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04.12.2009 | 喜惡分明

我絕對唔係鐘意飲咖啡嘅人, 不過咖啡嘅製成品我又好喜歡喎..咩咖啡蛋糕, 咖啡牛奶, 咖啡雪糕之類嘅嘢, 帶有淡淡入味嘅咖啡香, 我又覺得幾正喎..

i don't really fancy drinking coffee, but surprisingly i like things made with coffee instead.. coffee cake, coffee flavored milk, coffee ice cream, it's that little hint of coffee blended into the food that i do think they taste good..
我鐘意飲綠茶, 不過對於所有綠茶嘅製成品, 我實耍手擰頭架喇.. 人人趨之若騖嘅綠茶蛋糕, 綠茶雪糕, 我其實完全冇興趣.. 我覺得綠茶應該係清淡享受, 嗰啲製成品就過份濃郁喇..

i kind of like green tea, but surprisingly i hate things made with green tea instead.. i'm never interested in green tea cakes and green tea ice creams (though many would crave for).. to me, green tea should be savour lightly, those by-products are just too infused with the flavour..
我以前好揀飲擇食, 尤其青菜, 就算撈埋入碗飯度, 都肯定逐一撩晒出嚟.. 不過唔清楚幾時開始(但係肯定廿歲之後), 我先開始接受, 而家就算一整碟青菜我都可以食得落肚..

i remember i was rather picky, especially greens was something i'd always filtered even if mixed well into my bowl of rice.. many years later (but i know for sure was after 20 years old) i started to accept them, and now i never have problem with a whole plate of vegetables anymore..
萬果之王, 有人著迷有人唾棄, 我屬於兩者, 點講呢?? 細個時候我係會食榴槤架其實, 但係之後就漸漸唔鐘意, 到咗今日可以話係好討厭榴槤囉簡直!! 我唔之點解喎, 就算聞到都會想作嘔..

the king of all fruits, either you love it or loath it.. i belong to both categories, why?? i remember i used to like them when i was a kid, but slowly gave up eating, till i consider myself to hate durians nowadays!! i don't know why, but i just feel disgusted even if i smell it..
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  1. me too don't like green tea cake/bread/ice cream but I do love drinking green tea!

  2. I'm a fan of coffee especially Starbie and Bad Ass... I just go a VIP discount card from Bad Ass... :p Anyway,
    i don't like Durian... I hate the after Durian smell... Sucks... YUCK~

  3. Funny post bro. What's with the alphabets? :p Yeah same here bro. Green tea ok but other stuff made from green tea is a NO NO!

  4. 四周圍很多人中cancer,所以依家我都要多飲綠茶。。。

  5. 4樣我都好鐘意!呵呵

  6. 今次我完全同你嘅口味相反。


  7. hmmm, i love green tea too. But green tea cakes, moooncakes and sweet are disgust~

    but coffee, vege and durian are all my fav :)

  8. 1) 偶而我会做咖啡牛油蛋糕.
    2) 绿茶YES, 製成品NO.
    3) 清炒青菜, 健康.
    4) 榴槤--可有可无, 不大喜欢.

  9. I am just like you somehow! All of it! Especially the coffee part, the green tea part... the vege part... the fruits part... eh.. wait that is all hahahaa!

  10. I still love all the mentioned above especially coffee. 1 day no drink is like lack of something like dat...^^

  11. i eat durian with spoon or chopstick bcs i dun have the smell of it on my fingers....and also i dun like its smell when i burp or pass motion hee =p

  12. 你以前年轻不吃的,我现在都喜欢吃。。。除了咖啡。。。!!!哈哈!


  13. 1)i love everything abt coffee, be it the drinks or other form. next time we go to yum coffee, i help u finish ur portion lah no worry kekeeee...
    2) green tea- i love it alot, but cant drink tat much, thanks to my gastric problem :P
    3) vege- i love to eat vege all this while, preferably not too 'cook', love them to b fresh and crunchy kekeee
    4) i love them since young, today i still love it that much
    gosh... i sounds like lap sap tong, everything also can :P

  14. I love green tea and everything that has green tea in it. But I am not into drinking coffee.

    You're right about the king of fruits. Either you hate it or love it. I don't mind eating it but not overly crazy about it either.

  15. 擅变的男人啊~ (我也是)食物可以选 ~ 结婚后不可以乱选 girl girl XD

  16. 人随着年龄和环境的改变,都会有不一样的喜好。第一次的改变后,会不会有第二次的改变呢,就如Durian,你会再次的喜欢吃吗?

