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10.02.2010 | 四三二一

最近真係冇咩特別嘢要寫, 所以就繼續貼多個4x4 random notes囉.. 就連個標題我都好是但咁"一二三四", "四三二一"咋囉, 哈哈!! 不過呢, 我其實都幾enjoy以呢個形式嚟寫架, 感覺上好玩啲, 而且同一貼多款選擇, 大家都唔會咁悶囉.. :)

there's really nothing special that i wanted to blog about recently, so i'll just continue doing another 4x4 random notes here.. and even the title of the posts are just simply "1234" and "4321" only, haha!! anyway, i actually enjoy writing post in this style, quite fun i personally think, and at least more diversify in a single post for my readers to choose to read on.. :)
我有位朋友逢親去旅行都會顯得好期待, 甚至乎三個星期之前就已經執好晒行李!! 我覺得誇張囉.. 我通常都係前一晚先執架, 除咗一次係要出國讀書我先一個星期前開始執咋.. 就過年喇, 大家都應該準備緊返屋企過年啦呵?? 咁執好晒行李未啊??

a friend of mine is ever so excited about travelling, till she can finished packing her luggage three weeks before departure.. it's a bit too unbelievable right?? i normally do that a night before, other than that only time i started packing a week earlier to go study overseas.. i believe everyone is preparing to go back hometown for CNY, so are you done with your luggage already??
節日佈置對於大小商場嚟講, 係個指定動作, 農曆新年更是重要一環.. 去過城中幾間大商場, 當中最令人津津樂道嘅係呢個招財貓主題.. 巨型招財貓最大去到兩層樓高, 而且衣著光鮮穿金帶銀, 一派富貴look, 大家見到都覺得富貴迫人來.. 啊, 仲有粒銷魂痣, 見唔見啊??

festive decorations is always compulsory for shopping malls, be them huge or tiny, and CNY is sure one of the major ones.. been to few major malls in town, and the most interesting should be this pawsperity cat theme.. cats as huge as two storeys, glamorously dressed up with jewelleries, can you feel the prosperity and auspiciousness?? and oh, saw that sexy mole on her??
最近炎熱天氣真係搞到人人叫苦連天.. 噚日同同事一齊食飯, 唔係冷氣餐室, 但係都有大大個風扇吹住, 就係靜坐我都會留汗!! 夜晚又因為天氣悶熱搞到瞓唔好, 導致第二朝昏昏欲睡.. 不過我知近農曆年天氣係咁嘅, 好正常, 我唔會乜嘢都賴溫室效應嘅..

the warm weather recently is just killing us.. was having lunch with colleagues yesterday, though not in an air-conditioned place but still there was a big fan facing us, yet i was sweating even though sitting still.. and because of the weather, i couldn't sleep well at night, and hence a bit drowsy the next day.. anyway, i know this is normal during CNY period, i just won't go blame global warming for everything..
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  1. Wow! I'm 1st! Hooray! 1st time being 1st here!! Haha!

  2. I also like to read your 4x4 random notes! Keep it up!

  3. But why 4x4? Why not 5x5? Or 6x6? Or 3x5? LOL!

  4. 什么话题都没问题,反正你那么多粉丝,一定捧场的。

  5. Hey about the packing for travel, I think you've blogged about this topic before if not mistaken. I remember the things you said about your friend packing very early, am I right? Unless I am wrong, haha!

    For me, I pack at the last minute, probably 3 hours before flying off! Haha!

  6. That prosperity cat - is it the one in 1Utama? Haha, I prefer more lanterns, not so keen on cats and doraemons : )

  7. Yeah, it's so warm I'm feeling all sticky now. Can use me as a celophane tape. LOL!

  8. I think hot and humid weather like this, big fan is of no use. Must use powerful air con. And who cares about the effects of air con on global warming? I don't care when the weather's unbearably hot!

  9. I switched on my air-con when I sleep the past few days. Expecting the electricity bill to shoot up!!

  10. OK, enough spamming for now, so are you going to balik kampong this CNY? : )

  11. im going to balik kampung late nite tomoro, and till now i havent start packing le, sure will kelam kabut tomoro nite :P
    oh thats 1U, not really a fan of their deco.
    yeah its super-hot!

  12. Haha, i am like ur friend, have to finish things tat have to be done early^^

  13. hahaha foong really spam ur blog hahahaha happy cny and i like this 4x4 posts also, short and sweet...like its owner =..=lll

  14. i'm running through what i need to pack. tho still haven't figured out which bag i would be using. hahahahha

  15. {manglish]oh manglish you made me roll on the floor lol short & sweet like its owner you think SK is the 'dar tung kua'?

  16. SK giving out lucky random numbers to strike the ekor or what? Who is balik-ing kampung with 7 luggages you ah haha? Echo foongpc prefer RED lanterns that meow. You real sharp can even spot the sexy mole. The heat could be good for you can sweat it out no need go sauna haha.

  17. i used to pack for my children too but now i leave the packing to them.

  18. 你酱写很好看叻


  19. 听说最热是35度。。。。哇,戈壁沙漠以前的温度。。。!!!

