~~

  12. very frustrating having to wait and wait and wait :(

  13. Malaysia boleh!
    so 忍耐点吧!

  14. i can feel your pain by just reading...haizzzz...did u try to call ong tee keat? AHAAAAAHAH

  15. lollll at tz's last sentence!
    oh u poor thing, must b super bad mood then. hopefully this kinda incident wont happen again lah. i really salute ur creativity, thoughtfulness, diligence... u can even come out with such nice post, with menu to choose... thanks!

  16. tats why i prefer to drive... at least i can still sit inside my car with aircond :)

    hey, ur new way of posting is cool :) how did u do tat?

  17. I never thought this would happened with LRT. :D Wow...you have two ways of delivering your post huh!

  18. haha
    a good reason for u to rent a place in the city centre! :P

  19. Be a cool cucumber hor, these things do happen. ^_^

  20. 那么惨哦!但是LRT很少会发生如此的事咯!我比较讨厌KTM。。

  21. LRT我还没试过遇到状况!KTM就有!等到我发火!哈哈……^^

  22. khengsiong:
    hmmm, if compared to driving, then i will certainly prefer to take LRT a lot more~~ :p

    Mei Teng:
    haha, you don't have to be sorry, but the LRT should!! :p hmmm, i don't really like driving if i can commute with the LRT, it's far more convenient.. :)

  23. TZ:
    i think they have arranged that in certain major stations only, but not at the stations i was stucked at.. well, what do you expect?? they'll just explain it's technical difficulties, so wait or not wait is up to you.. i have no idea what the train hit.. was trying to search for news but there's none reporting that.. strange..

    哈哈, 我嘅不明物體其實係指"唔知乜嘢物體", 唔係UFO.. 我OK嘅, 好彩嗰個朝早冇meeting唧..

  24. uLi.佑莉﹕
    haha, i'm sure many of your colleageus kena right?? i got another colleague also take LRT, but she was lucky because she get on the train earlier, just escaped..

    哈哈, 不是什麼打工不打工的, 其實如果有得選擇搭LRT我也不會去駕車啦, 對嗎?? :)

  25. KY:
    well, cannot curse them lah, i still gotta rely on them for transportation to work mah.. aiyoh, i no more HOT lor, the "wet" look is sweat plus "oil" lor, very greasy look, not nice at all.. hahahaha!!

    that's what i heard and read from a forum while trying to search for the news on what caused the massive service downtime..

  26. Wois:
    err, i have no idea also, was trying to search for news on this, but strange enough, there's no one reporting!! errr, now every time you can take the 4-cabin train lor, they only have limited 4-cabin trains.. so see if you are lucky, then you gotta board it, else it's still the normal 2-cabin trains..

    that's why!! if it's non-peak hours then it won't be so worse, at least no jams on the road and more taxis.. luckily i have no meeting that morning.. haha, won't be so bad luck, already problems today then tomorrow will be fine.. hehe!! i've tried to add you in my blog roll weeks earlier, but then it won't show any updates, how come ah??

  27. 釉釉 (幼幼):
    huh?? 咩點解?? 你click either摘要或者詳情就知架啦..

    唉, 已經唔係第一次喺繁忙之間壞車架喇.. 不過呢次係離譜地嚴重囉, 搞到我遲到兩個小時, 超誇張囉.. 哈哈, 我日日出門前都會裝象畀觀音娘娘同祖先祈求保祐架.. 不過可能呢次真係神仙都打救唔到囉.. :p

  28. smallkucing:
    yes, and furthermore the weather is so warm.. i was sweating like hell, soaking wet!!

    哎呀, Malaysia甚麼都boleh的啦, 尤其是在這一方面..

  29. manglish:
    hahaha, i'm sure this won't happen in japan right?? well, call ong tee keat?? what for?? he can help me to reach office on time meh??

    the happy go lucky one:
    hmmm, really no idea what the train hit on woh, but certainly non-living object lah.. hmm, still ok lah, just that i gotta stay back work late to cover up the 2 hours being late lor.. hehehe, still write my post normal way, just that i added two buttons only~~ :)

  30. L²:
    well, i still prefer LRT, no need to jam in the car mah.. errr, did some little programming to hide and show the necessary sections lor.. you want to learn?? hehe..

    errr, never take the LRT for granted ok?? they have very often technical difficulties causing train services disruption.. just that this time it was a massive one!! i was so badly affected.. hehe, no lah, just hide and show the corresponding sections, not doing it two ways.. :p

  31. Medie007:
    and you know what?? i actually wanted to get a unit of that condo just opposite my office - then i can wake up at 9am everyday.. hahaha!! :D

    yeah, i never expect zero flaw from their services, but just that you can't control yourself when it really hit you massively right?? the saint will also make mistakes~~ :p

  32. 发白日梦^^:
    其實小小單的都會常發生啦, 只是這一次真的超級嚴重, 搞到我上班大遲到.. 不過比較其KTM, LRT算是神仙囉, 呵呵~~ :p

    老實說, LRT真的很少這樣.. KTM就經常這樣囉, 好像KTM準時到達是奇跡一樣, 哈哈!!