  17. Ha ha, all my favourite food! Looks like I eat everything! LOL!

  18. 1. Coffee, kinda neutral on it. Can live without it, but I do take it once in a while. However, no $$ to go for starbie lo.

    2. Green tea. I like it, especially green tea ice cream. You should try it more and maybe you will fall in love eventually.

    3. Vegetables. I have no problem with vege all the while. In fact, I've been eating vege for so long and now craving for real meat!!! Hehe.

    4. Durian. You're not alone!! I used to like it so much when I was young. But now, I would choose not to eat if I have an option to. But maybe you'll like it if you lover kiss you after eaten durian!!

  19. 以上semma我都岩喔,睇来我系几咁唔拣食啦~所以咪肥咗4KG咯,,sk我就来超越过你啦,呢几日又上升到4KG。。哈哈哈~~到时你同我企埋边har..

  20. [1A]~tick; [1B]~tick; [2A]~tick; [2B]~tick. Result: All of the above but no craving except [1A] and prefer steaming HOT.:p ക

  21. Ouch! such a poor confused soul! lolz

    Please do take care ya. ^_^

  22. I would have no problem to stomach all of them, just wallop!

  23. welcome back to blogging ! 好挂住你哟!:P

  24. 1) i dont like coffee, but occasionally still will drink coffee.. hahaha.. because drinking coffee is kinda cool.. HAHAHA..
    but i like coffee cake, coffee milk and etc.. XD

    2) OMG.. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT GREEN TEA!! even cleanser!

    3) I love vegetable (except celery.. haha).. fresh one, dont like Malay style, "sayur lemak" though..

    4) I like when I cannot eat, but dont really like when durian is in front of me.. haha

  25. 看来在于食物上的~

  26. i like coffee chocs too. sushi king's green tea are complimentary rite. hehe. i loved vege and fruits lots. they prevent constipation haha. and oh durian. i can eat lots. at one go. haha. they're just like ice-cream to me!

    A smile from SJ =)

  27. 1a .. i can't take coffee in any form at all.. or i'll end up having diarrhea and vomit
    1b .. totally agree with u.. green tea cakes n green tea ice cream taste a bit weird..:(

    2a .. i used to hate vege.. but was forced to take it.. and now, i love vege..( whihc is a gd thing la )
    2b .. i dun fancy them.. but du hate the smell as well.. as long as u dun eat n burp or fart in my car...LOL ;p

  28. Dora:
    yeah, i think maybe it's because the green tea cake/bread/ice cream are too green tea already?? haha :D

    hahaha no doubt everyone already know you are a coffee lover.. but why hasn't Starbucks given you a loyalty card yet?? have you tried durian coffee before btw?? hehe :p

    the alphabets actually links the two items together, since they are related.. ya, similar to green tea, i sometimes don't really like chocolate by-products too..

  29. khengsiong:
    飲綠茶可以妨癌咩?? 未聽過喎, 你邊度聽返嚟架??

    我都OK嘅, 不過真係唔鐘意榴槤囉.. 嘩!! 我唔係飲茶專家喎, 你呢個問題考到我添.. 其實綠茶未必一定係綠色嘅, 可能你飲得茶粉多入邊有色素??

    1A. 咖啡製成品我其實OK架喎..
    1B. 哈哈, 真係180度相反喎, 我最憎綠茶製成品..
    2A. 其實而家偶然淨素冇肉我都OK, 不過唔係餐餐如此囉, 我係食肉獸嘛..
    2B. 榴槤?? 聽到個名我都已經卻之不恭啦..

  30. L²:
    yeah you are right, i think those green tea by-products are a little too green tea don't you agree?? hmmm, never never never durians are my favourite lor, disgusting~~ :p

    1) 嘩, 咖啡蛋糕?? 我喜歡喎~~
    2) 對, 大家的口味都一樣..
    3) 呵呵, 其實清炒的青菜最好吃, 我不喜歡那些炒到過火那種
    4) 哈哈, 對我來講榴槤是一定不可有的喇..

    hahaha, you mean we both have the same taste over all the mentioned?? or you just love them all, and you basically have nothing you don't like to eat?? haha :)

  31. uLi.佑莉:
    OMG, maybe you are addicted to coffee already.. hmmm, but i heard one day a cup is actually good for health as it helps in blood circulation.. :)

    hmmm yeah!! i don't mind people eating durian near me, but one thing i cannot stand is the smell that locks in their fingers.. you are smart to use spoon but isn't that quite inconvenient?? i heard that if you clean your fingers with salt water that is in the durian skin, it helps to eliminate the smell on your fingers..