  20. 最近真得很熱

  21. 1234 or 4321 is your style of blogging. :)

    about packing, nowadays I usually pack the night before and I always left out some stuff. However, I always manage to find alternative ways to get it.

    Cute sexy cat. hehehe

    Can feel sleepy after big sweating session. Raining season also nice to sleep. hehehe. not complaining bcos both makes me sleepy.

  22. I thing your current style of blogging is super awesome bro. :)

    War...your friend prepare her luggage 3 weeks before the actual date...I thing I will only pack the night before. :p

  23. 原来是这样,新年快乐~

  24. 我去backpacking都會提早『試』執行李,睇下個bag夠不夠大o架。。。

  25. does foongpc always need to comment so many times in every entry?!?

  26. 1234...4321...like dancing steps.:)
    1) I think this 4x4 style is quite easy to read.
    2)Packing. I hate packing for trip coz I would end up bring the whole wardrobe.
    3)Where is this cat r? I didn't go to much malls this year wo. So outdated de. Anyhow, the cat looks so HIAO!!!!
    4)Warm weather is kinda common during CNY. No AC? Time to get 1 lo.

  27. Ur relative 好夸张噢 =.=! Anyway, wish you Happy CNY ya ;)

  28. foongpc:
    congratulations, but too bad i don't have the first commentor club woh.. 4x4 is nice mah, not meh?? i have not heard 5x5 or 6x6 before woh.. hmmm, did i blog about that?? i can't remember leh, or perhaps it's another blog that you read about this?? hahaha, 3hours before flying?? you have to be on your way to airport already lah.. i normally pack it a night before then only go to sleep.. yeah, they are in 1U, so i guess you like the ones in Pavilion?? they are grand i think.. haha, i'll just wipe a little glue from your body lor then :p hehe, i don't turn on aircond when i sleep, i just feel the air is too dry, so i still insisted on fan though.. hehe, thanks for all the spamming huh.. well, i am in my kampong everyday woh, no need to go back one.. :p

    也不能那麼說的, 也需要有趣的話題才能夠吸引人嘛.. :)

    the happy go lucky one:
    err, do you really need to pack seriously as you are going back to your home woh?? i'm sure you can just be brief, as you have clothes back home right?? oh, you don't like cats?? ok ok, i forgotten you only like juices~~ :p

  29. Kelvin:
    wow, so you pack your luggage three weeks before the departure day?? you are superb man, i salute you.. haha!!

    hehe, likewise i also spam his blog!! this is fun, and my top record is 20 comments in one of his post!! yeah.. short and sweet, like me?? what do you mean?? :p

    haha, what if after you decided which bag to use, and you find out it cannot fit what you have packed??

  30. Bananazക:
    yalor, i dunno what he meant by short and sweet lor.. must be something cheeky :p haha, so what numbers have you figured out from there, tell me so i will go and buy toto and 4D also.. aiyah, just a photo mah, of course i use only 1 luggage, i'm not paris hilton who needs more than 7 ok?? hahaha.. actually every cat also got a mole with them, that's what i found interesting leh.. hehe, i only enjoy sauna when i'm naked lor~~ :p

    hmmm, of course now that your kids are growing up, you should train them to do so on their own.. :)

    呵呵, 看雜誌?? 有這樣的感覺咩?? 好神奇哦你的想象力~~ :p

  31. Wois:
    其實35度應該還好吧, 至少這裡的35度應該比其他地方的35度來得溫和?? 我試過去Dubai, 52度呢~~

    對囉, 所以我也儘量不要外出, 午餐也是在公司裡面吃, 有冷氣真的舒服很多..

    Ghostly Nana:
    #1: err, not really my style.. only these two days when i have not much to blog about :)
    #2: haha, left out some stuff?? maybe you should write down a list of things to bring two days earlier??
    #3: yeah, they sure are sexy and rich!!!
    #4: but recently though after rain, it's still very warm..
    #5: BTW, i can't put comments into your blog, the commenting page just won't load..

  32. Tekkaus:
    oh really?? but i think i won't do this forever, else everyone will get bored with that.. hehe, that's why i say she's a little too over-excited.. i only do that a night before before going to bed..

    Chris Chia:
    新年快樂, 萬事如意~~ :)

    你所謂嘅提早「試」執行李, 係幾多日前先?? 應該都唔會去到三個星期前啩??

  33. L²:
    that is our 情趣 lah!! i also spam on his post one.. haha!!

    haha, yalor, i missed danny's class last two weeks mah.. haha!!
    #1: ok, noted.. but cannot always do that else you all get bored already..
    #2: haha, then no point packaging lah, just ship over your whole wardrobe lor..
    #3: 1U lor, you didn't go there?? haha, every cat there got mole with them one, the designer so hiao lor..
    #4: i got AC just that i don't want to turn on, because i cannot take the dry air lor, that's why i stick to the fan - max speed!! haha

    not my relative lah, my friend only.. haha!! wish you happy CNY also lah, going back hometown already??