  33. 朋友,保重龙体啊!

  34. i am so glad that my LRT or bus days are over.. ( at least for now ) ;p
    cos i really cannot stand being LATE ;p

  35. Know how you would feel with all the frustration. Its called accident who would really want it?. Life is like that cannot expect to have rosy red flowers at all times ~ huā wú bǎi rì hóng. haha tQ

  36. never experienced that before but i hate traffic jam.

  37. i like the features you make! cool! you are IT geng ya!

  38. if i were you ... i will crazy and mad as well. sure i will complain up and down.

    anyhow... pity those passenger :( included you

  39. Hi~ 谢谢你去我家给我加油了,我也来看你咯,也链接你了~^^


  40. 首先我要请教下sk,个"男女男”点拼架?KL D火车成日都籁屎ge啦。。如果向好方面捻下,佢地及时发现问题,好过载住N多乘客发生事故啦,sk你咪当系不幸中的大幸咯。

  41. Wow! 2 hour late for work!!! That's extremely LATE. haha... This is normal. Used to take LRT to work. Everytime also ROSAK. I thought they have shutter bus to ferry passengers if such problem occur? Sweat = FREE SUANA. haha

  42. btw, thks for visiting. I will add u into my blogroll. :)

  43. KL 的交通蛮可怕的……

  44. 哈哈哈



  45. Walk to work also faster....ha ha ha!

  46. 路人甲㊣:
    哈哈, 咁龍體又不至於咁不堪一擊, 我會小心架喇!! 其實呢啲故障經常都會發生, 只不過呢一次比較大鑊, 而且就偏偏影響到我咁話啫..

    haiz, there are always problems no matter you are taking LRT or driving lah.. because we are all under the same "environment"..

  47. Bananazക:
    haha, use chinese proverbs here woh, so professional, hahaha!! well, i think it's normal to fuss if such massive impact hits you right?? i am not a saint.. well, let's hope i won't be so unlucky in the future.. :p

    hmmm, because you never take LRT and only drive to work?? haha..

  48. CH Voon:
    hmmm, actually complain also no use, it's accident and really nobody can help.. haha, no lah, i am not IT geng lah, just simple programming to hide and show the sections only.. i'm sure you can do it also (provided that you know some HTML)..

    對囉, 好像經常都聽說LRT壞.. 我已經試過很多次了, 不過那天真的很糟糕, 竟然遲到兩個小時!! 你就好啦, 在公司附近住, 可以天天都睡到last minute才上班~~

  49. Rebecca Kheng:
    個嬲字中文讀niǎo囉, 呵呵!! 如果你仲係搵唔到, 不如索性就copy&paste容易啲囉.. :p 我OK喇, 都係發下牢騷唧, 咪當自己黑仔囉, 偏偏就畀我遇到呢單大鑊嘢.. 你又啱嘅, 至少我架列車停喺站, 唔係軌道上或者隧道內囉..

    haha, thanks!! i'm relaxed enough~~

  50. mNhL:
    yeah, this is the worst so far i have experienced!! but second thots, i think the LRT is a lot better than KTM, don't you agree?? haha.. hmmm, i don't know what happened to the shutter bus, i didn't see any.. wah, you think the free sauna is nice?? no lor, it's so warm and sticky, hehehe..

    唉, KL就是這樣的喇, 交通系統一團糟.. 真的是弄到我一身汗地去上班, 多狼狽!! 沒有扣薪水, 晚上做晚一點補回囉..

  51. 釉釉 (幼幼):
    哈哈, 我的blog經常會這樣的, 因為不想長篇大論, 所以給讀者們有個選擇吧.. 嘩, 你看詳文啊, 有沒有看到頭暈?? :p

    hmmm, maybe it could be faster but i think i won't.. it's so hot and i don't think i've the energy carrying my laptop with me somemore..

  52. 我只能够说
    我写blog的热情已经荡然无存了 T.T

  53. eh.. eh.. haih...
    cool trick, the detail summary one..
    i tried to google, what is that thing call? radiobutton?

  54. hehe... the LRT was down, eh?