    哈哈, 其實就是說你是沒有甚麼東西是不吃的啦.. 你一定是個不偏食的人, 還是你對食物沒有要求?? 嘿嘿~~ :D

  32. the happy go lucky one:
    1) hmmm, i can drink coffee lah, but never going to love it lor.. well, i won't order coffee one woh, so you won't be able to take up my portion, hahah
    2) hmmm, gastric problem cannot take green tea?? actually green tea is good for the anti-oxidant woh..
    3) oh yes, i like slightly stir fried ones.. of course not those malay style masak lemak which are already too soggy..
    4) hmmm, i have changed to hate durians now, hahaha!! i really don't know what was the reason.. :p

    Mei Teng:
    hmmm, so different from me, i only love green tea itself and nothing else, i think the products are too green tea already, haha!! i remember i ate durian when i was young, but i have no idea why i don't now..

    Kai and Baobei:
    哈哈, 人的口味會跟隨年齡而有所改變嘛, 很普通的~~ 哈哈!! 婚後不可亂選girl girl?? 你是要再次的警惕自己嗎?? :p

  33. Chin Weng 茶先生:
    我也是覺得有這個可能, 我以前吃榴槤現在不吃, 以前不吃青菜現在吃, 很難預料的.. 會不會再次喜歡吃榴槤, 我想應該不會吧?? 我不是那麼善變的, 哈哈.. :)

    haha, from your blog i already know you like to eat, and perhaps there is nothing in this world that you hate to eat at all?? :)

    1. haha, yalor, no money to go starbucks lor, even if i go, i never order coffee also, everytime is the mango frappuccino only..
    2. hmmm, i have tried green tea ice cream from different brands, some are quite ok but still i don't really like them lor..
    3. hahaha, dude, sounds like you are trying to say something behind this sentence woh.. you notti notti.. :p
    4. haha, hey, why is the reason we used to like it and now we totally hate it huh?? hmmm, interesting topic.. oh, i'll make sure my lover don't eat durian if kissing me.. :D

  34. Rebecca Kheng:
    哈哈, 你以為肥咗4kg就可以叫我企埋一邊咩?? 你又未免太過睇小我嘅"份量"喇.. 係喇, 你仲未返去上海咩?? 嘩, 怡保有好多好嘢食喎, 你打算再接再勵多4kg?? 哈哈~~ :D

    hmmm, looks like there's nothing you don't like huh?? haha, steaming HOT coffee with sticky caramelised bananas?? yum yum~~ :p

    errr, not really confused, instead i'm clear what i like and what i don't like.. it's a clear cut, haha!! you have a nice weekend too~~ :)

  35. CheaHS@n:
    haha, just wallop everything that you can eat?? hmmm, you are so DBKL, haha~~ :p

    haha, i have always been in the blogsphere and never left before.. :D 誰說是在香港住久才不喜歡吃榴槤?? 其實我很久很久以前都開始不喜歡了, 和這個沒有關係喇.. 香港人其實有很多人喜歡吃榴槤的~~ 你的Ed呢?? 你有炮製給他吃嗎?? 呵呵~~ :D

    1) errr, yalar, i also will drink occassionally if there is not much choice.. anyway, coffee is always the lowest priority for me..
    2) hahaha, green tea itself ok, green tea food no no.. but i do like green tea fragrance and shampoo woh, they really smell fresh!!
    3) haha, i like celery but not chinese celery and ladies fingers lor.. yes, i agree with you, i hate those masak lemak vegetables, they turn too soft and soggy already..
    4) hmmm, what kind of people are you huh?? so difficult to please you lor, poor Tobby~~ :p

    呵呵, 真的嗎?? 那來給我一個Hi-5~~ :)

    i only drink coffee when there's no other choices, hahaha.. oh, complimentary green tea?? i have no idea because i've not been going to Sushi King for ages.. but i know in other places, green tea are free flow.. hmmm, you eat so much durians, are you sure they prevent constipation, or just create?? hahaha~~ :p

    1a .. wow, that serious?? next time i'll make sure i get you some coffee to see the effect, haha!!
    1b .. correct, i think the taste too green tea, a bit too strongly for my liking..
    2a .. hey, same same here.. i really hate vege last time, i think nobody forced me but i took my own initiative to try.. and ok, i like that too~~ :p
    2b .. hahaha, whether it's eating durian or not, i don't think we can burp or fart inside your car right?? :D

  37. me too..i don't drink coffee but i like coffee flavored food..