  34. I also try to pack my bags ahead when i travel. I can't wait for the warmer weather here...I hate using heater 24/7

  35. 4231, nanti come out first prize Toto CNY day... ha ha ha!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!

  36. Prosperous cat with sexy mole? Hahahaha. Yes its sexy, but I prefer human babes. =p

    I enjoy writing random stuffs too. And many small random stuffs constitute a post. It's less taxing too on the brain because I just write what comes to my mind.

    Happy Chinese New Year in advance to you, SK!

  37. too hot.. almost fall sick

  38. random note good! aleast got something uupdate in ur blog

    oh...i have not pack my luggage...tmr

    very hot... sunddenly i feel that in ukraine better hehehe

  39. wah, this foongpc so excited being ur first commentator...hehehe...spamming only...

  40. Ayie:
    my packing ahead means the night before haha.. well, don't you miss your hometown where you have summer 24x7?? haha~~ :p

    haha, if 1234 or 4321 become the first prize then i think it will surprise many people!! happy and prosperous CNY to you and family too :)

    Shingo T:
    hehe, cannot human babe lah, the shopping center is "U" rated what, if you want maybe you can go "those" places lor, hehe!! yeah, writing random notes is less taxing and somehow more relaxing right?? :)

  41. 追梦者:
    gotta take good care, CNY is coming real soon..

    CH Voon:
    yalor, i also find random notes easier to write, not so taxing.. so where are you going back?? still got time to pack right?? haha, when you're here you think of ukraine, when you're in ukraine you can't wait to go home.. :p

    well, spamming with comments is something fun to do.. haven't you tried so?? hahaha~~ :D

  42. Packing 3 weeks ahead of travels is way too early! She must be overly excited with her intended travels huh? :)

    Happy CNY! :)

  43. Happy Chinese New Year Uncle SK

    Wishing you HEALTH,

  45. 4321,好靓的字。明天会下重注,希望托你的福,会中。呵呵。


  46. #1:俾心机继续写啦,你掂架,我会继续支持你!




  47. 1) i actually think your random notes is somehow more interesting to read, keep it up!!
    2) hmmm, 3 weeks ahead is a little too over right?? i also pack my luggage the very last minute :p
    3) yeah, the cats are cute.. i saw many people taking photos :)
    4) yes, the weather is super warm recently.. almost sweating like hell here too..

  48. Mei Teng:
    yes, exactly!! and that was just only a 3D2N trip to cameron i think.. haha!! happy CNY to you and your family too.. :)

    wish you and bengbeng have a roaring happy chinese new year~~ :)

    wishing you and your family a happy chinese new year, with all weath and health!! :)

  49. 古小玉:
    哈哈, 你真的相信4321會跑出來咩?? 呵呵, 那我祝你好運啦!! 哎唷, 你真明白我的心意, 我最喜歡你這個新年祝賀!! 哈哈~~ 來, 我也祝你新年快樂, 心想事成!!

    #1: 多謝多謝!! 多謝你一路嚟嘅支持!! 我一定唔會令你失望~~ :p
    #2: 我都係前一晚先執囉, 執完就去瞓覺, 第二日預早少少起身在double-check一次, 咁就玩物啦~~ :)
    #3: 哈哈, 我比較種意財"息"兼收囉~~ :D
    #4: 我日日都喺我家鄉架啦, 哈哈!! 真羨慕你哋有kampung返啊~~ :p

    #1: hmmm, i also think writing random notes is less taxing and more relaxed..
    #2: haha, that's why i think that is so unbelievable!! :p
    #3: yeah, i was impressed by the creativity.. the jewelleries and the moles, haha!!
    #4: exactly!! it's like living in a furnace huh?? :p

  50. anyway anyway xin nian kuai le and happy valentie's day ya

  51. Happy 2 in 1, CNY & Valentine.

  52. Happy Chinese New Year!!
    Ang Pao Please... ^^

  53. 新年快樂,天天都快樂~~

  54. Happy Chinese New Year SK! Your random notes are interesting.. pawsperity eh? That's a first for me. LOL! Gong xi fa cai!

  55. Happy Year Of The Doraemon....I mean Tiger. Haha! No blogpost update? : )

  56. fufu:
    belated valentines day but still manage to wish you a happy chinese new year right?? hehe :)

    hehe, 新年快樂.. valentines day is over, but let's look forward to the chinese valentines on 元宵 ok?? :p

    happy CNY!! ang pow?? hmmm, i thot i'm getting them from you?? :p

  57. 夢想烏托邦:
    新年快樂, 祝你萬事如意, 心想事成, 招財進寶, 龍馬精神, 身體健康, 年年有餘, 一帆風順~~ :)

    happy CNY witch!! so you are giving two angpows for this year?? where are mine?? hehe.. pawsperity is the theme in 1U, did you go see that??

    haha, year of doraemon?? well, consider yes because they are relatives?? haha.. internet down at home during CNY, cannot hook online!! so frustrating~~

  58. I Belum kahwin lagi!! haha..

  59. PeckWm:
    i belum kahwin juga.. never mind, next year you must give me angpow already.. haahahaha!! :p