  55. wah...so late...then better off urself...no need go to work tats day!!hehe

  56. 哗!你的blog越来越厉害,还有得选择“详情”和“摘要”的,嘻嘻!你可不可以也帮我做我的blog的technical support?

    Btw, 算了吧,别生气。这种事在多伦多的地铁也常发生。大部分原因是下大雪,小部分原因是有人....自杀...唉....

  57. Erm.. My fren had the some problem too. Really frustrating..

  58. walao eh! inilah malaysian transport! half day gone edi D:> so sad lar! did ur boss deduct your leave anot? :x

    i guess we still have a long time before we catch up with the public transports of our neighbours. SG has better rails and Thailand has much better taxis, and we suck at both. :X

  59. 釉釉 (幼幼):
    還好喇, 比上不足比下有餘, 我也有過低潮期的.. 就是囉, 我check了你的blog很多次, 都沒有updates哦.. 讓自己休息一下, 說不定不久的未來, 你會繼續散發熱情.. :p

    hahaha, correct lor, that thing is called radio button.. hmmm, i'm quite curious how you can google what it's called - what did you search for?? haha~~

    yeah, the most scary nightmare when i'm going to work.. haha!!

  60. Sam Wong:
    hmmm, cannot lah, because i was all ready to work.. feel stupid to just go back like that.. if i was still on bed, then maybe i'll consider off that day.. haha!! :D

    呵呵, 就是突發其想囉, 因為看到自己好像寫得很囉唆似的, 怕把讀者弄悶, 所以就來這一招吧!! 哈哈, 你要我怎樣幫你先?? 你也要玩這個"詳情"和"摘要"的游戲咩?? :p 其實突然間中招, 肯定會生氣的喇, 平時都偶而會發生故障的, 但不至於好像這次那麼嚴重嘛.. 嘩, 有人自殺?? 很恐怖哦, 這裡應該沒有試過有囉.. 唉, 要自殺都找其他途徑啦, 不要害人嘛~~

  61. PeckWm:
    hmmm, i think a lot of people also kena.. imagine the whole line gone down of service.. how many trains were there, and in each train there could be 100 people.. sure everyone got frustrated for being so late to work..

    haha, yes lor, two hours late and it really feels like half day has gone!! so gotta stay up late after work to compensate back lor.. you are right, the public transport here really sucks.. LRT is by far the best i must say i'm lucky.. looks at the buses, and worsely the notorious KTM.. haiz~~

  62. Well, i certainly think our "wawasan 2020" is coming VERY near!! :D

  63. no lah.. i asked my company IT what is that la.. they told me is radio button, then i google how to put radio button in HTML la...

    and dun play play, I minor in programming one during my degree.. visual basic, visual.net, C, C++.. hmmm.. whatelse har wtf..

    but too bad all return back to lecturer, left the program name only.. =.="...

  64. 傑士:
    err, is there still "Wawasan 2020"?? i thout it's already aborted?? now what's popular is 1Malaysia lor, haha~~ :D

    orh like that.. wah, didn't expect you to know programming one woh.. you are in IT industry?? i thot you are in sales or something one.. haha, so have you figured out how to put the radio buttons in your blog already?? actually very simple one, sure you can pick up fast since you have the foundation already mah.. :)

  65. I am in automobile industry one.. ahaha.. not IT.. not yet.. lazy go find. XD..
    ahaha.. got time first la..

    return everything back to lecturer already.. haih...

  66. oh my, that's way too late

  67. Donna:
    oh, you are from engineering background or computer science?? hehe, actually i'm from E&E one, but then now i'm in IT industry, hahaha!!

    absolutely, i was 2 hours late!! and gotta stay back late to compensate the 2 hours.. :(

  68. Hey, I can choose to read the details or the summary. Cool! How do you do that? Pls teach me!! : )

  69. OMG! Took 2 and a half hours to reach your office?

  70. I think I prefer to drive. Although stuck in the massive traffic jam is another horror! I wish we have this Star Trek technology that can beam us up!!!

  71. foongpc:
    hehehe, just some simple HTML scripting to hide and show the sections, nothing to shout about lah.. yes, exactly 2.5 hours for me to reach office, isn't that ridiculous?? it's like half a day gone when i reach office!! terrible.. well, given to drive or to take LRT, i think i still prefer LRT.. because the massive jam is perpetual horror, but the LRT problem just happen once in a blue moon.. but of course, i hope i could have the "Anywhere Door" from Doraemon.. kekekek!!

  72. Faster, faster give me that HTML codes - I want to learn it! Send to my email with instructions, can? : )

  73. foongpc:
    haha, you're so interested to know how to do this?? hmmm, ok, let me try to put some simple instructions and email to you.. :p