  38. The aroma of hot steaming coffee is heavenly esp in the morning. I read that if you want to close the deal on a house sale, have a pot of hot brewing coffee and freshly-baked bread around when the buyer comes to view premise. This will surely improve the chance of closing the deal.

    Green tea is said to prevent cancer but I know for a fact that too much of it (eg a tumbler of it daily) gives joint aches esp around the ankles. So beware!

    Green veggies - yummy! I love spinach and watercress. Have you tried stir-fried watercress?

    Durians... I LOVE. During the last season, a few months back, I had durians almost everyday. What I do is to buy lots and refrigerate them. However, I do NOT eat any foodstuff durian flavoured, eg, durian cake, durian candy, etc. The smell of them turns me off somehow but the fruit itself, anytime! LOL!

    You're right, you either love it or hate it, no in-between..

  39. 好久沒來留言了~~有件事情想SK你幫幫忙的﹐小王子我的情人節新書即將發行﹐但就缺那題目。所以最近辦了個“小王子情人節甜蜜特輯。幸福徵題活動"﹐希望你可以參加和幫忙在你部落格宣傳宣傳一下。。。先謝謝你了~~
    網址是: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/squallczk/33392508

  40. 1A i seldom drink coffee ~ i am not coffee fan

    1B i prefer tea rather than coffee

    2A vegetable... i like

    2B hehehe i like eat too hehehe

  41. 1(a)我蛮喜欢咖啡,但不爱太浓的!!最好是配cheese cake啦!




  42. Oh, it's random post again! I love your random post, SK! : )

  43. 1. I also don't fancy drinking coffee. Everytime after drinking coffee, must go to toilet for the big one! Oh, did I mention this before? Deja vu : )

  44. 2. I like to drink green tea and I love green tea ice cream! Also green tea mooncakes! Yummy!!

  45. 3. I never have problems with greens! I like to eat lots and lots of veges, I guess I'm born to like veges, haha!

  46. 4. Oh, you hate durians? But why? I love eating and smelling durians! Can't get enough of them! I also like durian ice cream, durian cakes, durian mooncakes, and sticky rice with durians. Absolutely yummy!! : )

  47. Errr... what is 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B? Why not 1,2,3,4? Or 1A,1B,1C,1D? Or just plain A,B,C,D?

  48. foongpc, LaVinSKi code?..haha yeah lah all of us just followed without asking.

    SK, One more thing noticed you have code like [SK/0617]TM guess its your DOB?

  49. wenn:
    haha, yeah, maybe we just like that hint of aroma and not really the real thing?? :)

    1) you are right, i'm not a coffee lover but then i think the aroma of the coffee is something nice.. hmmm, i don't have any house for sale, but instead i'm looking to get myself a house.. so you have any that you want to let and brewing coffee in there?? hahaha..
    2) i guess we should have moderate amount of just anything, too much is always not something good.. i have like one bag of green tea that i make three cups of it in office..
    3) hahaha, i like greens but sorry when you really have to tell me the names, i think i have limited knowledge and can't differentiate them.. i just know some more common vegetables only.. so i've heard of spinach and watercress but how they look like??
    4) hmmm, definitely a no no for me on durians.. not durians itself and certainly not anything made from durians.. to me, it's a hate!! hehe :p

  50. squall:
    果然是無事不登三寶殿, 哈哈!! 你的徵題活動有甚麼豐富的獎品?? :p

    CH Voon:
    1A) yeah, same same here, i only drink coffee if there's no other choice
    1B) ooops, same here too.. i will choose tea first rather than coffee
    2A) i don't like vegetable that is overcooked, eg: the masak lemak style
    2B) hmmm, i don't like durians!!

    1(a)咖啡就免了, 不過coffee cheesecake我倒蠻喜歡的.. :p
    1(b)對對對, 每次覺得自己吃得很油膩的話, 我都會喝綠茶, 減低罪惡感.. :D
    2(a)我也是食肉獸, 不過還是要吃一點蔬菜, 才會比較均衡嘛..
    2(b)是囉, 你知道為什麼嗎?? 突然間就沒有興趣的說..

  51. foongpc:
    1) hahaha, yes you mentioned that!! and remember i said if we meet up later, i'm gonna give you a trick by making you drink the coffee without you knowing it?? hahaha :D
    2) hmmmm, guess maybe because you can't drink coffee, then you become a green-tea-holic!! you just seem to like everything green tea!! hahaha~~
    3) i was different, i didn't like greens until after i was 20 years old.. now i can take any green vegetables, but there's one particular that i still cannot accept, which is the slimy lady fingers.. urrgghh, disgusting~~
    4) i also have no idea why, i remember i used to eat durians when i was young, but now i totally don't like it anymore!! and you are another durian-holic!! next time don't eat durians if you are meeting me up.. hahaha!!
    5) i put 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, because 1A and 1B are related, same as 2A and 2B.. you can see the linkage??

    nah, nothing so secret, just that 1A and 1B are related, 2A is related to 2B, just that simple.. yup, you are right, actually it's quite obvious with 0617 right?? it's my birthday.. so you know what to do next year this day?? hehehe :p

  52. SK, LOL on your comment about house to let go with brewing coffee in there. Have you checked with any real estate agent? There are lots of properties for sale in your area.

  53. what 無事不登三寶殿 la SK...the selected 5 people will get my book~~
    and i saw u last few friday at KLCC again...

  54. 我的Ed讨厌死了榴莲。他说,榴莲是他这一生来第一次把一样放进口里要马上吐出来的东西!!他一想到就想吐!!哈哈哈!

  55. 我现在也没选啊 ~ 那是多年前的事,kekekeke !

  56. 我对食物的煮法很有要求。。。

    但我什么都吃,不偏食,还会critique lagi呢。。。

    我等你请吃嘞!saya sudah di KL leh... wakaka

  57. HappySurfer:
    haha, i was just taking the opportunity to ask since you were mentioning that.. well, i want somewhere outside my area, am too sick with the overpopulated WM already.. :p

    haha, ok ok, since only 5 selected people then maybe i just don't help you to promote, i want to win the prizes alone!! hehe~~ you saw me in KLCC last friday?? where?? never stopped by and say hi one??

    哈哈, 果然是鬼佬性格囉.. 其實你呢, 你喜歡吃榴槤沒有?? 你試下psycho他囉, 可能他以後會喜歡哩, 哈哈!!

  58. Kai and Baobei:
    你是沒有選, 還是沒有得選啊?? 哈哈.. 我明白的, 大家心照不宣就好囉 :p

    有少少矛盾囉, 你對食物的煮法很有要求, 但是又甚麼都可以吃, 又給food critics, 我有點confused囉, 哈哈!! 你回來for good了嗎?? 還是要再回去呢??

  59. I am addicted to Coffee, Green Tea and Durians. no thanks to all the bitter sayur. Blek! Blek! BleK!

  60. thinking u're wet kissing with someboday who juz had durian, must b funny... kekekekkee...

  61. 不回了。。。暂时based on kl....

  62. Twilight Zone:
    aiyoh, see you are so unhealthy!! you must eat more vege, they really taste nice with that delicious mint yoghurt and chutney from our dear homeland you know?? and you see why you are panting after running two rounds around the tree?? because you never eat vege.. yende borengge~~

    well, then i will puke into that stinky mouth immediately!! hahahahahaha :D

    哦, 那樣好啊, 至少我覺得你在KL應該會開心點吧??

  63. Haha! LOL on your comments to Twilight : D

  64. ha! So I did mention about the coffee's effects on my bowels! '

    Oh! So your birthday is on 17th June! Mine just passed - 1st Dec : )

  65. foongpc:
    yalah, he is trying to be funny of course i'll return him funny comments lor.. yes, i remember your weakness over coffee, and i will always remember that!! hahahaha.. hmmm, yeah my birthday is on 17th June.. why you didn't blog about your birthday on 1st December??

    Kai and Baobei:
    當然啦, 我是SK喎, 聰明是我的天性!! :p

  66. so much changes over the years huh? i don't fancy durian and i love coffee and tea and veggies =)

  67. Ayie:
    haha, i won't say so much changes, but big changes perhaps?? hmmm, durian is now a no no for me, but vege yes please i would love more.. :)